Wild... Just Terrifyingly Wild

Today was... ??

I don't know what word to use. Troubling. Disagreeable. Unnerving. But also relieving. 

While taking Kennedy to school this morning we were passed by many police officers with sirens blaring. Each one was SCREAMING down the road. I mean, when cops are in a rush they usually drive fast but I have never seen speed like this on a city street. After the 3rd cop I started to really wonder what the heck was going on. It had to be something big. 

I dropped off K and headed to the gym and passed even more cops. We pulled into the gym and almost no one was there. The second we walked inside I got a breaking news alert that Mueller Park Jr High, a school in our neighborhood, had an active shooter situation. I stared at my phone is disbelief for a second. I think I mumbled some shocked words, I can't remember. That is the Jr high where the kids from our old neighborhood go. Some of my own students from my teaching days go there. I know many students there. I know families. We have several mom's at the gym who are friends of mine who's kids attend that school. My teacher background also kicked in and as a former educator who saw the fear in kids eyes just practicing lockdown drills, my heart really started to hurt for everyone there. 
But, I knew also that KSL has been known to post stories before they have the facts, so even though I was freaked out I also tried to tell myself that it may not be what it seems. But we were all worried. Mom's who hadn't yet heard the news bolted out of the gym to go check on their kids. I can't imagine the sickening terror they had to have felt. Sadly, shootings have become pretty common, but it's a whole different ball game when it involves people you know; your own neighborhood. 
We started class but many of us were too distracted to really do much. As people started to trickle in we got more info on the situation. A boy had come into the school with a shotgun and a handgun. He fired a shot in one of the classrooms at the ceiling and was detained by his parents before police arrived. His parents were worried about his behavior that morning and really got concerned when they noticed the weapons were gone. They went to the school and were able to stop their son. Thankfully, no one was hurt, although many were obviously traumatized. They haven't said what his plan was yet. A few of my friends were stuck at the school for hours (and interviewed on the news), and one even was going inside to check her daughter in when the shooting happened and they screamed at her and her daughter to run and get out. She was stranded in the parking lot for a reeeaaalllly long time because of all the cops and S.W.A.T.. This excerpt from the news story explains all the cops I saw in my very short time on the road. More than 100 cops. Can you believe it?!
Scary situations like these always spark a weird fascination with most. We want to know more. We want to know why. We want to know what happened. We want to know everyone's own personal story of what happened and what they saw/heard. Today has been no different. Thankfully nothing happened, but it sure created a ripple in our community. It rocked us. I've never said to myself it couldn't happen here. I knew it could. In fact it flashes in my mind every single morning that I drop Kennedy off. But our town is generally pretty quiet so it was a shock to all. No one is immune to the disgusting and disturbing violence we have in our world today. No one. 

My mom told me their staff had training on active shooter situations on Tuesday. The officer running the training told them that it wasn't a matter of if it would happen, it was a matter of when. Two days later, a school right up the street had it happen. Creepy. 

I hate that we live in this world right now. I hate that my friends sweet kids are now scared to go to school. I hate that this is even a thing. I hate that my daughter is in kindergarten and I worry every day that someone might walk in her school and start shooting, just like Sandyhook. I can't handle it. But I think we got very lucky today and I am so grateful for that. 

Ok... I think that's enough craziness for now. Let's move on to the usual mumbo jumbo of my blog, shall we? 

Fruit by the Foot was on sale at Costco the other week. I remember seeing the overly exaggerated commercials about them when I was little and wishing so bad I could have some. I'm easily influenced by a good commercial. So we grabbed some. And they're all my girls want to eat anymore. We could make a wedding dress out of the discarded 3-foot wrappers. Even I've been sucked in from time to time. They are pretty darn good. 

My hair dryer has been threatening to die for the last little while and I've had my eyes set on a new ceramic one. Amazon had one for SUPER cheap on Black Friday so I bought it thinking I was getting a steal! It came yesterday and I realized why it was so cheap... it was a mini ceramic hair dryer HAHA! 
It doesn't even look that small in this picture but it's a cute little thang. I haven't used it yet but I'm sure it'll do just fine. Plus if I ever get to travel it'll be handy for that. But now I know to read the whole description before purchasing. 

I also owe you a deodorant update. 
This stuff really does keep me drier than any deodorant I've ever tried. While working out I still sweat, but not nearly as much. For everyday wear it makes a huge difference. It also doesn't leave white residue which I LOVE! It keeps me smelling nice. The down side is it irritates my skin. I think it's probably the fragrance. I know they have a sensitive skin kind. I think I'm going to order that and see if it helps. But if your skin isn't wildly sensitive like mine, I say buy it now! 

Let's keep the random-stuff-I've-bought-topic-ball rolling, mkay? Like, for instance, this awesome shirt! 
I might as well use this huge-A belly I've got now for something funny, right? Plus it was $5. 

I also got curtains for our house on Jane.com for way cheap. 
Aaannnnd one more thing to mention....

You know that video going around Facebook about the black mud mask that supposedly rips out every black head? There's this grossly satisfying video of someone peeling their mask off and every single pore releases a stiff, glorious spear of white muck onto the mask, claiming that every blackhead will be ripped clean? 

Well I fell for it. 

A while back, the video was so convincing that I bought the $10 mask. I was so excited to try it!! The first time I used it though my result was much different. A had a few black head remnants on the mask, but it was mostly just hair from my face that I saw. And felt. Ouch!
The mask didn't come with instructions. So, disappointed, I decided to try different techniques. I applied the mask thicker. I applied it thinner. I let it sit for way long. I tried steaming my face first. I tried taking a long, hot shower and getting my face nice and soft first. Nothing changed the outcome. It has always come out like this:
I even tried it on Cory's nose because he has a lot more blackhead than I do. Nothing. It does make my face super soft, so it does have that going for it I suppose. But don't waste your money on it. It's dumb. 

Tomorrow is kitchen cabinet day!!!! They had to postpone a day. Many pictures to come I'm sure. And one more day until this guy is off and (kind of) back with us! 
See you, soon! 









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