Will Life Ever Slow Down?

Far too often I think I finally have my life balanced and crap figured out, and then one tiny thing throws me off balance and I crash and burn. Does life ever get easier? (That's retorical. I know it doesn't) My blogging has hard core sucked since school started and work started back up for me. It's like I don't know how to pull out my phone and take a picture anymore. But really, there's not much to take pictures of. It's the same stuff everyday. 

I also feel like I'm kind of the worst mother ever. My kids don't get to do tons of fun stuff all the time. Especially little Brynlie. 
She gets carted around wherever I go and more days than not, she's really unhappy about it. She is getting her molars right now, so she is a whole new flavor of cranky, but I feel bad all the time that we don't spend our mornings at the park or off with friends. But I guess that's life. Also, is it normal to feel like you're just trying to get through the day each day? Like you're counting down the hours until bedtime when you can finally be alone and do what you want? I know that's normal sometimes, but for me I feel like that A LOT. I keep hoping it'll get better, and I guess it is better on the days Cory is home (so... rarely haha). Being alone all the time is seriously hard for me. Especially since I feel like I have so much to do. Ah!! This mom thing ain't easy. Hopefully I get points for trying. And a gold star for raising Brynlie. Anyway, my life is a huge juggling act and I haven't perfected it yet. I probably never will. How's that for optimism? Haha! 

If you wanna know why I always have clothes laying around, this is 100% the reason why:
Monday we did take some time for family home evening and went to get pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. It was super busy, and the mosquitos were swarming by the millions, so we didn't stay long. But we got our pumpkins and the kids were so excited! Afterward we got ice cream and I was so excited! 
Pretty sunset. 

Helping Daddy pull the cart

Yesterday, Kennedy fell out of the car while trying to get out at work. She smacked her elbow pretty hard on the ground and I was kinda worried about it. She got a bandaid from my mom when we went inside and she babied it for the next hour. Brynlie did NOT fall out of the car, but she also needed a bandaid and babied her arm clear up until this morning. Drama queen. 
Oh, and I ran. I'm trying to squeeze it in wherever I can. Not sure how I did this last school year haha. 
That's it for today! See you, soon! 












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