Hi guys!! 

I'm so freaking glad today is Friday. I'm ready for a lower key weekend of relaxation. I'm 99.9% sure Cory and I overdid it this week. But after 4 solid, exhausting days, the floor is done!!!! 

It looks so good! When we move in we'll all have a big adjustment adapting to a slippery floor, but I think we will manage. We just need the cabinet guys to come back and finish and then get our countertop installed. So fun! 

We also measured our red sectional to see if it'll fit in the living room. It won't match in the slightest, but it's all we have until we can afford new furniture. Bad news is... it won't fit. It's too big. We did some window shopping on IKEA and I made some furniture templates based on their info and I think we found an arrangement that'll work. 
Now we've got to come up with the money to buy the sectional and chair... anyone feeling generous? Haha I'm sure it'll be a while (or at least until we get our tax refund) but we will manage. 

Ok, enough house talk. 

Yesterday I learned I need to take my watch off when throwing elbows on the punching bag. The gloves wrist straps and the impact made my watch cut my arm open. 
It looks worse today because now the bruise is showing. But I secretly love punching bag wounds. Is that weird? It is definitely one of my top favorite things to do at the gym. It feels so good to beat the crap out of something, it's amazing cardio and strength combined, and I feel like I have more of a fighting chance if I ever need to defend myself. So I'll take the battle wound. 

The other night we went and picked out our countertops (yay!!) and then went to find some dinner and Christmas lights. We were driving through Valley Fair Mall looking for restaurants and just happened to find some reindeer! Kennedys excitement could not be put into words. 
After we left she kept saying "Now Santa is going to come and pick them up!" 
We decided on Chili's for dinner 
And then went to see some lights we could see from the car. That was a bust. Long story short, we suck at finding lights. I plan on making it up to them soon because the kiddies were so dang disappointed. 

Tonight I get to go out to dinner with a friend of mine without any kids. Guys, without any kids!! I am a little embarrassed at how excited I am about that. I really need a break though and I plan on enjoying every second. 

I'm hoping tomorrow I can get our bathroom painted. It won't take that long since it's so small, but I have to wait and see how I feel first. I'm pretty dang wiped out. 

See you, soon! 







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