2016 Highlights

Another year gone...

2016 had some really great highs, and some truly sucky lows. I'm not sure what 2017 will bring for us, but hopefully it will at least be the year we finally get to move into our own home. Everything else is up to fate.

Here are some highlights of the year...

My niece Allison got to come home after spending months in the NICU. She's a perfectly happy and healthy baby which is a major miracle.
 We took a Midway getaway that included the ice castles, swimming at the hotel, Mexican food and clean air.
 Through hard work, I was able to achieve a running pace I never thought would become easy. I felt unstoppable.
 We attended Jeep Safari in Moab and had tons of fun!
 I messed up my leg pretty bad at the gym trying to jump over the highest bar during bar hops... our trainer hasn't put this exercise on the board since. For good reason. I still have a bump on my shin and problems with my hips.
 I mastered strict pull-ups! (Then lost it again later...)
 Kennedy graduated from pre-school! One of her teachers now works with Grandma and I so we still get to see her often.
 My biggest accomplishment of the year; the Ogden Marathon. With the weather conditions being about as bad as they can get, I still felt like I kicked major butt regardless of the obstacles. Everyone I talked to had a terrible experience but I somehow pushed through it. I really learned what mental grit is during this race.
 Took my girls to the USU campus and showed them my old home. Lots and lots of memories.
 Did lots of hiking before the weather became ghastly hot.
 I got a new half marathon PR running the Drop 13 race. The timing chips were messed up for this race but I'm pretty sure I broke 1:50; a time I will have to chase once I get my body figured out.
 Kennedy had her first all-friends birthday party and it was a huge success!
 Saw the Thunderbird's!!!
 Conquered the crazy-hard hike of Mt. Timpanogus. I also learned never to hike in Hoka's. Next time I will wear actual hiking shoes.
 Did lots of camping.
 And spent many days at Lagoon; with family and friends and just by ourselves.
 I had to include this one because their faces are so great.
 Took a summer trip to Cheyenne to see my brother.
 Kennedy gashed her head open and needed staples, and I ran the Deseret News half marathon. For some reason I accidentally picked the combined version of these pictures, so there ya go.
 Went to Bear Lake with Cory's family.
 Brynlie got her first hair cut.
 We went to our ward camp out and had tons of fun. I'm really going to miss this ward.
 Ran the Run Elevated half marathon and got the biggest blisters of my life!!
 Received a diagnosis of PCOS. I'm still not 100% convinced this is what is wrong with me since my meds are doing literally NOTHING, but more on that in another post.
 Brynlie had her first dental appointment.
 Kennedy started KINDERGARTEN!! She has killed it this year and learned all her letters and sounds in 2 months.
 Ran the Big Cottonwood half marathon with my sister. It was her first half!
 Spent an amazing day as a family in Park City and took the kids on the Alpine Slide for the first time and froze our booties off.
 My dad's leg got terribly infected and he was down and out for weeks and weeks.
 I discovered online grocery pick up which changed my life!!!
 Took a small trip to Burley, Idaho to see the cousins and have some fun!
 Brynlie finally hit 36" tall and got to ride the "big" rides. Oh, and it was 70 degrees in October.
 Ran the Haunted Half with some great friends in a bacon suit.
 Mueller Park had it's shooting scare. I'm so glad everyone was ok.
 I got a new sister-in-law!!

Overall it was a great year! I don't get all nostalgic over the changing years, but it is fun to look back over what we've experienced and how much can change in a year. I'm so grateful for all that we have. Bring on 2017!!


I'm A Liar and Counter Tops!

Several times I've sat down to write part 2 of my skin care post and after drudging through a few products, I start to bore myself. Like, bad. I wish I possessed the gift to make acne sound captivating, but it's just not in the cards for me. If you're at all interested in what I've been using, let me know and I'll get the information to you. Otherwise, I'm going to skip that and get back to more important things...

...Things like cuddles from this little firecracker. If you haven't had a hug/cuddle session from Brynlie, you haven't lived -- truly lived.
She more than makes up for her tantrums in cuddles and entertainment. She's a cuddle pro and when she's in the right mood, she can have us sucking wind, crying like babies, and nearly wetting ourselves from laughter.

Ok, I guess I lied. I have one skin care thing to share with you.

