Two More Days!

Two more days until we get our kitchen cabinets!!!!!! Christmas is coming early for us this year. I cannot freaking wait!!! 

Ok, I had to get that out of my system. EEEKKK!!!  

I realized the other day that some of my acne issues may be due to the fact that I sweat buckets at the gym every morning but don't get to shower til hours later. I know, it's gross. Deal with it. So I purchased these a while back to try and "wash" my face after the buckets stop dripping. I forgot I had them until yesterday, so I don't have much to report on them yet, but they definitely help me feel cleaner. I also have some body wipes made specifically for women for when you can't shower. Those help a lot with the smell. I'm hoping these help clear my face up a bit. 
Speaking of sweat, our gym is in a big warehouse... a warehouse with no working heating system at the moment... 
It has been so cold in there since it snowed! Today the poor daycare kids had to stay bundled up to keep from freezing. Putting a barbell on your skin is like squatting with an ice pack. Brrrr!!!
That's Angie. She is quite possibly the most amazing woman ever when it comes to taking care of kids. No joke. Anyway, hopefully heat is on the way. A couple guys dressed in construction-type clothes came in while I was there and stared at the heating boxes for a good 10 minutes. Maybe promising?? Hopefully next time they will actually touch it. 

I think I changed my mind slightly on the master bedroom colors as well. I was going to go with the top colors, but I think the bottom are warmer and more inviting. What do you think? The accent wall will be painted the far right color (super dark) with a Moroccan style stencil painted over it with the middle color in a metallic finish. Then the other 3 walls will be the far left color. (The bottom sample)
It'll look cool, right? Right? I've never painted anything that dark before... I'm a little scared. 

I made major progress on the girls room today. Maybe it's because the rooms are smaller, or because everything else has taken ages, but the painting is going super fast! I was able to finish the mint color in their room in a few hours. Both coats! I still have to do the accent wall. I'll probably hit that on Thursday while the cabinets go in. Isn't the color so cute??? 
I am OBSESSED! I'll keep the accent wall a surprise for now. But that color is so great. 

I even finished painting their closet, too!
And finished the front room. The whole thing now has one coat. 
I was able to do most of this with the girls at the house with me, but not without incident. It was awful. I completely lost my mind at one point. Their lack of listening to anything I say, caused me to accidentally smack Brynlie in the face with the stool and knock her down. I felt terrible and I was so enraged I just screamed! I've never heard a sound that horrible come out of myself before. I think I even stomped my feet like a wild woman! I was humiliated the second it happened, and I'm pretty sure my entire new neighborhood heard me. I instantly grabbed Brynlie and held her while she sobbed and begged for Daddy (that made me feel even worse...) and I tried to breathe to calm down. Eventually my mom came and took the girls home after she got off work which helped a ton. 

I'm not sure what happened. I know I'm really good and bottling things up, things that I convince myself aren't getting to me that bad (like being alone with the girls ALL THE TIME) and then the perfect storm brews and I just completely lose it and realize I've been having a harder time than I realize. That was definitely today. Plus, PMS. I think I blog about that the most haha. I felt so terrible. Still do. Tell me I'm not alone in these things? Not that it makes it ok, but at least I'm not the only crazy one? 

After an exhausting day I'm ready for some chips and homemade salsa and the new season of Gilmore Girls. Alone. See you, soon! 







Sales and Snow

Well, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have officially bled us dry. But, we got some things for our house at a great discount and I am kicking serious boo-TAY in the gift-giving department. I literally don't want a thing this year (ok, except our house to be done and a big 'ol bag full of cash) but I am incredibly excited for Christmas so I can give everyone else their stuff. Can. Not. Wait! 

I picked the colors for our master bedroom today. I'm going to try and go bold and do a really dark accent wall with stenciling. I've never stenciled before, but I figured I have plenty of time to try and get it right. I've always wanted a darker master bedroom with all white furniture. It just sounds so cozy and romantic. And I'm obsessed with fluffy, white down comforters. I found this adorable duvet cover for a steal on Groupon today and it got me so excited!! 
I can't wait to wake up with the sun peaking through the blinds, all wrapped up warm and cozy in our bed, and the kids wake up and come climb in bed with us (because maybe by then I'll have a husband again?) while we giggle and talk to each other... perfection. 

So the big news of the day... it snowed a bunch! The first big storm of the year -- the time when news channels make WAY too big of a deal about it, people realize they forgot how to drive in the snow, and terrible parents realize they don't have a warm coat for their 2 year old because their older sisters hand-me-down is somewhere in storage. Let's all thank Target's deals today for bailing said parents out and for stealing their last dime. But at least they were thinking of the children. 

