Monday... Ugh

Hello, everyone! 

We took a Sunday drive yesterday to my friends house to pick up some things. His neighbor has the right idea. 
Although the pumpkin still chillin in the yard makes me wonder if he's being funny or actually kinda lazy? Either way, I laughed. 

Don't even get my started on this topic. 

Today was actually a decent Monday. It was still busy, but not totally insane. It was a pretty "hands on" day at the gym - meaning I needed a buttload of chalk every 3 seconds it felt like. 
I've been sooooo determined to get my strict pull-ups back. Since I weigh more now, it basically means I need to build the strength to pull up 20 more pounds. I'm getting there though. So close. 

We did our usual stuff that makes me feel like a taxi driver. I know, it only gets worse. However, I did our grocery pickup at the new Smiths today and they had these!!!!! I almost cried with joy!!! 
I feel like Halo Top is a lot like Pokemon. Ya gotta try them all and get them before someone else does. Especially the rare ones like birthday cake. I've been dying to try it and I have to say, it rocked my freaking arse off! I also tried a little red velvet and it's definitely a keeper. 

We got home and Kennedy grabbed the mail and discovered she had a letter from Santa! I wish I had the storage on my phone to video her reaction. It was priceless. I almost cried. I thought she might shoot through the roof any second. 
It was a service that I paid for. The stuff sent in the letter was not worth the price,  but her reaction made it 100% worth it. Next year though I'll just fake my own with clip arts like they did. So lame. 

I also tried out a new face mask that made me look like the red guy from the Avengers. I might be a nerd, but not nerdy enough to remember his name. 
I'm working on a skin care post. Not because I think I know anything about skincare, but because I've discovered a lot of cool products over the last couple months in an effort to clear up my skin and I want to share them. So get ready for that. Haha!

Today the cabinet guy came back. I purposely stayed away from the house until the afternoon because I was hoping to walk in and see it basically done. I didn't realize installing cabinets was so detailed and time consuming. They're still not done, but closer! I guess he can't finish them until we get our flooring in, so we will work on that next week. But they're looking so good!! 

I don't even have words to describe this experience. Just know I feel insanely blessed and grateful and I am giddy with excitement!! 

We're waiting until the floor is done before he puts on the doors so we don't accidentally hit the doors with the flooring and ruin them. Smart man. 

That's all I've got for ya today. Time to go relax and get my coloring on! See you, soon! 









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