More House and A Big Segment About Spinach

Hello, everyone!! 

Man, what a crazy couple days. Especially yesterday. I was working, cleaning, or doing stuff literally for 16 hours straight. I was exhausted but I burned a ton of calories. 
So much in fact, that I was too wiped to do much at the gym today. I lifted for about 20 minutes, started the class, and quickly knew I was toast and left early. Those days happen. And I have been doing A LOT! 

So let's get down to business. 

I'm super hopeful that we can get all the drywall done in our house by next week. Then it'll be time to paint!!!!! We will be moving in before everything is done. There's plenty we can still work on while living there, so once we have a kitchen, bathroom, and flooring, we will move in! The kitchen should go in the first week of December. Then we need countertops and to finish a bathroom. I think the tile work in the bathroom is going to take a while, but hopefully with some teamwork we can knock it out faster than I think. The same goes for painting. Anyone wanna come have a painting party?! 

Yesterday I spent some time doing some meal prep. We had a ton of bananas about to go bad so I sliced em and bagged em. I got 35 days worth of bananas for protein shakes out of those suckers! 
I've also started adding spinach to my shakes again. I do this off and on. Obviously spinach is really good for you and I can't taste it when it's mixed in, but I always end up giving up because the spinach goes bad before I can use it all up. I feel like I'm throwing my money away each week. Plus it takes up a ton of space in the blender cup. 

Anyway, I had a huge Costco tub and wondered if I could freeze spinach. I googled it and came across the method I'm about to share with you. This may not be news to any of you, but it was to me and it has changed my life! 
So, first you add about a cup of water to your blender (I had so much spinach I needed an extra 1/4 cup)
Then add a couple handfuls of spinach
Blend until smooth and disgusting 
And continue blending a couple handfuls at a time until you have smoothly blended all your spinach. 

Next, pour into ice cube trays
And freeze for several hours. I froze mine for about 5. 
You could probably just keep them stored in the freezer and pop out one or more when you need them, but I'm super weird about freezer burn. So I divided mine up into little snack bags - 2 cubes to a bag - and they're ready to go! It saves so much room in my cup. Plus, I don't need ice now because the frozen spinach cubes with the frozen bananas makes it nice and cold. 
Almost as cold as Brynlie in the cooler at Costco. 
It was really easy and fast. Now I can always have spinach on hand and I don't have to worry about it going bad. I am pumped!! I have no idea how many servings I'm getting, but if I had kept track of how much spinach I had in the beginning, I could have done the math. Next time. 

Tonight I'm trying curlers in the girls hair. 
My guess is Brynlie will rip hers out sometime in the night and Kennedys will be thrown all over the room from her wild sleeping. There's also the chance, if they stay in, that it'll look like crap. But the 8% probability that they will wake up with gorgeous, curly hair is worth a try. We can find out together. 

See you, soon! 











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