And those children (particularly the previously coatless one) had a total blast in the snow today! 
I didn't even know B knew how to conduct herself in such a happy manner. There were giddy screams, snowballs, snow being eaten, snow angels, and anything else you could possibly think of, including protests when I made her come back inside. 
Kennedy also had a total blast as well. And it turns out she liked the movie Moana more than I realized because I caught her trying to read the stars through the snow. 
Cory and I headed on a date to Tucanos tonight to finally celebrate my birthday. I forgot to get pictures. I did pull out my phone to google the height of Vin Diesel but getting a photo op just slipped my mind. It was fun to hang out together and eat while watching the snow fall in downtown. 

We got home and the girls enthusiastically performed a Christmas song for us 
Complete with high notes, flashing (not pictured), and nothing but pure adorableness. We asked them for a final bow and they surprised us by coming back on stage and doing an encore. They know how to please a crowd. 
I just freaking love this time of year! Christmas time is the best! Especially with fresh snow. Even though it's not even December yet. 

I'm hoping to get some progress made on the girls room tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. Enjoy the snow if you got some, and I'll see you, soon! 







Weekend Thoughts

We had a glorious dinner with my family on Friday. 
And the best part is, there's tons of leftovers. Can't go wrong there, right? Sometimes living with your parents has some perks. 

I also got to cuddle sweet little Allison that night. I literally cannot believe what a good baby she is. It's totally unreal. Thanks for the finger-photo-bomb, Cory. 
And check out those eyelashes!!! 

Yesterday Cory and I painted all day long! My hands started to cramp up by the end and my feet are really sore, but it was fun and exciting! We have the kitchen area done which means we're ready for cabinets this coming week!!! We also painted the majority of the living room. 
Not all the walls are done and it needs a second coat, but it's starting to look amazing! We also bought the molding for the fireplace and that sent me over the edge in excitement!! We were going to start putting it up while we waited for stuff to dry but then we realized we need to lay the hearth tile first. We didn't get supplies for that job. Bummer. 

I've also settled on a backsplash for the kitchen. 
It will also be the same tile around the fireplace. It's all starting to come together in my mind and I literally cannot wait! I'm starting to feel like this whole horrible process is going to be worth it, even if it almost bankrupted us haha. It's going to be so awesome and I can't wait to start making memories there. 

Speaking of memories... it's been more than 3 years since my wedding ring has fit right. It goes on, but isn't comfortable. I've hardly worn it for that reason, which breaks my heart because I really do love my wedding ring. I'm still too in denial to go get it sized up, so instead I bought a fakie on Amazon to wear until the day when my ring does fit again, if that day comes. 
Not bad for $20, right? It's pretty convincing and actually white gold-plated so it won't turn my finger funky colors. Now I have yet another reason to love Amazon. Sometimes autocorrect changes Amazon to amazing. I don't think that's coincidence. 

Have I mentioned lately how much I love these two? 
Kennedy had a sleepover with Hillary the other night and Brynlie missed her so much it broke my heart. I still can't believe they're mine. 

I'm really excited for this week. I get to paint some more and we get our cabinets! I'll def keep you updated as things happen. See you, soon! 








I went shopping with a friend the other day and on the way home this commenced. 
I've already reserved a wedding reception venue and Kennedy and I are shopping for dresses. 

I also went to Lowe's to get paint!!!! First we need to paint the ceiling which isn't that exciting, but I also picked up the living room color while I was there. And Brynlie picked up some moves. 
Cory is super handy and a genius when it comes to DIY, but he is really bad at picking one project and following through to the end. He gets really distracted and moves on to something else before he's 100% done with the first thing. It drives me crazy. Take the drywall for example. It's hit and miss as far as finished areas go. He told me I could paint the ceiling in the living room and kitchen and then I noticed places where he hasn't finished the patch work. So... I got some of the ceiling done and started painting a wall because I couldn't resist seeing the color. 
It's a light gray, which is hard to see in this picture. I love it!!! We are finally getting to the fun stuff! I also got some lighting fixtures, our door knobs and hinges, and the kitchen faucet last night on Black Friday sales. I saved almost $200! 

Our Thanksgiving was low key but enjoyable. I started the morning with the 10k. It wasn't exactly warm. 
There's nothing exciting to report from the run. I just went at a leisurely pace and just enjoyed running. It was icy in spots so I had to be really careful. When I first signed up I thought about doing some speed training and seeing if I could get close to my 10k PR but that idea quickly disappeared. But I had fun! It's nice to know that 6.2 miles is still an easy distance for me. I don't want to lose my endurance more than that if I can help it. 

We had breakfast afterward at Cory's parents house. Then we played the Speak Out game. If you haven't heard of it, YouTube it. We were laughing pretty darn hard. 