I heard about this body butter from a Youtuber, Jaclyn Hill, who also has super sensitive skin like myself. I looked it up just to find out the price and was pleasantly surprised. She usually mentions outrageously pricey products and this one wasn't too bad. I wasn't at all interested until I started reading more on the website and then my interest was peaked.
My skin gets super dry in the winter so I decided to give the unscented version a try after talking myself into it (and out of it, and back into it, then out of it again...). It was out of stock but I placed an order anyway and actually forgot about it. It arrived the day after Christmas and was like a surprise gift from myself since I totally spaced purchasing it a while ago! It's hand made with all natural ingredients which is awesome. I've been using it 5 days and I am already a believer. It is AMAZING!!
For as long as I can remember I've had really dry, cracked skin on my feet. I've been applying it to my feet and hands at night and my feet are now baby soft! I can't believe it! My hands are doing pretty well also. They can get painfully dry after working on the house and this stuff fixes them right up! I don't need to keep reapplying like other lotions. I've even noticed it softening my gym callouses, which is actually kind of a bad thing... I've spent a long time building up those man hands! Don't take them from me! But I'm in love and I don't think I can go back to anything else now. I tried using it on my legs tonight. That'll be the real test since those are the most sensitive on my body. Fingers crossed! You can find this and other products on their website, Here.

This freaking stuff....
If I was Egyptian I would be buried with it. Heck, I'm not Egyptian and I still might request to be buried with it, just in case I picked the wrong religion. It is so good and so darn addicting! If I'm not careful I can easily polish off an entire bag in 15 minutes. Costco used to carry ginormasized bags, but of course now that I'm a Boom-Chick-A-Pop disciple, they've stopped. But Smith's had it on sale and I stocked up. So don't you worry your pretty little head; I have plenty to get me nice and fat.

Yesterday was a good day. I planned to blog last night about the happenings but the second I pulled out the computer, Comcast had an area-wide network problem and the internet was down for many hours. Oh how I miss my blogging app! Wah!!!

Anyway, yesterday we got our counter tops!!!

The lady at the slab yard told us when we picked them out that it was Quartz, but the manufacturer told us they're marble. So we aren't really sure... but they're so pretty! They have a gorgeous sparkle to them that the camera doesn't really pick up. I am in love. So, so in love. Assuming he doesn't reschedule again, the rest of the cabinets should be installed next week. So that's exciting!

We also made major progress on the fireplace!
Tiling this was my project while the counters were installed. I couldn't stop starting at it the whole rest of the day! That tile is even prettier than I imagined! Of course we still need to grout, finish the moldings, patch the nail holes, caulk, and paint... but it's starting to look so bomb!! This is what the fireplace looked like before:
Huge change! I cannot wait to be done and move in and get before/after pictures put together!Eek!!

Tomorrow we have our annual ice skating with the Hagloch side of the family thingy all day so we won't be working on it, but I am really excited to see the family and hang out.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Years Eve! See you, soon!


Natural History Museum

A year ago Cory got a pass to the Natural History Museum through his work. It expired in 3 days and we finally used it today. Procrastination at its finest!

We were able to get 6 people in for free so we took both Grandma's and Aunt Laurie. None of us had been to the new museum so we weren't sure what to expect.

Holy. Crap. That place is HUGE!!
We were not quite prepared for how much time needs to be spent in there. We all got super hungry by the end and kind of rushed through, but it is awesome! I highly recommend going!

By far the biggest hit was the dinosaur exhibit. They even have actual paleontologists on sight working on extracting bones.
They have so many amazing exhibits and tons of hands on stations. The girls had the BEST time!
 An employee told us that all the bones that were encased in glass were real ancient bones and one of the full skeletons on display (not in glass) was real and 90% complete. So rad!
 Everything about this place was creative and exciting.

 A life size mold of a brontosaurus. I accidentally cut it's head off.

Because the museum is so high up on the east mountains it has incredible views! Today it was gross because the inversion is setting in already, but we'll have to go back when the air is clean.
Lots and lots of fun was had!

Afterward we went to Cafe Rio for a much needed lunch and then went home and crashed.

Post naps (only the adults napped) Cory and I went to Home Depot to get even more crap for the house and picked up essentials for the Utah football game.
 The sun was actually shining today which was great, but it's about this time (right after Christmas) that I get sick of winter and am ready for warmer weather and camping. Today was especially bad.
I am definitely an outdoor girl. I've been dying to go for a run but just haven't had time and it's icy and cold as crap outside. I haven't been motivated to use the treadmill, either. I just can't be inside all the time. It squashes my happiness. So, let the "is it spring yet?" questions begin!

Apparently we are getting counter tops tomorrow and I am soooooo excited!! Second Christmas! Stay tuned for pics.

See you, soon!