I Know It Sounds Crazy

Hi, friends!! 

We've been doing the usual around here. School, work, gym, house, life. At least my coworkers are super awesome. 
Not a day goes by that I don't feel so lucky and blessed to have a job that is so flexible and so easy to do with kids. It's been amazing! 

I'm also so happy I can take my kids with me to my gym(s). Not only do I get my "mommy" time away (and with other adults) but I'm teaching them healthy habits. I like knowing they can watch me work hard and I can set an example for them. You should see Kennedy do squats with little 5lb dumbbells in her hands. It's adorable!! But so is this. 
I guess things haven't been "normal" this week. We've been doing the usual stuff on top of taking care of this guy, and his poor Tommy dog who is depressed without him. 
My strong, amazing Daddy is in the hospital and has been since Tuesday. He has a pretty serious infection in his leg and they're working hard to help him fight it off. We don't know how long it'll take or how long he will be there. But I rest easier knowing he is with medical professionals who can help if something goes wrong. 
He originally started having bad symptoms last Friday night, and was in and out of Instacare getting it checkout on for the next couple days. Tuesday it got much worse and my mom rushed him to the ER and they admitted him. I feel really bad for him. The poor guy has had to deal with enough crap. And every time I come home and see Tommy laying by the door looking sad, it breaks my heart. He misses him so much! We all do. We love you, Dad! You're in our prayers. Get better soon! 

Ok, you're going to think I'm crazy, but I have to share this. For the past few months my posts have been depressing because I was having the hardest time. I was under so much stress and I didn't know how to deal with it. I was having breakdowns basically every day where I would cry and scream and just want to give up on life. I just didn't know how to function with everything going on. I considered yoga but never got around to actually trying it. 

Then one day I was cleaning out our mail bin and found some adult coloring books of mine that I bought a while ago and must have just thrown in there to get out of the way. I've mentioned a couple times recently that I've been coloring. The books I have all say they're "stress relieving" which I thought was stupid. In my spare time or while the kids watched a movie I would get out the books and markers and just color. I've started finding time every day to color and I've become a little obsessed with it. 

I realized the other day that since I started coloring I've been MUCH happier. I haven't had a breakdown at all (minus when our basement flooded but I think that's totally justified), I've been more patient with my kids and we spend time together coloring, and I haven't felt stressed out in a while. It turns out the "stress relieving" on the cover isn't stupid. It's true! I have no idea how, but it really has relieved stress for me. 
I know, it's weird. I feel so weird saying it. But if you're looking for an outlet for your stress, try coloring. I'm serious. Plus all the colors make me happy. Thanks, Amazon. 
Last night we went to our house to meet with our kitchen guy for our final measurements. We really like him and I'm excited to get the ball rolling. I also picked up the river rock tile for our bathroom shower. The shower floor and inside the shampoo/soap shelf will have the river rock tile, the rest of the shower will be the gray, laid horizontally. 
And here it is next to the bathroom floor tile. 
During our meeting Brynlie kept whining for me to strap her into this pad from a baby swing. I finally did it, and seconds later she wanted it off. Then on again. Then off again. Etc. 
We also got a pretty fun thunderstorm around sunset which did amazing things to the sky! 

I couldn't get my camera or any other picture taking app besides Snapchat to capture the actual color of the sky. Weird right? 
In other good news, I think my medication is finally starting to kick in!! I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin. It has life again and my acne is clearing up! My hair loss has gradually lessened as well. I only have to vacuum our bathroom floor twice a week now instead of every other day. Progress, people! I haven't stepped on a scale in a while and I don't plan to anytime soon, but I feel like parts of me might be a little slimmer. That's probably wishful thinking, but who knows. I'm feeling so much better and have started to get my physical drive back. It's a good feeling! :) 

We plan on installing our tub this weekend and hopefully (maybe?) finishing Sheetrock. Ok, the Sheetrock probably won't happen. But I'll get pictures of the progress we have made and let you know. See you, soon! 












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Amy said...

I totally did one of those coloring books while in labor with the little man.