Later we went to see Moana. It was a really cute movie with great music. It wasn't what I expected but it was good. I especially loved the short film at the beginning. Definitely one of the best ones I've seen. I legit look either 8 months pregnant or 250lbs in this picture. Neither is the case. Just to clarify. 
After the movie we headed back to the Hunter's and had dinner. The girls were pretty done by this point so we left earlier than planned so I could put them to bed. They were so cranky!! I spent the rest of the night preparing the lesson for Sunday and shopping online Black Friday deals. 

My family is doing our Thanksgiving dinner today. I'm pretty pumped. Best meal of the year. 

I hope you had a great holiday! See you, soon!  







Gorgeous Day For A Wedding

The weather was perfect.
The sealing was amazing and emotional. 
The happiness was unreal. 
I have a new sister in law and couldn't be happier for the adorable couple and their new life together. 

And these two looked pretty great, too. 
Now we're all recovering from exhaustion. 

See you, soon! 




It's Finally Friday!!

I literally have thought every day this week was Friday. Today was the real thing and I kept thinking it was Saturday. My brain waves this week have been less than successful. 

It did snow though. 
And just like that we went from "Is it my birthday soon?" to "Is it Christmas soon?" 

It has been a C-R-A-Z-Y week, you guys. My goal to blog everyday in November obviously got missed. But it really wasn't a priority with everything going on. 
I would have killed to be able to sit like this all week. 
Kennedys school had a special Thanksgiving lunch for the kindergarteners and B and I got to go join her! She was so excited and kept showing off for B. 
Just about every day I go to bed feeling like I've been failing as a mom since the day Kennedy was born, but when I see pictures like this where she is as happy as can be, I have a moment where I'm not so hard on myself. She is fiercely loved and that is the most important thing. 

We've been working our butts off on the house. Our kitchen cabinets will be done soon and we need to have the kitchen ready. I went up at night after the girls were asleep this week and worked on mudding and sanding the Sheetrock. That is a MESSY job!! I'm pretty sure my skin will never have moisture again. I also believe I sanded away my finger print because I haven't been able to unlock my phone with my fingerprint since Tuesday. 
I call this the "I'm-a-D-bag" pose. 

Good news is, we got the drywall completely done in there. The bedrooms are really close, too, and then this horrible portion of the reno will be over!!!! 
The girls LOVE having their hands and clothes sucked up by the shop vac. 
Tonight we had the wedding dinner for Cory's brother Dustin and his fiancĂ©e Laurie who are getting married tomorrow!! It was at the Spaghetti Factory and it was a great time! 

Friends, I am beyond exhausted. My fatigue has hit me hard again this week; like a freight train. My acne is back as well and I'm just feeling lousy and not sure what to do anymore. It's taking everything I have to write this post without dozing off and it's barely 9:00. So I'm going to end it here, get plenty of rest, and hopefully have a great day tomorrow and check back soon. 

See ya, soon! 










More House and A Big Segment About Spinach

Hello, everyone!! 

Man, what a crazy couple days. Especially yesterday. I was working, cleaning, or doing stuff literally for 16 hours straight. I was exhausted but I burned a ton of calories. 
So much in fact, that I was too wiped to do much at the gym today. I lifted for about 20 minutes, started the class, and quickly knew I was toast and left early. Those days happen. And I have been doing A LOT! 

So let's get down to business. 

I'm super hopeful that we can get all the drywall done in our house by next week. Then it'll be time to paint!!!!! We will be moving in before everything is done. There's plenty we can still work on while living there, so once we have a kitchen, bathroom, and flooring, we will move in! The kitchen should go in the first week of December. Then we need countertops and to finish a bathroom. I think the tile work in the bathroom is going to take a while, but hopefully with some teamwork we can knock it out faster than I think. The same goes for painting. Anyone wanna come have a painting party?! 

Yesterday I spent some time doing some meal prep. We had a ton of bananas about to go bad so I sliced em and bagged em. I got 35 days worth of bananas for protein shakes out of those suckers! 
I've also started adding spinach to my shakes again. I do this off and on. Obviously spinach is really good for you and I can't taste it when it's mixed in, but I always end up giving up because the spinach goes bad before I can use it all up. I feel like I'm throwing my money away each week. Plus it takes up a ton of space in the blender cup. 

Anyway, I had a huge Costco tub and wondered if I could freeze spinach. I googled it and came across the method I'm about to share with you. This may not be news to any of you, but it was to me and it has changed my life! 
So, first you add about a cup of water to your blender (I had so much spinach I needed an extra 1/4 cup)
Then add a couple handfuls of spinach
Blend until smooth and disgusting 
And continue blending a couple handfuls at a time until you have smoothly blended all your spinach. 

