Weekend Thoughts

We had a glorious dinner with my family on Friday. 
And the best part is, there's tons of leftovers. Can't go wrong there, right? Sometimes living with your parents has some perks. 

I also got to cuddle sweet little Allison that night. I literally cannot believe what a good baby she is. It's totally unreal. Thanks for the finger-photo-bomb, Cory. 
And check out those eyelashes!!! 

Yesterday Cory and I painted all day long! My hands started to cramp up by the end and my feet are really sore, but it was fun and exciting! We have the kitchen area done which means we're ready for cabinets this coming week!!! We also painted the majority of the living room. 
Not all the walls are done and it needs a second coat, but it's starting to look amazing! We also bought the molding for the fireplace and that sent me over the edge in excitement!! We were going to start putting it up while we waited for stuff to dry but then we realized we need to lay the hearth tile first. We didn't get supplies for that job. Bummer. 

I've also settled on a backsplash for the kitchen. 
It will also be the same tile around the fireplace. It's all starting to come together in my mind and I literally cannot wait! I'm starting to feel like this whole horrible process is going to be worth it, even if it almost bankrupted us haha. It's going to be so awesome and I can't wait to start making memories there. 

Speaking of memories... it's been more than 3 years since my wedding ring has fit right. It goes on, but isn't comfortable. I've hardly worn it for that reason, which breaks my heart because I really do love my wedding ring. I'm still too in denial to go get it sized up, so instead I bought a fakie on Amazon to wear until the day when my ring does fit again, if that day comes. 
Not bad for $20, right? It's pretty convincing and actually white gold-plated so it won't turn my finger funky colors. Now I have yet another reason to love Amazon. Sometimes autocorrect changes Amazon to amazing. I don't think that's coincidence. 

Have I mentioned lately how much I love these two? 
Kennedy had a sleepover with Hillary the other night and Brynlie missed her so much it broke my heart. I still can't believe they're mine. 

I'm really excited for this week. I get to paint some more and we get our cabinets! I'll def keep you updated as things happen. See you, soon! 






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Amy said...

You can get it sized up a half or quarter size if that makes you feel better! After my first baby my bones expanded and never went back and had to do it.