My Tuesday Was A Tornado

Yesterday I literally never stopped moving or doing things from the moment I woke up until my head hit the pillow. No down time. No sitting. No relaxing. It was insane. 

I went to bed completely exhausted and my back hurt soooooo bad, but I got a lot done. Because of wearing myself out so much, I decided today was a "take it easy" day. We went to work and Kennedy went to school (and a quick Walmart trip) and then we spent the rest of the day hanging out. It was soooo nice. I guess I did keep working on some Christmas presents I'm making and there was some laundry to fold - my work never stops - but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. 

So for that reason I don't have much to talk about today. But I do have some life changing fish tacos to share with you. Not kidding, these are fricken phenomenal!!!! I got the recipe for the fish on this website http://hostthetoast.com/blackened-fish-tacos-avocado-cilantro-sauce/?crlt.pid=camp.Gy26pPS8wy2A
But as far as putting the tacos together I did my own thing. I also made this sauce instead:
First I made the tilapia. I used our cast iron skillet which I think took it to the next level. We cook a lot of Mexican food in this and I think the added flavor was just insane. 
It was super messy; anytime I cook with oil I manage to let it splatter all over the place. But that's my problem haha. 

The recipe says to heat the tortillas and I did it in the pan I cooked the tilapia in. Again, I feel like that made it flavor heaven. And they never fell apart. I guess white corn tortillas are much better than yellow. 
For the tacos I used red cabbage, a little bit of cilantro, the amazing fish, pico de gallo, and the super good sauce. I also squirted a lime wedge over it. I had 4 of these puppies and wished I could fit more in my stomach. If I ever end up on death row I will be requesting these for my last meal. They're that good. 

If fish tacos aren't your thing, try them anyway. They will convert you. They had zero fishy taste and were just simply amazing. 

Alright, I need to get my kids out of the tub before they get too wrinkly. See you, soon! 


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