Progress, Progress, Progress!!

I know what I'm doing next weekend!! 
I'm also catching up on the new Gilmore Girls revival. It's lived up to my full expectations! Love it! The second episode had me laughing so hard I was crying. I love Kirk. Two more to go! 

So, yesterday the cabinet guy came over. Apparently there's only one guy installing them so he only got the boxes in. He'll be back Monday and then will finish up Tuesday. I was really disappointed at first because I assumed it would be done in a day, but I super suck at being patient when I'm way excited about something. 

I have been saying for a year: "Once the cabinets go in I think it'll make the kitchen look so much smaller because we're used to it being empty." Whelp, I was wrong. As usual. 
Somehow it made the kitchen look huge! I literally cannot wait to see it with the doors and stuff on!!!! And all the upper cabinets installed. It's going to look so freaking awesome! If you don't follow me on Instagram yet you need to. Now that we're getting to the fun stuff I'm posting more on there. I'll do before/after photos once we're all done. Until then it's just progress pics. 

Today I finished painting the girls room. I tackled the accent wall. First I painted the wall white, then taped off the pattern I wanted. 
Then I painted it the color I wanted...
Then after the second coat was almost dry to the touch, I carefully took off the paint and revealed the adorable idea I stole from the Internet! 
I love, love, LOVE it!! And the lavender and mint together are amazing. The mint looks really weird in the picture, but it looks great in person. 
I need to do a few touch ups but basically the girls room is finished! Yay!! 

We also did more mudding and sanding (boo...) and started putting together the fireplace. The best part is I did some of this myself. I'm like, so handy now you guys, you don't even know. Haha! 
We can't do the bottom yet, but we will soon. 

Kennedy has made an adorable friend at school and her dad brought over his paint sprayer for us to borrow! I'm so pumped about this! We painted our remaining doors in a fraction of the time. It's going to come in soooo handy! He deserves a BIG thank you from us when we return it. 
For dinner we went and got Mexican grub (my fave!!) as a family and then stopped at Smith's for a few supplies. B helped Cory check out by handing him the groceries one by one. She was so helpful and proud of herself and he was sooooo patient and kind with her. Those two... they just get each other. 
And K traveled around town in her Batman attire. It's obviously not my first choice in an outfit, but she was having so much fun that I didn't even care. 

I hope everyone had a good Saturday. Cory and I plan on resting up tomorrow then having another big day on Monday. Hopefully there will be more to show you. See you, soon! 



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Amy said...

The house is looking amazing!!