#tbt - Take 2

tbt# 1
 This man and his girls... He has always been an amazing father. I don't know how he works the hours he does, works on the things he does, and still manages to make time to happily help me out and play with his kids. He seriously is an amazing example and I hope my girls make it a goal to find someone like him to marry in the future. And I hope he wears a tiara at their wedding because the guy can pull it off.

#tbt 2

One of my all time favorite pictures of Kennedy! Her smile just makes me want to cry, it is so cute!! She has always been a lover of her stuffed animals and even now, 2 years later, that hasn't changed at all. Fun fact about the brown doggy -- it somehow got left outside all winter long after she got it. We found it months later, washed it, and it has been her favorite ever since. She can't sleep without it. 

#tbt 3
Moab, 2011! I was 7 months pregnant with Kennedy so it wasn't my favorite Jeeping trip, but it was still fun. Cory and I are missing Moab like crazy lately. We usually go in the fall and because of the house we didn't get to make that happen this year. It's killing us. Fun memories of this trip: 1) being constipated and having pain so bad I thought I was in labor in the middle of the night 2) Cory's unfailing kindness towards me. He did nothing but make sure I was ok the whole time. I don't deserve him 3) hanging out with great friends and family 4) getting one of the Jeep's stuck in super deep mud.

#tbt 4
That one time we went to the zoo in the middle of winter when it was unseasonably warm and the tiger gave us quite the show. I just think this pic is pretty rad for being taken on a cell phone. 

#tbt 5
Swimming in 2015 with my little baldie. I can't get over how different she looks now compared to as a baby. It's insane! Also, those glasses were not a wise choice for me. One of the "joys" of having a long, narrow face; basically all sunglasses look stupid on you. 

#tbt 6
2015 when I became a graduate at my gym. I have always loved going there, but I am even more appreciative of it lately. I believe anyone can excel and get a great workout anywhere, doing anything. But the environment definitely makes a HUGE difference. I can't say enough about this place and the changes it has made in me. I have made so many great friends, accomplished things I never thought I would, and have grown more confident inside and out. I love the non-competitive atmosphere and how kind everyone is. It's my home away from home. Love it! 

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