Natural History Museum

A year ago Cory got a pass to the Natural History Museum through his work. It expired in 3 days and we finally used it today. Procrastination at its finest!

We were able to get 6 people in for free so we took both Grandma's and Aunt Laurie. None of us had been to the new museum so we weren't sure what to expect.

Holy. Crap. That place is HUGE!!
We were not quite prepared for how much time needs to be spent in there. We all got super hungry by the end and kind of rushed through, but it is awesome! I highly recommend going!

By far the biggest hit was the dinosaur exhibit. They even have actual paleontologists on sight working on extracting bones.
They have so many amazing exhibits and tons of hands on stations. The girls had the BEST time!
 An employee told us that all the bones that were encased in glass were real ancient bones and one of the full skeletons on display (not in glass) was real and 90% complete. So rad!
 Everything about this place was creative and exciting.

 A life size mold of a brontosaurus. I accidentally cut it's head off.

Because the museum is so high up on the east mountains it has incredible views! Today it was gross because the inversion is setting in already, but we'll have to go back when the air is clean.
Lots and lots of fun was had!

Afterward we went to Cafe Rio for a much needed lunch and then went home and crashed.

Post naps (only the adults napped) Cory and I went to Home Depot to get even more crap for the house and picked up essentials for the Utah football game.
 The sun was actually shining today which was great, but it's about this time (right after Christmas) that I get sick of winter and am ready for warmer weather and camping. Today was especially bad.
I am definitely an outdoor girl. I've been dying to go for a run but just haven't had time and it's icy and cold as crap outside. I haven't been motivated to use the treadmill, either. I just can't be inside all the time. It squashes my happiness. So, let the "is it spring yet?" questions begin!

Apparently we are getting counter tops tomorrow and I am soooooo excited!! Second Christmas! Stay tuned for pics.

See you, soon!

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