Hump Day!!

Good news! If you stand on your tippie toes, you might be able to see Friday! 

I've been experimenting with breakfast foods. I'm having trouble getting enough protein in. I snagged this at the grocery store and it has helped. It's not dairy-free, but it's lactose free and tastes just like skim milk, so I'm drinking one cup every morning. 11 grams of protein! 
I've also fallen in love with this combo. Just whole grain toast with avocado on top. Yum!! 
Little known fact about me: I don't like eggs. I never have. I force myself to eat them, but I don't like them. I get sick of eggs really fast -- like so sick of them I gag every time I swallow. It's been 4 days of hard boiled eggs and I'm already gagging. Why can't I just like them?! They're such a nutritious food! And I need the protein in them. There's only so many breakfasts foods that I can eat! 

This is going to be serious trouble for me...
I love, love, LOVE their stuff! I haven't ordered anything for a while though. I haven't liked the prints they've come out with and a lot of their styles are getting too strappy/bare/yoga-ish. Not at all suitable for high intensity workouts or even modest. They've jumped on the whole crop top trend; something I will never be on board with. But, having a store close is going to be awesome, when that phase passes. 

My sister in law inspired me to try a Dutch braid today on Kennedy. 
It was a little tough since her hair is hard to do anyway, but I couldn't believe I succeeded! Kennedy has been sick for a few days and woke up super cranky and coughing, so we decided together that she would stay home from school. Hence the extra time to do her hair. But about 20 minutes later, I gave her some medicine and she's been fine ever since. *eye roll* I should have made her go. Oh well! 

We went to the gym and I let Brynlie play with my phone while I worked out. How to tell if a toddler has found your camera. 
Next we were off to work, where the girls acted like puppy's; heads out the window, tongues out, panting, barking at anyone that walked by the car... It was pretty funny. Brynlie loved having Kennedy there with her today. I could tell, because she kept showing off and doing weird, hyper-active things. Like this:
This morning I woke up and started getting dressed and noticed a rash on my stomach. I examined it, and then noticed it was on my back... and legs... and arms... and chest... I've had this bumpy, non-irritating rash all day long and I'm not sure where it came from! Weird, no? 
And it comes in waves. It'll get really bad for a bit, then fade. Then get really bad, then fade. But it never goes away. Just lessens. I recently started taking some new supplements and I suspect one of those did this. But I'm not sure. 

We were heading home and passed Kneaders and they were advertising their pumpkin bread! Somehow I let my stupid brain forget about one of my favorite fall things; pumpkin bread!!! I swerved into the parking lot like a hysterical girl avoiding a deer in the road, and picked up a little slice of heaven. Haha, get it? Slice? 
This is 100% against my eat-like-rabbit-on-steroids thing I've got going on with my diet, but I told myself before I started I needed to allow myself one treat every now and then. And it's fall, so today counts as now and then. 

We finally made it home without hitting anyone because of Mommy's neurotic driving, and I started on our dinner. I tried a new recipe for dairy-free cream of chicken soup. I was nervous to give it a go, but it was actually super good! 
It smelled amazing and tasted great! You can find the recipe http://mywisemom.com/dairy-free-cream-of-chicken-soup

 There. It's going to be a life changer for me. And it was so easy! 

Our dinner was another Tasty recipe and guess what?! It was tasty! Haha even my mom loved the cream of chicken soup and she usually hates my "healthy crap" as my family lovingly calls it. 

The workout at the gym was short today, and since I still felt good after all our morning errands I decided to hop on the treadmill and get a run in. Oh how I've missed this! And these! 
Ok, yes, yes... I've been wearing them for races, but we've kind of been in a fight lately because of the blisters these puppies have given me. But I'm about 87% sure that happened because the races have been downhill. They gave me no trouble during Ogden. So I'm giving them a second chance. 
I got in a quick 3 miles with a 9:09 average. It went by really fast, too. 
And I was just a tad sweaty afterward... and by "tad" I mean soaked from head to toe. I legit have a serious sweating problem. 
It's also been a while since I've spent some intimate time with ol' blackie. 
I also learned today that it's a terrible idea to stretch on carpet with dog hair when you're soaked in sweat. I could have passed for a lab myself when I was done. Gross!!! 

After an amazing shower I was back to eating my usual. 
Check out what I saw today!! Did anyone else used to watch Mr. Bean where he would pick on his nemisis with this same car?! It even had 3 wheels! It just needs to be blue! 
We're supposed to get a ton of rain the next couple days, and it's going to get colder. Other than dying to get in a trail run before the leaves are gone, I'm really excited for the weather change. Let me wear my hoodies!! Hoodie lives matter!!! 

See you, soon! 















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