It's Finally Friday!!

I literally have thought every day this week was Friday. Today was the real thing and I kept thinking it was Saturday. My brain waves this week have been less than successful. 

It did snow though. 
And just like that we went from "Is it my birthday soon?" to "Is it Christmas soon?" 

It has been a C-R-A-Z-Y week, you guys. My goal to blog everyday in November obviously got missed. But it really wasn't a priority with everything going on. 
I would have killed to be able to sit like this all week. 
Kennedys school had a special Thanksgiving lunch for the kindergarteners and B and I got to go join her! She was so excited and kept showing off for B. 
Just about every day I go to bed feeling like I've been failing as a mom since the day Kennedy was born, but when I see pictures like this where she is as happy as can be, I have a moment where I'm not so hard on myself. She is fiercely loved and that is the most important thing. 

We've been working our butts off on the house. Our kitchen cabinets will be done soon and we need to have the kitchen ready. I went up at night after the girls were asleep this week and worked on mudding and sanding the Sheetrock. That is a MESSY job!! I'm pretty sure my skin will never have moisture again. I also believe I sanded away my finger print because I haven't been able to unlock my phone with my fingerprint since Tuesday. 
I call this the "I'm-a-D-bag" pose. 

Good news is, we got the drywall completely done in there. The bedrooms are really close, too, and then this horrible portion of the reno will be over!!!! 
The girls LOVE having their hands and clothes sucked up by the shop vac. 
Tonight we had the wedding dinner for Cory's brother Dustin and his fiancĂ©e Laurie who are getting married tomorrow!! It was at the Spaghetti Factory and it was a great time! 

Friends, I am beyond exhausted. My fatigue has hit me hard again this week; like a freight train. My acne is back as well and I'm just feeling lousy and not sure what to do anymore. It's taking everything I have to write this post without dozing off and it's barely 9:00. So I'm going to end it here, get plenty of rest, and hopefully have a great day tomorrow and check back soon. 

See ya, soon! 









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