Halloween and All That Jazz

Cory's brother gets married in 3 weeks!! I've been so preoccupied with everything else going on I totally spaced that we all need clothes that match the wedding colors. After a disastrous 45 minutes at Downeast, I'm still on the hunt for me. But I found these adorable dresses online from Target for the girls -- buy one get one 50% off. Heck yeah!! 
Kennedy was on one after church yesterday. They had their primary program and she was kind of unpredictable emotionally. She did her part just fine but refused to sing. In the middle of the program her hand suddenly shot up like she had an urgent question, and then she got up and walked off the stage... my pulse drastically increased with panic as she came down toward me, but apparently she just had to pee. And now the whole ward knew it.  Anyway, after church she got really hyper. Her and Brynlie were playing and she suddenly jumped up from behind the couch like this and screamed, "Brynlie, cover me!" 
Her imagination would give Jim Henson a run for his money. 

Brynlie also put on a concert last night, complete with foot stomping to her made up beat. It was AWESOME!  Not sure where she got her county singer moves, but I was impressed! 
I woke up this morning and noticed Kennedy had displayed one of my coloring pages on the fridge. The pictures-on-the-fridge-standard is now set. 
We had a great morning at the gym. The girls got to wear their costumes and got cookies and treats. My amazing slice of bacon got best costume. 
Next we picked up our groceries. I hope I never take this service for granted. I still almost cry every time we pull up. Best. Thing. Ever!!!! 
Then we headed to the fabric store. I want to make comforters like this for the girls room when we move 
And I found all this cute fabric so I can copy someone else's design. Ok, I'll be honest, so my mom can copy it. I don't sew. I wanna learn, but for now she's taking on the project like the super woman she is. Thanks, Mom! 
The itty bitty paint swatches will be the color of the walls. I'm so pumped!! 

We got home and I got on the treadmill. I needed to burn the extra calories for Halloween! Haha ok just kidding, (although that was an added bonus) I'm determined to get my speed back, so I'm going to be logging a lot more speed and tempo miles in the future. 
But then I noticed that sometime during the Haunted Half, I lost an ear bud :(. 
I got on Amazon to find replacement bud thingies, but they had replacement headphones for super cheap so I just got a new pair ($17!) and I got a cuter color!! I've had this exact pair of Bluetooth headphones for a couple years now and I love them. Definitely a lot of bang for the buck. 
I pounded out 3 quick miles with an 8:57 average. They kinda felt like death. I'm going to go ahead and blame that on all the squats I did at the gym today... oh, and I'm out of running shape. So there's that. But, baby steps. 
Then I showered and signed up for a 10k for Thanksgivjng! Every year it's always a huge dilemma for me choosing between our local Turkey Trot or the huge Thanksgiving workout at my gym. The gym has won the last couple years. This year the 10k won. I'm excited! If I run a race in December I will have done one every month since May. Whoa. 

After Brynlies nap we started the Halloween festivities by going to see Grandma and Papa Hunter so they could see the girls costumes. Papa gave them awesome, giant candy which Brynlie made her mission to eat as fast as possible. Then we picked up some dinner, because it just feels wrong to cook on a holiday, and after Daddy got home, we started the Trick or Treating!! Kennedy made Cory wear my costume. 

It took them one house to get the gig down and then they were off! They would run from house to house and Brynlie would get really upset if we had to skip a house without lights on. They made quite a haul of candy and wore themselves out pretty good. It was such a fun night! I'm really, really going to miss this ward/neighborhood when we move out. 

I'm making a goal to blog every day in November to get back in the habit. Wish me luck. No-skippie-the-bloggie-November. That's a thing right? 

See you, soon! 

















Liv said...

November is National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo. You can find writing prompts all over the place to help get you through the month! I've done it in the past and just might try again this year.

Those Target dresses for the girls are so cute!!

Megan and Cory said...

Is it really? That's so cool! I'll def have to remember that on the days when I'm stumped about what to say. Thanks for the tip!