Park City!!

I woke up feeling pretty good today -- not tons of nausea. And as if by some kind of miracle, I got myself and the girls ready with time to spare before school. I know. I'm a little freaked out, too. 

We dropped off K and hit the gym. Today was a core killer. I was toast by the end. 
Then B and I went to work, and a mom in the parking lot called the office on me and told them to call the police because "a young girl in workout clothes was driving really slow through the parking lot and looking in all the cars and she's suspicious". Ha ha! I've always wondered if that would happen to me. I have to admit, I enjoyed hearing the "young" part of that. I fear that I'm starting to look middle-aged. 

Then we picked up K and I called Cory to see if he was awake yet. He has been working almost a week straight of nights and finally got off this morning. After he woke up and collected himself, we decided we needed a day together as a family. We have missed him way too much! So, we loaded up the car and headed to Park City! I'm sorry (but not really...) for all the pictures. I just couldn't be forced to choose. First we went and did the Alpine Slide. The girls LOVED it and I was in #fallporn heaven!!! It was soooooooooooo beautiful!! 
Fun fact: Brynlie pooped just as we were getting on the lift. And it reeked. Cory volunteered to take Kennedy in his sled... Chicken. 
Would you look at these freaking leaves?! 

It was pretty cold up there, in the low 50's. As soon as we took off I knew we weren't going very fast or we would be freezing our faces off. But man, did we have fun! 

As soon as we got off Kennedy jumped up and down and screamed, "Again! Again!" Next year we wanna come back and get the all day passes so we can go again. 

Next we went to Main Street. We thought about riding the free trolley and then laziness kicked in and we just drove up and down. We parked briefly to hit Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where we all split a caramel apple. It was gone in a couple minutes. 
And the girls had a major sugar rush and chased each other around giggling for no reason. It reminded me of watching a couple of stoned or drunk people -- everything is so funny to them, and you can't understand why, but you kind of want in on the action. 
After Main Street we drove around the ski resorts a little and then headed to the outlets so I could buy some new jeans. It seems as though if you put on a bunch of weight over the summer your jeans from the previous year no longer fit... And now that it's colder I kind of need something warmer. 

I had decided this morning to find a way to just accept and be happy with the way things are. I can't change them, apparently, and I'm tired of being miserable. I was doing pretty well for my first day until I had to buy jeans... That was anything but fun. But it is what it is, and I won't freeze to death this winter anymore. 

Last, we went to dinner at a place called Billy Blanco's. It's a restaurant that's car/garage themed. They had a pretty varied menu online and their reviews were great. I also thought Cory and the girls might enjoy the decor. I had no idea just how awesome and detailed the decor was!! This place was amazing! 
They had full sized sports cars and motorcycles on display (Kennedy begged to sit by a motorcycle), the bar was made out of tool boxes, the seats were shop/car seats, our napkins were shop towels, the bathrooms were super rad, and the food was pretty good, too! They left no detail out on this place. It was cool! 
Plus any place that lets me order carne asada tacos and mashed potatoes is definitely getting my business. 
I'm pretty sure we will be going back. 

We had such a great day! We all really needed it. Tomorrow it's back to the grind of getting through life while renovating a house. See you, soon! 

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