Everything is Better With a Chicken Leg

Reason #64 why Brynlie is more like raising a puppy than a daughter: when she's unhappy, just throw her a bone. A chicken leg cheered her right up!  

A while ago the running group I'm a part of ordered apparel for a fundraiser. I got a tank top (which I'm too big for now) and a hoodie. The hoodie is probably the most comfortable thing I've ever worn! I love it!!! 
I love the color as well and it just fits so nicely. My friend Lisa spearheaded the orders and designed the clothes and she did an amazing job! 

So I'm back to having digestive distress. Or something like that. My stomach is constantly bloated. I'm not talking a little pooch after eating ice cream or something, I mean I wake up looking 6 months pregnant before I've even eaten anything. It's like that all day long, gets worse as I do eat, and it hurts. I think my only option at this point is to cut down to just meat, veggies, and some fruits for a while and see if it helps, then slowly start adding food groups back in and see what's causing the bloating. 

I'm also getting frustrated again that things don't seem to be getting any better for me. My hair loss has decreased some... it's slightly better but I feel like it's still more than normal. My skin cleared up for about 3 weeks and now I'm having acne issues again. I have slightly more energy -- I'm not crashing every afternoon -- but I still don't feel great and I think the energy is from the weight loss medication. Something has been causing major nausea for me whenever I work out and sometimes throughout the day. I haven't been able to get through a workout of any kind without getting sick during it. The glands in my neck feel swollen every day (usually in the evenings) like I'm going to get a cold but I never do. I haven't lost a single pound. I'm starting to wonder if I have something other than PCOS because it seems like with the medication I should have started to see some improvement in something by now. I also have never had any reproductive problems or irregular periods. I know she said not everyone experiences that, but a vast majority do. So I don't know what to think anymore. I freaking hate clinical diagnoses. Why can't the answer be simple?

Ok sorry. That was an unplanned tangent. I'm just so vexed by this whole situation. 

Moving on....

We did our usual Monday things this morning. I'm still obsessed with the grocery pick up. And today they didn't have the salsa I ordered so they gave me two jars of the store brand for free! How rad is that?? 

After B's nap we went out to the airport to pick up my mom. I think Kennedy thought we were getting on a plane because she was really upset when we drove away. I promised her we would go back with Cory and watch airplanes take off and land sometime. And maybe some day we will actually get to get on a plane. 

I'm determined to do a better job at teaching my children about the gospel, so after we picked up my mom we stopped at Seagull Book to get some stuff. I found a family home evening DVD of shows to watch, a book about Sunday being a special day, and this really cool book 
Brynlie also found this super cute thing, which I decided was a good purchase so they can play with the animals in sacrament meeting and not have plastic feet making noises on the back of pews and bugging the people in front of us. 
I opened it up when we got home and pulled out Noah and asked, "Who is this?" And Kennedy excitedly exclaimed, "Dumbledore!!"
 I have some work to do. Although I secretly thought it was awesome. 

My mom bought us all Costa Vida for dinner and I was excited to dive in to their nachos. It's been a while since we have had quality time together and I thought it would be a happy reunion. 
I was wrong though. I didn't even eat 1/4 of it before I got full and kind of sick from it. What the crap is happening to me?! I'm now downing Tums to try to help the volcano in my stomach. 

Kennedy got a plastic tube full of little doggy figurines the other day. Reason #65 why Brynlie is more puppy than person; she chewed one up and Kennedy was not happy about it. She kept saying, "Those are brand new!" 
While telling B not to chew on Kennedys toys I remembered that I used to chew on my sisters toys when we were little. She was always getting after me for that. For some reason it was super surreal that I was now getting after my kids for doing the same thing. Life is weird. 

I'm happy to report that today has been a much better day with the munchkins. I've been more patient and they've played together kindly without too many incidences. 
It's moments like these when they act like best friends that I find myself thinking about how amazing it is (and what a blessing for them) to have siblings. I remember being pregnant with Brynlie and freaking out that we were going to ruin Kennedys life by having another child. My mom reassured me that we were giving her a best friend and now I see how true that was. It gets me excited for the future to give them yet another best friend, even though I know it'll be super tough for me. I hope I can remember these feelings when I'm 9 months pregnant, pushing 400lbs and having anxiety attacks about having a newborn. I also hope Zoloft will help carry me through that phase because I'm almost certain it will kill me off the 3rd time. 

I'm hoping to get up early tomorrow morning and get a run in before the girls get up so I can open the windows and doors and cool the basement off when I get abnormally hot 3 minutes into the run. Any bets on whether it'll happen or not?

Place your bets in the comments (no judgement from me... you've seen my track record) and the winner gets a free lunch from me! Haha
See you, soon!  



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