We got to Burley in the early afternoon, checked into our hotel, then headed over to Aunt Rhonda's house. The cousins all came over and the boys shot guns, the kids played all over the place, and the ladies sat and talked. I feel like we haven't seen them in forever so it was so good to just sit and chat. I sure love those people. After a couple hours of shooting (when they promised they would only be an hour... ha!) the men finally packed up and we all headed out for Chinese food for dinner. The good thing about being in a small town is a group of 20+ people can show up at a buffet restaurant and it's not a huge deal. We stuffed our faces and then headed to a straw maze and pumpkin patch! 

Every time we go to Idaho the sunsets are breathtaking! 

Unfortunately we got there just after sunset and most of the kid things were closed, like the wagon rides out to the pumpkin patch and the train rides. The maze was also haunted after dusk so we didn't get to do that part either. I was sad. But there was still plenty of fun things to do! 95% of these pictures are blurry because it seems my phone sucks at taking pictures in the dark, but oh well. 

First the kids rode the swing. Brynlie was too little to hang on with how fast it went so she stayed behind. 

And then we went on the big slide. This thing was STEEP! And really tall. Idaho doesn't mess around. The first time down was actually pretty scary, but it was fun after that. K went down twice and then decided it was too intense for her, so she  took our picture at the bottom. 
Then all 3 of my children spent a while on the jump pad. 
The corn pit was a huge hit. When we changed into pj's that night it was raining corn in our hotel room. 
Kennedy and I scaled the pyramid. I didn't get to the tippy top. The three teenagers at the top spent at least 15 minutes (not exaggerating) up there trying to get the perfect selfie, so there wasn't room. 
This place was a lot of fun. We'll have to come back earlier next year and see what else there is to do. They made a Mater out of straw 
This was our "goofy" version. Epic fail. 
And the girls loved the minion. 
We all slept really well that night except for Brynlie falling off the bed at 5:30 in the morning and waking us all up, so the girls are pretty cranky today. 

We went to church and Andrew gave a beautiful blessing for their baby boy. Some of the cousins and Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Mike bore great testimonies as well. It gives me great pride to watch Cory participate in sacred priesthood ordinances. 

After church we had a delicious lunch with many of their family members and then we headed home. We had a great time. It's always so refreshing to spend time together as a family. Cory's cousins are such huge examples to me. They're so kind and accepting and their spiritual strength and conviction definitely gives me something to aspire to. I sure love them. 

See you, soon!









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