A Fun Workout and Devastation

Hello, all! 

We got to celebrate this handsome dude's birthday yesterday. 

I can't put into words how much I love and appreciate him. As much as I wanna go on and on about how mind-blowingly good-hearted he is, I'll spare you the mush. But just know he is one special guy and Kennedy definitely gets her tender heartedness from him. 

We spent the day finishing Logan's nursery. (Pictures are coming soon. We finally got some touch up paint and I hope to be able to fix those stupid spots tomorrow and then I can take pictures). Cory put up the blinds and curtains and finished the shelf and hanging rod in the closet and I hung up some canvas portraits. I told Logan he can officially come now, but he's not listening. 

For dinner my mom watched the girls and we headed to Tucano's; our yearly tradition. It was delicious as always, and I downed two whole jars of the mango lemonade. 

I mean, it's amazing normally, but apparently it was just what I needed. Our waiter even let us take some home in a cup haha! It was fun to have a little date night and celebrate the man who keeps my world turning. Literally.  

This morning my gym hosted a kids workout as a fundraiser for Operation Underground Railroad. Since Kennedy has been so in to fitness lately, I knew we couldn't miss it!! She was totally in her element! And this was just the warm up! 

Then the actual fun started. They had to begin with 10 sit-ups

Then lift a 12lb ball over that bar 5 times. 

Then 5 pull-ups, which she did all on her own (we won't tell her those are actually chin ups haha) 

Next they had to hop over a bunch of benches. Kennedy was so fast I couldn't get a picture of her. Then over the stacked tires, which she also just blew through - American Ninja Warrior style. 

Then through these tires

And lastly they ran through some cones and had to do a frisbee toss, neither of which I got pictures of. 

Cory and Brynlie came, too! And thank goodness Cory did because I wouldn't have been able to handle both kids alone since B needed help on stuff. Her sit ups were the CUTEST thing I think I've ever seen and I didn't have my phone to get a picture! She also struggled with the ball-over-the-bar thing since the ball weighs half her weight. But Daddy was there to help with the pull-ups. 

And she made it over the benches just fine 

And really concentrated on the tires. That tongue sticking out means it's serious business. 

I was not allowed to touch her or help her on anything. It had to be Daddy. 

They both had a total blast and I loved every second of watching them. Especially Kennedy cause you could tell she was so proud of herself and was working so hard. I hope I can keep this love of being active and strong alive in all my kids. 

So we're about a year and a half overdue for this... but we decided since we're having a baby in a few weeks that we had better get Brynlie off her binky. Yep, she was still sleeping with one. I know, I know... let's not talk about it. We decided to go with the Build-A-Bear idea again and see if it helped. 

We didn't have the heart to tell Kennedy she couldn't pick one out, so we let them both get something. Holy cow you guys, that place is EXPENSIVE!! Employee after our children just picked out a $25 stuffed animal: "Would you like to add a sound recorder? How about a scent package? How about a special beating heart you can place inside? Did you see our My Little Pony Capes? These brushes are perfect for brushing out the pony's hair. We have pajamas for the bear that she will love! How about some sunglasses? Did you want a $5 special "take home" backpack for each animal?" Um, heck NO!!! Stop hawking your crap on us! And thanks for telling us about all this "fun" stuff in front of our listening kids who then begged for them. We finally let them pick ONE accessory and then left feeling like we got punched in the gut. I don't think we'll ever go back. 

B put her binky in her "heehaw" just fine and they had tons of fun in the store and played with them pretty much the whole rest of the day. We tried to get her to take a nap since she was super cranky. She didn't sleep, but she never whined or asked for a binky so I was feeling super hopeful. And although we didn't love the idea of having to get Kennedy one, too, she has actually loved her bear an insane amount which has made it worth it. She even insisted the bear come with us to Lowes... in style. 

But... bedtime finally came and when Brynlie was told her binky was gone inside her Heehaw, she lost it. Her world came crashing down around her. She begged me to get the binky out and even tried briefly to tear open her pony and get it herself. She refused to sleep with her new pony since now it has betrayed her and she SCREAMED AND BAWLED!!! I let her go for about 30 minutes and then finally went back in their room and helped her calm down enough to fall asleep. Sweet Kennedy was trying to help her and even said a prayer for her that she would be ok with her new pony and not be sad without her binky. Can you believe that?? 

I anticipate a rough night, or even a rough few nights, until she gets used to this new change. We are definitely kicking ourselves for waiting so long and for waiting right up until we have a newborn who will be bringing rough nights with him as well. We're dumb. But whatever. 

Given that we'll probably be waking up to sad crying lots, I think I had better get myself to bed. See you soon! 


Exciting Changes!!

I've been keeping a little secret that I'm excited to finally share....

I am officially a certified running coach!!! 

This whole process actually started way back in March. While talking to a friend she suggested I should be a running coach. I honestly laughed when I read the text (sorry, M!) because I thought "There's no way I could be a coach! I'm not even a fast runner!" Being any kind of running/fitness instructor has always been my "dream job",  but I've never had time or money to pursue it. The more we talked the more I day-dreamed about how awesome it would be to help people reach their running goals but I still felt terribly under qualified.  

