It's Hump Day...

Well hello, there! 

So, there's been this awful stomach bug going around I guess. A friend of mine posted on Facebook (hi, Amy!) that her family had it and as I read it Monday night I remember joking to myself, 'I feel like I'm going to catch it just by reading the comment thread.' 

Tuesday morning, the horrible bug hit me. Hard. Obviously not from Facebook, but I'm pretty sure Cory is about ready to hunt down and slap whoever did pass it along. I don't want to gross anyone out, but I have never experienced anything like this before. I was so sick yesterday I had a moment where I thought I needed the ER. I couldn't get myself off the toilet or sit up straight so I just collapsed on the floor. I couldn't even get myself to my phone to ask anyone for help. It was pure hell. Cory got home and gave me a blessing. I fell asleep for a few hours and luckily after the blessing, the puking stopped but the southern end still had some damage to cause. I've been totally leveled by this. Today I couldn't even stand up for too long without getting so weak and dizzy. But the worst part is over, thank heavens. 

Because of this I'm a few days behind blogging, I might have more typos than normal, and if you wanna join me in prayers that no one else in my home gets this death virus, you'll be my best friend. I've been in quarantine since Tuesday morning and I've cried several times because I miss kissing and hugging my girls. It's been rough. But, everything has been washed today (thank you so much, Mom) and I did disinfect the house this morning before the weakness hit full force and I went back to bed. I'm praying tomorrow I feel even better and can actually walk around. 

Ok, so moving on, let's play some major catch up, shall we? (Ketchup? Catsup?) <---- if you get that reference we are kindred spirits. 

Last Friday I mentioned that I got to go out for a girls night without children. Guys, it was bliss. We had so much fun! And when you get to go out to eat and you don't have to share a morsel or ask for extra napkins before the food even arrives, then dang it, you splurge! Avocado egg rolls, pasta, cheesecake... I even ordered a drink! And drank it all. By. Myself. We left with enough bags of food you'd think we went on a shopping spree. It was awesome. 
But don't worry, Saturday morning I got my butt to the gym to attempt to work off the calories. I love when Kennedy imitates us. And I feel a little silly when she can do the exercises better than I can on her first try. In a coat. 
Brynlie has been acting so grown up lately. It makes me sad but at the same time, she's loving being helpful and more independent, which I'm not going to protest against. 
I wanted to document that thanks to Cory getting off nights at 6 am, I was all dolled up and ready for church by 7:30 in the morning. Go me. 
And then I fell back asleep on the couch for an hour. 

Sunday was a fun day for us. We had dinner at my cousins house which was awesome! The girls got to hold their pet snake. 
Turns out, my girls are terrified of snakes,  because just after this pic it started to slither between B's legs and they both FREAKED OUT! Brynlie tried to throw the snake off of her and there was sheer panic as they both screamed and tried to get off the chair as fast as they could. I died laughing, which I feel kind of bad about, but it really was hilarious. I guess we won't be getting a pet snake anytime soon. 

After that party we headed to the first (in like 20 years) family party on the Hunter side. It was supposed to be an ugly sweater party so I rush-ordered this amazingness 
And Hillary and I were the only ones in sweaters! But, I didn't mind. I love mine. The party was tons of fun. I left feeling really emotional that we have such great people in our life. My family is amazing-- married and blood related. I'm a lucky girl. 

Please enjoy our cheap arse Christmas card. 
I never make Christmas cards but I need one for an activity at my gym so I just improvised. I got the photos from Dustins wedding and I got to look through their pics. I love wedding photos. But this one cracked me up so bad! Check out Kennedy. 
Apparently we needed to be more specific about who to smile at. Haha!!

She's the cutest. Even when she does weird things. 
Well, that's all I have energy for today. My fingers are super crossed that tomorrow is easier. See you, soon! 










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Amy said...

Hello! So sorry you caught that plague. I thought I was going to end up in the ER from dehydration too. Bodies are so weird... And amazing. LOVE your short hair!