Sales and Snow

Well, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have officially bled us dry. But, we got some things for our house at a great discount and I am kicking serious boo-TAY in the gift-giving department. I literally don't want a thing this year (ok, except our house to be done and a big 'ol bag full of cash) but I am incredibly excited for Christmas so I can give everyone else their stuff. Can. Not. Wait! 

I picked the colors for our master bedroom today. I'm going to try and go bold and do a really dark accent wall with stenciling. I've never stenciled before, but I figured I have plenty of time to try and get it right. I've always wanted a darker master bedroom with all white furniture. It just sounds so cozy and romantic. And I'm obsessed with fluffy, white down comforters. I found this adorable duvet cover for a steal on Groupon today and it got me so excited!! 
I can't wait to wake up with the sun peaking through the blinds, all wrapped up warm and cozy in our bed, and the kids wake up and come climb in bed with us (because maybe by then I'll have a husband again?) while we giggle and talk to each other... perfection. 

So the big news of the day... it snowed a bunch! The first big storm of the year -- the time when news channels make WAY too big of a deal about it, people realize they forgot how to drive in the snow, and terrible parents realize they don't have a warm coat for their 2 year old because their older sisters hand-me-down is somewhere in storage. Let's all thank Target's deals today for bailing said parents out and for stealing their last dime. But at least they were thinking of the children. 

And those children (particularly the previously coatless one) had a total blast in the snow today! 
I didn't even know B knew how to conduct herself in such a happy manner. There were giddy screams, snowballs, snow being eaten, snow angels, and anything else you could possibly think of, including protests when I made her come back inside. 
Kennedy also had a total blast as well. And it turns out she liked the movie Moana more than I realized because I caught her trying to read the stars through the snow. 
Cory and I headed on a date to Tucanos tonight to finally celebrate my birthday. I forgot to get pictures. I did pull out my phone to google the height of Vin Diesel but getting a photo op just slipped my mind. It was fun to hang out together and eat while watching the snow fall in downtown. 

We got home and the girls enthusiastically performed a Christmas song for us 
Complete with high notes, flashing (not pictured), and nothing but pure adorableness. We asked them for a final bow and they surprised us by coming back on stage and doing an encore. They know how to please a crowd. 
I just freaking love this time of year! Christmas time is the best! Especially with fresh snow. Even though it's not even December yet. 

I'm hoping to get some progress made on the girls room tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. Enjoy the snow if you got some, and I'll see you, soon! 






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