But she definitely put a bug in my ear. I kept thinking about it and thinking about it. I do have a lot of running experience and knowledge that I've gained over the the last 7 years of my running life. And I may not be naturally super fast, but maybe that's a reason for people who are more on my level to want to hire me; it wouldn't be quite as intimidating. And the only thing that set me apart from coaches was they studied and passed a test. I could do that. Right? 

I started to look into it. There are several ways to get certified and some are definitely more "prestigious" than others. I came across the American Sports and Fitness Association website and found it the most affordable. It wasn't the USATF or the RRCA that most people go through, but running science is running science regardless of who you take the test through. I figured this was a great place to start and ordered the required books to pass the course. 

I actually finished the books in mid-April and was super excited to take the test. But during this time we were very tight financially and it kept getting put off and put off. Long story short, I was finally able to take the test yesterday and passed with flying colors!! 

I opted for the one year certification to kind of test the waters. I really have no idea how successful I'm going to be. It's possible this will be a flop. But I have learned so much through this process and I am SUPER excited to put that knowledge to good use for anyone interested, and myself. Once I'm able to run again I am stoked to see how much I can improve just in myself. 

Since I'm also super involved in weight training and heavy lifting, I also want to be a unique coach who incorporates both into training plans for those who want it. Once I get a few more things ready I plan on creating a website where people can purchase difference services and get this thing going. I think it'll be slow at first since the running season is almost over, but you never know. 

But first things first, I've gotta get this baby out. Like, NOW. I am officially in survival mode you guys. I feel like crap every single day - exhausted, sick to my stomach, hard to breathe, dizzy, in pain - and I just don't care about anything anymore. My poor kids... oh my poor kids!!! I can't think of them without crying. I'm so mean and so tired, but whenever I try to change that I just feel worse and get meaner and more tired. The TV has raised them this summer and I'm not even afraid to admit that. Everything they do drives me crazy and the less we do the more bored they get and the more they fight and drive me insane. I don't know if I can make it to the end of this stupid pregnancy. Oh little Logan, please be a good baby!! PLEASE!! Your Mommy needs a major break! 

Ok, I-hate-pregnancy-rant over. I'm just beyond done. See you soon. 


Finally Made an Adult Move in Our Lives

Still here.

Still pregnant.
Having an August/September baby is awful. Well, I'm sure having the baby isn't, but being pregnant until then is pure torture. Again, I've been really, really uncomfortable and having a ton of pain as each day progresses. It's not really the same pain I've experienced before, but I know it's caused by my hips not being supported because the most random things make me hurt so bad and my hips are so achy, which I've never experienced before. I'm 36 weeks and 2 days so aaallllmmoooosssttt there.

Being pregnant may seem to take an eternity, but once they're here the littles sure do grow up so fast!
And after all the hard work of growing them and nurturing them, they always seem to prefer Dad haha.
 Which doesn't bother me, because he really is the King of Awesome. And I'm not super nice or patient these days....
So... "exciting" things that have happened to us the last little bit...

We have talked for years and years about buying a deep freezer and for whatever reason, we never get around to it. There's always something more important that needs to be bought I guess. But this past week we put on our adult pants and finally bought one! I am so proud of us! We found a really good upright one on KSL for cheap. The only problem was, it was clear in Garden City. We called the (super nice) man selling it and he held it for us and we made an entire day trip out of going to pick it up.

We loaded our sick kids in the car (did I mention they both caught colds? sucky) and headed out. We made a quick stop at The Childrens Place in Layton to exchange some jeans I bought for Kennedy for school that were too big, and Cory bought the girls some new sunglasses. $1 each!

We made frequent stops for the potty but we finally made it to the house. The couple that lived there were retired and Cory didn't have anyone to help him load it in the truck. Some random guys happened to be driving by and stopped and asked if they could help. So nice!!
We took our time going home, too. Cory wanted to check out Tony Grove in Logan Canyon since he had never been there before. The wild flowers were so freaking pretty!!
Actually, everything was. I feel very lucky to live in such a gorgeous state.
We finally made it home, cleaned it out and washed all the dead bugs off of it that lost their lives on the freeway, and then the next day we made a huge Costco haul to buy meat and dinners for Cory to take to work to store in it. No one tells you things this stupid are so exciting when you're an adult. Also, I did nothing but ride in the car all day and by the time we got home I was in so much pain I could barely walk again. See? What the heck??

The next day we went over to my parents house so Cory could help them fix their lawn mower. They bought us dinner to thank him and while we were eating, Cory spotted these two guys just hanging out in the backyard eating the apples. Can you believe it?!
It was crazy! I've seen lots of doe's in their yard before but never a buck, and especially not two of them. Brynlie really wanted to go play with them.

We're still watching a lot of American Ninja Warrior over here. Can you tell?
And a member of our Relief Society posted that she found this in our church the other day. I might need to switch religions.
How does a spider that big even get inside?? It makes my skin crawl!!

