We've Been Working on the Hooouuussee, All the Livelong Day

I am such a creature of privacy. I always get the heebie-jeebies whenever I see a house without any window treatments. At night when the lights are on, anyone can see anything going on! So it made me uncomfortable that our front door had windows that anyone could see through. But I also loved the light they brought in the house. Yesterday I found a way to have privacy and keep some of that light. I applied frosted glass sticky paper. 
It looks so good! And was pretty easy to apply. It will also block the UV rays from fading anything in the house. I feel so much safer knowing people can no longer just walk up to our door and see inside our house. 

Cory has also been working hard on the master shower. Yesterday I helped him install the first layer of mortar/cement/stuff in the shower floor. 
He has a couple more things to lay down before it'll be ready for tile, but it's already farther along than this picture. I'll try and catch one tomorrow. He really is such an amazing handiman. 

Have any of you heard of the Wet Brush? 
I had never heard of it before. I had my friend cut my hair last week (I'll get a picture soon) and one of the main reasons why I wanted it cut was because it gets so tangled after I shower. After she washed my hair she tried to brush it out with a regular brush and she had no luck. Then she grabbed this nifty little thing and told me about it and sure enough, she brushed through my ratty mess like it was nothing! It was only $8 on amazon and so far, 100% worth it! I've been using it on Kennedys hair, too, since she hates the Tangle Teezer, and it's been so much more gentle! Thanks, H, for telling me about this crazy-awesome brush! 

Another product I need to rave about are the Kirkland workout pants at Costco. These puppies are only $16.99 and they look and feel just like the Lululemon Run Inspire crops, which were my favorite! I got one pair yesterday and tried them today and they were so nice! Not at all see through, and felt like skin. My only problem was I got a large, and it turns out that was a little too big. So I went back for mediums today. 
I'll be honest, the last thing I need is more workout clothes... but they are so nice and so cheap I couldn't pass them up. Plus I've learned that black is the only way to go when it comes to tights. So go get yourself a pair or two before they're gone! 

This is how Cory handles B falling asleep in the car:
And this is how she is when she wakes up:
We procrastinated quite a bit on Brynlies Halloween costume this year and finally decided to go find one tonight. We told Kennedy we were going to the Halloween store and I've never seen her leave the house and get in the car that fast. She loves Halloween!! We spent a while at the store coveting all the cool costumes, 
snickering at the dirty "adult" ones, and playing with all the creepy animated decorations they had. There was a jumping spider that caught B quite by surprise. I'm pretty sure she almost had a heart attack! And I laughed and laughed. We did find her an adorable costume, which I will show you tomorrow. I can finally cross that off my to-do list. 

I have a pretty busy week this week, but I'm trying to do better at keeping up on the blog, so hopefully I will see you, soon! 







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