Random Acts of Camera Roll

Little guy is growing so fast!

He’s 8 weeks old now. It seems like it’s flown by but also been a really long 8 weeks. He’s generally a really good baby still, but lately he’s been fighting sleep during the day which makes him cranky in the evenings. 

He has torticollis which has stressed me out. For those that don’t know what that is, his neck muscles are too tight on one side and too weak on the other. His head falls to the right and he’s always looking/laying to the right side. As a result, his head is growing lopsided. His doctor referred him to Primary Childrens Physical Therapy, so we’ve been doing that. We have to do neck stretches with him at least 3 times a day and try to keep him laying on the left side of his head so the right can grow and catch up. I miss just being able to lay him somewhere and not having to worry about how his head is positioned. The therapists are confident we can get it straightened out by 6 months. If not, he will need a helmet. 

He keeps teasing us and going 1-2 nights where he will sleep until 5 or 6 am, then we get super hopeful he’s going to keep doing that, and then he wakes up twice again. 

But the best thing lately has been his smiles!! 

He’s also started cooing and making “girl noises” as Kennedy calls them. By far his favorite thing is his Jeep decal on his wall. Whenever he’s on the changing table he grins and talks to it. Every. Single. Time. 

He’s still adored by Kennedy. I love having her home because she’s so helpful. One morning she tucked him in and gave him her special doggy to cuddle with. It was the sweetest!

And his eyelashes are growing so long and starting to darken up a bit. 

So, I also have two other children who I love just as much. Here they are pretending the arms of the chair are their horses. I totally did the same thing when I was little. 

And they got to have a sleepover with Aunt Hillary last weekend and go to a Halloween carnival! They had a blast!! 

Kennedy wanted to be a witch this year for Halloween. So naturally, so did Brynlie. Monkey see, monkey do. 
They make the cutest witches though. 

Last week we also butchered our apple trees. I don’t think they’ve ever been pruned and they were super overgrown and dropping what seemed like a thousand apples a day. There’s not much left of them now haha. Goodbye, backyard shade. 

Brynlie helped us out a lot. She also kept finding the apples without worm holes and eating them. Apples and bare feet. Life is good. 

And watching TV in a box....???

And lastly, I still love fall. 



New cowgirl boots! Just in time for fall! 

I won’t lie, I am insanely jealous of Kennedy’s. Why can’t adult sizes be as cheap as the kid sizes?! I want some so bad!!! Santa??

Brynlie picked hers out. I think she’s got a decent sense of fashion. This girl and her boots. 

This picture really pulls on my heartstrings. Not just because it’s tender, but because I know my dad can’t see him and that makes me cry. 

But Logan can see Papa and I think they had a bonding moment. 

And he’s too adorable for words!

I am so in love with him, but I will love him more when he starts sleeping through the night. I can’t remember the last time I got more than 4 hours of sleep at a time. Either he’s up, or I am and I’ve been struggling to fall back asleep lately. It’s so frustrating!!! I mean, he’s rarely just awake at night. He’s pretty good at just eating and falling back asleep. Last week he was going from an 8pm feeding to 4:30 or 5am and I was so hopeful that we were almost through the worst of it. But then the night Cory got off and agreed to get up with him (so I could sleep all night) he started getting up twice again. And has since. I know he’s still little, and we’ll get there. I’m just really tired. And tired of being tired. Oh... babies. 

So... running. Remember that one time I was a runner? Haha I decided to go for my first run this week since it has officially been 6 weeks since I had Logan. 

It. Was. Awful. 

I went two miles, but I walked a lot. I blame part of that on the weather though. It was super windy that day and the first mile was right into the wind and uphill. But the second mile wasn’t much better because then things started hurting. Like, everywhere. 

I have zero hip flexor/glute/core strength right now which is pretty essential for good running form and performance. So it sucked. I have my work cut out for me. And I can’t start working my abs at the gym for another 5 weeks, so I’ll just have to keep running small amounts and strengthening the other areas until I am able to do everything again. 

I didn’t expect to just go out and do awesome, but I was sad by how much everything hurt. But it will get better with time. And training. 

Can we talk about this amazing fall weather? And the leaves!! Oh my gosh, THE LEAVES!!! 

I don’t think I have ever seen the colors this vivid and bright. It’s been amazing!! I keep staring at the mountains and loving it so much it almost makes my heart hurt. Gosh, I love fall. 

Ok one more. I can’t get enough of them. 

We also went and got our pumpkins for the season. We found some pretty big ones this year. 

We had to kick the girls out of riding in the wheel barrow pretty quickly cause we couldn’t fit everyone. 

The girls picked out their own and B was pretty particular. 

And Daddy and Kennedy found the perfect pumpkin for Baby Logan; nice and wrinkly....???

But Kennedy really, really wanted this one. 

Aunt Hillary came with us today which was a lot of fun! She hasn’t been ready to go back to work yet so she’s spent the week with family and friends. 

Sometimes I still stop and can’t believe we’re a family of 5. How did I get old enough to have 3 kids?! 

