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I've stepped up my snapchat game lately so you should go follow me on there. Username: meganljam. I keep that updated better than I have on this blog. But I'm trying to be better. I really am. 

So last weekend we stayed in town and reroofed my parents shed. I'd be ok if I never have to use a hammer ever again. That sucked. 
Isn't she one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen? 
I found a massive steal of a deal on bathroom tile at Sutherland's the other day. I was so excited! But they didn't have everything I wanted so it was off to Home Depot to get the floor tile which was exhausting for some 
And this beautiful and annoyingly expensive River Rock we will be putting in our master shower. Good thing it's not very big. 
Kennedy has daily homework and so far it hasn't been too hard to work with her. I'm amazed she's cooperating with me. But I am definitely holding my breath. School makes her sooooo happy though! 
I took a selfie the other day and now I can't remember why... But I'll post it anyway, just for the heck of it. It's proof some days I actually do my makeup. And eat. But I eat every day. 
Today was my last race of the season (except for maybe a thanksgiving day race... Maybe?) I turmoiled over what to wear last night. I finally settled on a tshirt which I NEVER wear. 
REVEL race series really knows how to put on an amazing event! Look at all the goodies in the race packet! 
I was desperate to prevent any blisters this time, so I plastered these on my feet. 
Spoiler alert: they didn't really work. 

Revel Big Cottonwood is one of my favorite races. It is seriously an amazing race!! It was a little tough watching the marathoners loading their buses knowing I was supposed to be with them, but there will be future races. I know I did the right thing. 

This was also my sisters first half and I was so excited for her!! My friend Leticia and I kept it nice and easy and slow for this race. We had no goals, we just ran together and talked and enjoyed the scenery. We haven't been able to see each other in weeks so it was fun to catch up. 
Long story short: we finished! This was my first time running this race/canyon in over 2 hours, but we really didn't care about pushing ourselves or even trying to be fast. It was kind of nice to not have the pressure. Plus I felt great at the finish, minus my damn blisters and some serious armpit chaffing from the t-shirt. Lesson learned: I won't ever wear a t-shirt again. 

My sister also finished and can now say she's done a half marathon!! Way to go!! 
I'm really glad to have a break from racing right now, especially since I have almost no skin left on my feet from blisters. But I was also really jealous of the marathon runners and every else's PR's and it kind of lit the fire in me again... So, maybe after a good break, I might try and get back into the hard work and many hours to train hard again. Who knows what the future holds at this point. 

I was able to see some of my amazing friends this week from my gym and their love and support helped boost my attitude. I am so grateful for loving, supportive people in my life. Between them and diving deeper into my scriptures, I feel a little more hope that I might survive this stressful and ridiculous time in our lives. 
See you, soon! 

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