Two More Days!

Two more days until we get our kitchen cabinets!!!!!! Christmas is coming early for us this year. I cannot freaking wait!!! 

Ok, I had to get that out of my system. EEEKKK!!!  

I realized the other day that some of my acne issues may be due to the fact that I sweat buckets at the gym every morning but don't get to shower til hours later. I know, it's gross. Deal with it. So I purchased these a while back to try and "wash" my face after the buckets stop dripping. I forgot I had them until yesterday, so I don't have much to report on them yet, but they definitely help me feel cleaner. I also have some body wipes made specifically for women for when you can't shower. Those help a lot with the smell. I'm hoping these help clear my face up a bit. 
Speaking of sweat, our gym is in a big warehouse... a warehouse with no working heating system at the moment... 
It has been so cold in there since it snowed! Today the poor daycare kids had to stay bundled up to keep from freezing. Putting a barbell on your skin is like squatting with an ice pack. Brrrr!!!
That's Angie. She is quite possibly the most amazing woman ever when it comes to taking care of kids. No joke. Anyway, hopefully heat is on the way. A couple guys dressed in construction-type clothes came in while I was there and stared at the heating boxes for a good 10 minutes. Maybe promising?? Hopefully next time they will actually touch it. 

I think I changed my mind slightly on the master bedroom colors as well. I was going to go with the top colors, but I think the bottom are warmer and more inviting. What do you think? The accent wall will be painted the far right color (super dark) with a Moroccan style stencil painted over it with the middle color in a metallic finish. Then the other 3 walls will be the far left color. (The bottom sample)
It'll look cool, right? Right? I've never painted anything that dark before... I'm a little scared. 

I made major progress on the girls room today. Maybe it's because the rooms are smaller, or because everything else has taken ages, but the painting is going super fast! I was able to finish the mint color in their room in a few hours. Both coats! I still have to do the accent wall. I'll probably hit that on Thursday while the cabinets go in. Isn't the color so cute??? 
I am OBSESSED! I'll keep the accent wall a surprise for now. But that color is so great. 

I even finished painting their closet, too!
And finished the front room. The whole thing now has one coat. 
I was able to do most of this with the girls at the house with me, but not without incident. It was awful. I completely lost my mind at one point. Their lack of listening to anything I say, caused me to accidentally smack Brynlie in the face with the stool and knock her down. I felt terrible and I was so enraged I just screamed! I've never heard a sound that horrible come out of myself before. I think I even stomped my feet like a wild woman! I was humiliated the second it happened, and I'm pretty sure my entire new neighborhood heard me. I instantly grabbed Brynlie and held her while she sobbed and begged for Daddy (that made me feel even worse...) and I tried to breathe to calm down. Eventually my mom came and took the girls home after she got off work which helped a ton. 

I'm not sure what happened. I know I'm really good and bottling things up, things that I convince myself aren't getting to me that bad (like being alone with the girls ALL THE TIME) and then the perfect storm brews and I just completely lose it and realize I've been having a harder time than I realize. That was definitely today. Plus, PMS. I think I blog about that the most haha. I felt so terrible. Still do. Tell me I'm not alone in these things? Not that it makes it ok, but at least I'm not the only crazy one? 

After an exhausting day I'm ready for some chips and homemade salsa and the new season of Gilmore Girls. Alone. See you, soon! 







Amy said...

Cute colors! So fun to see! And no, you're not the only one. After being screamed at for hours Connor spilled soda all over the carpet and I screamed. Sometimes I lock myself in my bathroom to calm down. I hate yelling and always feel terrible but it happens around here. Especially when my threenager isn't listening. 😡

Unknown said...

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