But this family is everything to me right now. And always. 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately since the Las Vegas shooting about who/what really matters. Hillary was telling me all the people who tried to get ahold of her to make sure she was ok. As I listened I started to wonder if I had been in her shoes, who would have wondered if I was ok. That seems like a selfish thought, but it just made me appreciate my family and friends and the ones who I know would be there. I’m grateful Hillary has such a huge support system. And I’m grateful for my support system and the great people in my life. Life is short and I’m constantly forgetting that and getting caught up in things that don’t matter. It shouldn’t take a tragic event to help me remember that, but I’m strangely grateful for anything that does remind me to appreciate the blessings in my life. 

See you soon! 


My Heart Breaks for Vegas...

I can not believe what happened in Vegas Sunday night. To make the tragic event even worse, Cory’s sister, Hillary, was at the concert where the shooting was. 

Thankfully, she was ok. She saw and experienced horrific, terrifying things that will stay with her for a long time I’m sure, but she’s home and safe and we are saying many prayers of gratitude. These senseless, horrible things need to stop. And they get even more scary when you have a loved one who was a part of it. When I woke the girls up and thought about how happy I was I didn’t have to wake them up and tell them she was hurt or worse, I completely lost it. My heart aches for those who were affected and for the family members who are planning funerals they weren’t expecting. It’s such a disgusting thing that happened. 

It’s extremely upsetting that we live in such a disturbed world. It’s difficult to not let fear rule our lives as we worry about our safety. I’m still struggling to come to terms with this being our reality and how I’m supposed to raise little souls in such a scary time. But ironically (or rather, because of inspiration) much of General Conference was on just that very thing. I think I’ll go back and listen to the talks again to gain some advice and comfort on how to keep moving with confidence and happiness. Life is supposed to be lived, not just endured, and I don’t want to let the fear and chaos created by a small few take that away from my family or myself. I’ll try to share the things I learn on here. 

Pray for Vegas, and our planet. See you soon. 


Freaking A! What A Week!!

So Kennedy's tooth ended up not being the issue. I mentioned she was sick, but she ended up getting really sick. She had a fever for 6 days and white puss on her tonsils in her throat. Her voice was labored cause her throat hurt so bad and she was MISERABLE!!!! Once we noticed the white stuff in her mouth we went to instacare cause we were certain it was strep. 

And we were wrong. But man, what a bug! She missed 3 whole days of school before her fever broke and she started to feel well enough to go. Thankfully no one else got it. But taking care of her and everyone else totally wore me out. 

I was so stinking worried about Logan catching it. The idiot doctor at instacare told me to keep Kennedy and Logan in separate rooms (because as she says "it's easy to just stick a baby in another room alone") and to wash my hands and change my clothes every time I switch between the two. Ha! This woman obviously never had kids. Kennedy also had a fever of 102 when we went in WITH ibuprofen in her system and she said that fever was so mild I shouldn't even bother taking her temperature. She was nuts!!! Luckily, he escaped without getting anything but a big booger in his nose one night. 

And he's still such a good baby and chunking up nicely. 

And he's my cute little boyfriend and cuddle buddy. 

He does have a bad habit of waking up at 6:30-7ish, which isn't a bad thing except for on weekends when I wanna sleep in. So the last two mornings he's been my bed companion while I get a few extra zzzz's. 

And he poops a TON!! Like, a ridiculous amount. So this onesie suits him perfectly. 

He's also recently started smiling!!! Oh man it melts my heart! I haven't been able to capture it on camera yet but I've come close. 

He's such a stud. He eats a lot; every 3 hours. But he goes longer than that at night thank heavens. He's still in newborn size clothes but they're starting to get tight, so I think he'll move up soon. He's also in size 1 diapers - diapers that we change all the time cause he poops so much - and currently eating about 3.5oz of formula per feeding. And he is so adored by Kennedy. It killed her to not touch him when she was sick. 

We did find out that he needs physical therapy. The muscles on the left side of his neck are super tight and the ones on the right side are really weak, so his head is always being pulled to his right side. Since his bones in his skull are still so loose, it's making his head lopsided :(. So we take him in next week to see how we can work with him and hopefully fix it. 

Also, he will be 6 weeks tomorrow. How did that happen already?! 

This weekend was General Conference!! It's seriously my favorite weekend twice a year. I love listening to the uplifting messages and getting spiritually fed while in my pj's. And eating frozen custard for lunch. 

Logan even watched! 

Actually in all seriousness, this is the first time Kennedy has stuck around for the sessions. She cuddled with me all day and I'm hoping her ears were listening enough to catch a thing or two. But I loved having her by my side. Also, I'm so jealous of her eyelashes. 

Brynlie played with her toys while I watched; usually too loudly because she wanted attention. She's really been struggling lately. She's been acting out and picking fights just so she can have the attention on her all the time. It's been really frustrating, but we'll get through it. 

We made Conference pancakes this morning. Now that I'm not a walking zombie (as much) anymore, I need to get serious about counting my macros again and getting my nutrition dialed in. I've heard everyone raving about the different flavors of the Kodiak Power Cakes, so I picked some up at Target yesterday. 

This morning we tried the dark chocolate and they were really, really good!!! The girls loved them!

And I got another affirmation of how much I love my griddle. 

4 pancakes and two eggs later, I had a protein packed breakfast. Bam! 

With my 6 week postpartum clearance coming up tomorrow and getting more serious about the fitness aspect of my life, that means my blog will once again go back to having some posts about it all as I slowly work to get my body back after baby. I have a lot of work ahead of me, especially in the running department, but I'm ready to work. Bring it!! 

See you soon.