Next, pour into ice cube trays
And freeze for several hours. I froze mine for about 5. 
You could probably just keep them stored in the freezer and pop out one or more when you need them, but I'm super weird about freezer burn. So I divided mine up into little snack bags - 2 cubes to a bag - and they're ready to go! It saves so much room in my cup. Plus, I don't need ice now because the frozen spinach cubes with the frozen bananas makes it nice and cold. 
Almost as cold as Brynlie in the cooler at Costco. 
It was really easy and fast. Now I can always have spinach on hand and I don't have to worry about it going bad. I am pumped!! I have no idea how many servings I'm getting, but if I had kept track of how much spinach I had in the beginning, I could have done the math. Next time. 

Tonight I'm trying curlers in the girls hair. 
My guess is Brynlie will rip hers out sometime in the night and Kennedys will be thrown all over the room from her wild sleeping. There's also the chance, if they stay in, that it'll look like crap. But the 8% probability that they will wake up with gorgeous, curly hair is worth a try. We can find out together. 

See you, soon! 












Saturday Is A Special Day; It's Cleaning Day!

I have to prepare myself for just about anything when we go check on the girls at night before bed. Many times Kennedy has been "awake" sleep walking. She's done really scary things -- like rocking back and forth and humming -- and she's done really funny things. One time she was sitting up and waving her arms in the air. She sleeps wildly and we never know what will happen. She's been like that ever since I can remember. I'm not sure what causes it, but hopefully she grows out of it by sleepover age. 
Cory and I got some devastating news the other day. It was my last day to eat what I wanted and I was craving amazing fries. We drove to Best Burger only to discover they've gone out of business!!! 
I literally almost cried. They had the most bomb fries and fry sauce I have ever had! I'm pretty upset over it. Maybe I should go out and protest. (Too soon?)

I can't tell you how much I don't want a dog when we are on our own again. I like dogs, but I don't want to take care of one or clean up after it. But when I see crap like this, I know I'm eventually going to be outvoted. They need a dog. 
Today was a super busy day. I signed our family up to help clean the church this morning. I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach the girls about service.
We had a few talks about why we were there and how we were helping Heavenly Fathers house. Kennedy kept saying we were making it pretty so Jesus could come. Amen, girlfriend! And bonus, they thought it was super fun!! We may have to go every time. They did a great job helping me clean the doors and windows and helped Cory cleaning up the classrooms. We walked into the young women's room and Kennedy gasped and said in reverence, "This is a very beautiful primary!" She kept walking around and delicately touching things in awe. It was hilarious. That girls heart is so tender. It gives me hope that I won't have to do much to their new room in our house for her to think it's pretty amazing. 
We talked on the walk home about how we felt good inside because we had done something nice for Jesus. Then Kennedy decided she was done with me cramming lessons down her throat and ran the rest of the way home. I'm still learning the balance between teaching them more gospel things and being a pain in the butt. I hope some part of today sank in for them. I feel like I'm struggling with helping it all make sense to them. 

After cleaning we went home and Cory actually got to do something fun!! His brother is getting married next weekend (on my birthday, best b-day present ever!) and today was his bachelor party. They went to Top Golf in Taylorsville and had a total blast.
 He's talked about it all day long. I'm so glad he got to get out and enjoy himself a little bit. He was in a much better mood afterward. The poor guy works so hard, he deserves some free time once in a while. 

While he played, I worked. I did some laundry and shampooed the couches in the basement. 
I also shampooed the carpet in the girls room and messed up on the first application somehow and ended up reeaallly soaking the carpet... oops. It's super clean now though and should be dry by the end of the weekend haha. Plus now the girls will have some extra humidity in their room as they sleep to clear out any nasal congestion. Everyone wins. 

I also folded laundry, organized some things, and cleaned out our filing bin of all our bills and important stuff. I can't even put into words how much fun that all was. You'll just have to do your best to imagine it. 

After Cory got back we went to the house and got to work sanding the walls. Holy crap, what a messy job. I wouldn't be surprised if I poop sheet rock mud tonight. 
The good news is we're getting closer. I'm planning on tackling some of the work myself starting Monday to help out as much as I can. It's so frustrating to be so close and yet so far away still. But it's coming. Next will be paint and I'm hoping to solicit some help in that area. 

Every time I see an amazing moon, I always convince myself that this will be the time my phone will somehow capture a perfect photo of it. 
I have faith that someday I will learn that cell phones cannot take moon shots. Apparently it's a lesson I need to learn over and over again before it sinks in. 

We came home and all showered and then Cory and I crashed on the amazingly clean couches and watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean. I forgot how awesome that movie is. 

I hope everyone had a great Saturday! See you, soon!