Skin Care: Cleansers

Let me start this post with a few disclaimers.  

1. Skincare is EXPENSIVE!! 

There are some cheaper options at the drugstore that are meh, but if you want quality skincare products, it's gonna cost ya. And depending on the brand it can cost you your first born and everything you've ever believed in. I'm not kidding. If you've ever been to Sephora or the department store at the mall and looked at the prices, it'll make you throw up. 

2. I didn't just go out one day and purchase all these products on a whim. I'm cheap and don't have money for that. These are things I've accumulated over time, bought sample sizes of and decided it was worth the price, or waited for a sale to buy them. And the products I've chosen are definitely on the cheaper side of the spectrum. It's more of a collection, if you will. Please don't think I have money to blow on stuff like this all at once. 

3. I'm not an expert. Everyone has different skin and different needs. I have very oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin. I've researched these products to the bone. Just because they worked for me doesn't mean it'll work for you. But it also might. 

Alright, let's get down to business. 

As you all know I've struggled with hormonal (I think?) acne the last year or so. But I've always had problems with oil, sensitivity, and now that I'm getting older, dullness and wrinkles. Yuck. I've tried many treatments and cleaners over the months and I finally seem to have found a routine that is working at the moment. I think the key to skincare is to keep your skin guessing. That's why you'll see that I switch it up a lot. 

The big problem with my skin is most medicated cleaners and treatments irritate my skin. I get super dry and my face burns and gets red and splotchy. Finding something that can heal acne without messing with my skin has been a challenge. But not impossible. 


Purity One Step Facial Cleanser. 
Price: Amazon $30
Longevity: several months 
I love this stuff. Nothing has been more gentle on my skin. It's the only non-acne fighting cleanser that hasn't made me break out. It washes off my makeup in a breeze, it's gentle enough for my eyes, and it doesn't leave a residue. My face is always left soft and clean. I use this cleanser morning and night. 

Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam
Price: $20
Longevity: 2-3 months
This cleanser is fairly new to me so I'm guessing on how long it'll last. I've recently fallen in love with Clinique skincare which is great because they're definitely one of the cheapest of the high end skincare products. This pumps out in a light foam that is almost watery to the touch. A little goes a long way and it cleanses well. It is medicated with salicylic acid so I don't use it on my eye area. The only down side to this is it smells bad. But what are ya gunna do. I use this cleanser once a day in the shower after I've worked out or worked on the house. The one time use has been enough for it to help clear up my skin without drying me out.  

Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Face and Body Soap
Price: $16
Longevity: a couple months 
Like most people I've also struggled with body acne since puberty. I know... that's gross. But it's true. My parents didn't grace me with amazing skin so I deal with it. This bar soap is also new to me (Sephora had a big sale on my birthday week so a few of these are new) but I am liking it so far. Let me start by saying that I HATE bars of soap. I would much rather use a nice lathering body wash in a loofa than try and rub my body down with a slippery bar of soap. But this has definitely helped clear up my body Acne. It feels soft and moisturizing while using it. It comes in a really cool soap dish with a lid and a strainer on the bottom so the soap can dry completely. I use this every other day with an exfoliating loofa thingy. I lather my body up (avoiding feminine areas), scrub with the loofa, then rinse. This is medicated as well and because of that I have to use my Dove moisturizing sensitive skin body wash on the other days to balance my skin out or my eczema goes NUTS! I just can't seem to win when it comes to the skin on my body. I haven't found a perfect balance between killing the Acne and keeping moisture to keep my eczema at bay. This is helping, but hasn't solved the problem. I use regular body wash on my sensitive/unmentionable parts of my body. 

Purity One Step Facial Cleansing Wipes 
Price: $15
Longevity: 30 wipes 
I mentioned these a few posts ago. These stay in my bag that I take everywhere and I use them to cleanse my face when I'm done at the gym. They're just as great as the actual cleanser. Come to think of it, I think Purity makes a body wash... why haven't I tried it?? 

That does it for cleansers. Stay tuned for part 2: treatments and masks. I started to put these all in one post and then got super tired and didn't want to type out so much. So it'll be a 3 part thing. I know you're all waiting on the edges of your seats... haha! 

See you, soon! 

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