Lame Friday Night

Sup, guys! Lucky for ya'll, I'm a mother of young children and have nothing better to do on a Friday night (on Halloween weekend) than to sit at home, with no pants on, and blog! *applause* 

I guess we could have done something fun if I felt like it, but the truth is it's been a crazy week and we needed a lazy day at home not doing much. At least we have done some fun things this week! But let's get the dumb stuff out of the way first. 

I have been so stinking tired this week. I'm sure it's due to stress and constantly being busy, but it's kicked my butt! I also had a low week self-esteem wise. I may have come to terms with my body being the way it is, but I've also slacked on eating clean. I've had a weird ice cream obsession lately and I've indulged too much. Time to get myself back on track! I'm sure that's contributing to the fatigue as well. 

I am back going to my original gym 100% of the time now. The new one just wasn't working out even though I loved the workouts. It was a tough decision but one I feel is best for me and my family. 

I can't say enough about the incredible people at my original gym. I have so many great friends there and I always leave feeling loved, encouraged, and happy. So I'm really stoked to be back "home" every day because it really does feel like home. 

I've tossed back and forth whether to mention this, and I decided it could help someone out. So here it goes. Not that our finances are anyone's business, but I'm sure some of you have read this blog, read me complaining about money and the house bleeding us dry, and then wondered why I waste money on two gym memberships. Firehouse, my home gym, and the other place I just left, are both competitive, high-priced gyms. Like, over $100 a month. Yikes, right?! I can't afford that crap! Much less two of them! So what I did (at both gyms) was I talked to the owners about our financial situation and worked out a trade: I provided a service for my membership. At Firehouse I cleaned the gym floors once a week for a cheaper membership until I became a "graduate" and then my discounted price just became my permanent membership price. I did the same thing at the new gym. Once a week I would go vacuum the floors to pay for my membership. It was easy, I could bring my kids along, and it was so appreciated that they let me do that. I think most owners of gyms like these are willing to work out something with members in hard times. I know for a fact that my gym will, and he is looking for people now to either clean or be an assistant in the daycare for 2 hours a week. So if you're a local and have been wanting to try it out but can't afford it, there's always those options. Hit me up if you're interested. You won't regret it. 

So, fun stuff, Cory has our master shower ready to tile! Yay!
We'll actually finish the main bath first, and then get to this one later, probably after we move in. But it's ready to go! Cory has also started mudding since we can't get anyone to freaking call us back. Whatever happened to professionalism? 

Yesterday we took the girls to a trunk or treat. My brother and his family came as well. As usual my girls were shy so we got through the cars super fast. Don't they look so cute?! We found the Dory costume at the Halloween store (the last one!) and knew we were screwed once Brynlie saw it. She's been Nemo obsessed. But man she looks so cute! And our cute little Harry Potter! I love that Kennedy loves these movies. She's my buddy. 
Kennedy made me wear my costume, too. My costume that I ran 13 miles in and can't wash... (it actually doesn't smell that bad, thankfully)
My niece was an Ewok and looked so dang cute! 
Brynlie was very selective about her candy (mostly plain m&m's)
And Kennedy tried to sneak in and out at each car before anyone could try and talk to her haha she's so shy!
We were done in about 15 minutes, but they got tons of candy. Afterward we went to a super early dinner at Texas Roadhouse which Kennedy was sooooo thrilled about. 
And Allison provided the entertainment 
Today was the costume parade at Kennedys school! It was so fun to see all the creative costumes. Some kids really got into it! But not mine. She looked like she was mad the whole time and didn't wear her glasses or bring her broom. 
I think all the parents embarrassed her and she tried to hide in her robe. 
She's come out of her shell soooo much lately but she still has a ways to go. 

We also stayed and helped with their class Halloween party which made me miss teaching like crazy!! It was fun to see her with her friends and be at school with her. 

Well, I guess I'd better go watch a show or something. Have a great weekend and make sure you take some fabulous selfies with your best friends! See you, soon! 












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