Yesterday Cory took the girls to Lagoon with his family. They were beyond excited!!!
I didn't go for obvious reasons. I was so excited to have a whole day to myself! I planned on doing some shopping and eating wherever I wanted and even getting a pedicure. But... it didn't go quite as planned. I made it to two stores before my body told me nope, no more. But I finally found some cute tops for Kennedy for school. Then I went home and had a nap - which was great -  and then decided I didn't care about the pedicure, so my mom and I went to dinner and got ice cream instead. Then I had a bath and colored while I watched TV. It was pretty relaxing. But, I had a harder time than I thought not being a part of the fun this year. I love family Lagoon day.

Cory said they had tons of fun and got soaked on Rattlesnake Rapids.

He took a ton more pictures but I don't feel like sending them all to myself haha. They came home super exhausted and cranky, but that just means they played to their hearts content. I'm glad they got to go have some fun! Those poor souls deserve it.

Well, I guess I had better go get moving for the day. The kids are starting to get into things and Cory is still on the couch watching Troll Hunters by himself even though the girls lost interest a long time ago. Typical. See you soon.


Family Bear LakeTrip

Guess what?? We did something fun!!!

These past few days we were out of town to the ranch/Bear Lake. We left Sunday night after Cory got off work and drove to the ranch. Our kids have never really traveled anywhere in the dark so it was a whole new experience. I learned just how afraid of the dark Kennedy is because every light made her nervous. Then Cory made it worse by telling them to look for animals on the road cause their eyes would be glowing... *eye roll* so that really freaked her out. But hey, they stayed alert and awake!

We got there just before 10pm and got everyone settled for the night. As we were laying in bed I realized just how relaxed I felt. My favorite thing about the ranch is how we can go off the grid. There's no cell service and nothing to worry about. It's amazing. Nothing but us and the cows. We'd never been up there with just our little family before and I told Cory we needed to do it more often.

The next morning we hung around for a while waiting for my family to arrive to have some fun.
Kennedy told me she was "playing Grandma". I love her choice in literature.

Finally everyone arrived and we started the fun with some 4-wheeler rides. However, it was kind of hot at this point so we opted for some lunch and games inside for a bit. After a couple hours my brother from Cheyenne arrived and the party really started! There was lots of badminton playing
 or at least the kids hitting the birdie's with the rackets.
And tether ball

And I found a baby frog to show the kids. We actually saw a huge one earlier that morning before everyone came but we weren't able to find it again.
And of course there were lots more 4-wheeler rides which just about everyone enjoyed. There's not any cool trails around the ranch to take but with lots of little kids, just riding was fun. If you can't tell by the looks on their faces, Cory and Kennedy thoroughly enjoyed showing everyone around the ranch.

Tuesday was our Bear Lake day!! Our amazing neighbors have a cabin up there and they let us use their beach which was heavenly!! No one around at all! It was so greatly appreciated.
There was just enough sand to keep the kids occupied and happy.
And Tommy. It's hilarious to see the difference in him between when he's working and when he gets to be a real dog.
The water temperature was perfect! It was pretty murky and dirty since the water level is insanely high this year and up into the weeds and such, but that didn't stop us from having tons of fun.
We also rented two wave runners for most of the day which was a blast!! I was nervous I wouldn't be able to ride them, but we basically had the whole lake to ourselves (I saw two other boats...that was it) and the water was really smooth which was perfect for an 8 month pregnant woman.
On one of my turns out on the wave runner I went a little too fast over a couple waves and was jolted up and down kinda hard and I instantly felt two little feet shoot out my side, like he was bracing himself for the ride. It was pretty funny. I didn't get to be as wild and crazy on them as I wanted but I still had fun. Next time!

My parents also brought their kayaks and the kids had a blast on those ALL DAY LONG! Kennedy is a little kayaking machine!! That girl can cruise!

 I kept overhearing the kids playing Moana together and I never once heard anyone fight over them.
They were so good about sharing and giving each other rides.

It was seriously a perfect day! Brynlie loved the wave runner and took several turns. Kennedy surprised us and didn't want to go for most of the day. We couldn't pry her away from the Kayaks. But finally my mom convinced her to go with her and she had a total blast. I love my little adventurous kids. Sometimes I've had to force them to try things I know they'll eventually like, and I'm glad I did so they can learn how fun the world is.

After sufficiently wearing ourselves out, we went back to my parents campground, showered, and mostly everyone hung out together having a great time laughing and talking. It's not like our usual family gatherings are lame, but this one was just really great. I can't really explain it. I sure do love my family.

It was hard to say goodbye to my brother again, but hopefully they'll be out in a couple months when we bless our little guy. Kennedy and my nephew Brecken really buddied up this time and played so freaking cutely together!! It's probably the pregnancy hormones but it made me cry a few times. I just felt very blessed the last few days to have such great people in my life. It could also be that I've been a prisoner in my house this summer and getting out gave me a whole new perspective haha. Either way it was a fantastic trip and I can't wait to do it again.

See you soon!