Leaves, Football, and The End...For Now

Oh, my gosh.... F A L L !!!!
I don't even have words for how much I love this time of year. Seriously. I love the crisp air, the gorgeous leaves, the smell of fall, Halloween stuff... ah!!! I am so in my element right now! I wish the weather would make up it's mind and stay cooler, but this is Utah and the weather is nothing but unpredictable.

We didn't have regular church meetings today. Instead we had a televised regional broadcast with members of the Presiding Bishopric, General Relief Society Presidency, and Elder M. Russell Ballard.
It was a great conference and I heard a lot of things that I know I can work on. The closing song was "I Believe in Christ" and it gave me chills as I choked back tears because the spirit was so strong!

Because of the conference, we were out of meetings pretty early, so my mom and I took the girls and went for a drive to see the leaves. I was in heaven! I love the mountains and I love fall leaves.
 We went up to Park City and over Guardsman's Pass and down Big Cottonwood Canyon.
We stopped for a brief breather at Brighton and walked around.
 I finally found my selfie stick again!

 I made my mom pull over so many times so I could get pictures but none of them turned out quite as brilliant as the actual colors were. It was so dang beautiful!
It was a perfect Sunday activity. At least my Mom, Kennedy and I thought so. Brynlie lost her crap right after Brighton and literally started throwing her shoes at me. I'm working on letting go of any hope that she will ever become an easy child. I love her so much, but man...

So did you see the big game last night? Talk about a nail biter at the end! I'm glad the Utes pulled it off. It was really nice to see the coaches (who are really close friends) and players shaking hands at the end. I love a good rivalry but I feel like this one has gotten pretty ugly in the past.
So, folks, my racing season for 2016 is at an end.
I've had so many great accomplishments this year and so many disappointments. It's been so bittersweet. But overall I've had tons of fun,
And I've made some incredible friends and have strengthened ties with ones I already had.
As I said yesterday, I don't know what my future holds, in any regard. On top of PCOS I think I might also have endometriosis. I'm having really painful cramps throughout my whole cycle, not just during the Aunt Flow visit, as well as spotting here and there for no reason. I need to make an appointment with my OB and discuss my reproductive future. I'm feeling like our window for another baby is closing fast and we wont have forever to get pregnant, if we can at all. I know I can't handle the stress of the house and being pregnant, so the hope is to get our house done before anything else transpires.

I also don't know what my chances of getting pregnant again will be. I'm hoping that it's not a struggle, but I really don't know. So there's a lot of things up in the air right now and a lot of unknowns. I didn't want to get pregnant again until I was at least close to my prepregnancy weight. I didn't want to start a pregnancy weighing what I usually weigh in my 3rd trimester. But since the weight isn't coming off AT ALL, I don't really have a choice. We shall see. I told Cory I need to see my doctor and then we need to go to the temple together and pray about our future, because right now it's hard to know what to do, and it's actually kind of scary. I always joked that I only wanted 2 kids but the possibility of not being able to have another makes me super sad. So lets hope it doesn't come to that.

So far now, this is the end of racing. Not of running, but of racing, at least until we know what to do with ourselves. It's making me really sad, but my family and our children are definitely more important. Hopefully after baby #3, if there is one, I can pick up where I left off and smash the goals I didn't get to reach.

See you, soon!

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Amy said...

If/when the time comes for #3 and you're stuggling...let's chat. :) We can chat before then, of course, but you know what I mean! xoxo
That race looked fun, almost got me itching for another 1/2. It's only been 6+ years and all... :(