#tbt and Deodorant

I am an adult and I can admit when I am wrong. That is about to happen. Brace yourselves.

I was wrong to complain about the World Series. 

I actually enjoy baseball as a sport. I haven't been super in to the World Series because my team wasn't playing. I was rooting for the Cubs because it would have been cool to see them win for the first time in 108 years, but I wasn't paying that close of attention. Until last night. 

The game was AMAZING!!!! I honestly wasn't sure the Cubs could pull it off which is why I didn't get invested. But they freaking did it!! Way to go Cubs! 

The game, which went until 11, is also the reason why I'm super tired today. But totally worth it.

I'm going to do a little #tbt (throw back Thursday) segment from now on. I spent an embarrassing amount of time going through old photos today instead of going over our budget (I'll do it tonight) and I have lots to share over the coming weeks. Aren't you just so excited?? I promise to make them interesting.

#tbt 1
The day we brought Brynlie home from the hospital
I picked up Kennedy from school today and she got in the car and shouted with excitement, "Guess what?! Mrs. Her-teacher-who-shall-not-be-named-to-protect-her-privacy is growing a baby!!"

It was fun to hear such exciting news and to see Kennedy get so animated about it. It made me think about how she might react when our time comes to have another and we tell the girls about it. Hopefully there will be just as much rejoicing, if not more.

Truthfully, I'm super baby hungry and I honestly have no idea why. I struggle with babies. Especially ones like the little bundle pictured above. But as I was going through my old pictures I found myself missing my girls as babies. The squishy little bundles are so annoyingly darling!

#tbt 2
Oh, Christmas. I can't believe you are so close already. I am really missing our super tall tree and how real it looked. I'm also missing those gorgeous shutters. I saved for 7 months for those! I would probably need to save for years to get them in our new house, and by then the girls will be old enough it'll end up being their college fund...

#tbt 3
That one time we let the blind man hold Brynlie and forgot to tell him which side was up. I know this is probably a cruel picture to everyone else out there, but for my family it makes us laugh till tears stream down our legs. We joke around about my Dad's blindness a lot. Yes, we're probably going to hell for it.

#tbt 4
My first trail run
I am pretty disappointed in myself for not utilizing the trails more this summer/fall. I went hiking a ton before the weather turned super hot, but it just wasn't the same. I also learned an important lesson on this run; don't wear your hiking shoes to run in.

#tbt 5

Kennedy's 'tude. It doesn't make sense that she can be such a stinker and still look so pretty. Also, the doll and the puppy... I die.

To end on a random note, I've been a little psychotic about deodorant lately. Since I sweat more than a sinner in church, I'm always on the hunt for something to help keep me dry and smelling fresh. I've tried quite a few brands to no avail. Then I saw an article where the people tested every deodorant brand and rated them. I hastily clicked on it and believed every word I read because the internet doesn't lie. I decided to try their top-rated brand for myself since I've never heard of it.
It came in the mail today and I put it on after my shower. It applies a little differently than regular deodorants, but so far I'm dry and it's been hours. I am really excited to give this a try and see if the article has any merit. The package said it can take up to 14 days to get the full effects, so I will check back with you when those kick in and my pits are so dry and fresh I won't need a towel at the car wash anymore.

See you, soon!

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