Harder Than I Thought

Sickness has hit our house. Kennedy has been working through a cold for about 5 days now, Cory got it and is doing better, and now my body is threatening to get it. Or maybe I do and it's just mild? I don't know. But Kennedy definitely got the worst of it. My poor baby. She's getting better though and her spirits haven't been dampened. I'm really hoping B escapes unscathed. 
Yesterday we went to go check out countertops. We loved this one. 
The warehouse has all their quartz on sale till the end of the year, so we're hoping we can afford to get it installed fairly soon with the discount. We're going to go tomorrow and at least put it on hold and get an estimate and go from there. 

The moon was pretty darn impressive driving home from the warehouse last night. Once again I took another lame moon picture. 
We've been working our butts off the last two days trying to lay our flooring. It's an interlocking floating floor and we thought it would be fairly easy, but there was a big learning curve at first. We've got the hang of it now, but it's been more time consuming and harder than we anticipated. But isn't it so pretty?! I love it!!
We're about halfway done at this point and we've spent two days on it so far. We are tired. 
We forced our kids to hang out all day today while we worked on it. Brynlie didn't mind at first because she got us all to herself. I've never seen her so happy at Home Depot before. 
After Kennedy got home from school our amazing neighbors let the girls go play at their house for a couple hours which was a huge help! They are such great people and we owe them! Once they got home the job definitely became more complicated with them there, but they weren't terrible today. Counting my blessings. 

We're only a couple rows away from getting to the cabinets and I am so excited!! It's been a lot of work but to see it all start to come together has been so fun. 
Assuming we don't run out of steam we plan on hitting this project hard the next couple days. If you have nothing to do, come help us hahaha. 

Hopefully after this week things will slow down slightly and I can have something more exciting to talk about. Until then, wish us luck on getting this floor in! See you, soon! 






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