I Know It Sounds Crazy

Hi, friends!! 

We've been doing the usual around here. School, work, gym, house, life. At least my coworkers are super awesome. 
Not a day goes by that I don't feel so lucky and blessed to have a job that is so flexible and so easy to do with kids. It's been amazing! 

I'm also so happy I can take my kids with me to my gym(s). Not only do I get my "mommy" time away (and with other adults) but I'm teaching them healthy habits. I like knowing they can watch me work hard and I can set an example for them. You should see Kennedy do squats with little 5lb dumbbells in her hands. It's adorable!! But so is this. 
I guess things haven't been "normal" this week. We've been doing the usual stuff on top of taking care of this guy, and his poor Tommy dog who is depressed without him. 
My strong, amazing Daddy is in the hospital and has been since Tuesday. He has a pretty serious infection in his leg and they're working hard to help him fight it off. We don't know how long it'll take or how long he will be there. But I rest easier knowing he is with medical professionals who can help if something goes wrong. 
He originally started having bad symptoms last Friday night, and was in and out of Instacare getting it checkout on for the next couple days. Tuesday it got much worse and my mom rushed him to the ER and they admitted him. I feel really bad for him. The poor guy has had to deal with enough crap. And every time I come home and see Tommy laying by the door looking sad, it breaks my heart. He misses him so much! We all do. We love you, Dad! You're in our prayers. Get better soon! 

Ok, you're going to think I'm crazy, but I have to share this. For the past few months my posts have been depressing because I was having the hardest time. I was under so much stress and I didn't know how to deal with it. I was having breakdowns basically every day where I would cry and scream and just want to give up on life. I just didn't know how to function with everything going on. I considered yoga but never got around to actually trying it. 

Then one day I was cleaning out our mail bin and found some adult coloring books of mine that I bought a while ago and must have just thrown in there to get out of the way. I've mentioned a couple times recently that I've been coloring. The books I have all say they're "stress relieving" which I thought was stupid. In my spare time or while the kids watched a movie I would get out the books and markers and just color. I've started finding time every day to color and I've become a little obsessed with it. 

I realized the other day that since I started coloring I've been MUCH happier. I haven't had a breakdown at all (minus when our basement flooded but I think that's totally justified), I've been more patient with my kids and we spend time together coloring, and I haven't felt stressed out in a while. It turns out the "stress relieving" on the cover isn't stupid. It's true! I have no idea how, but it really has relieved stress for me. 
I know, it's weird. I feel so weird saying it. But if you're looking for an outlet for your stress, try coloring. I'm serious. Plus all the colors make me happy. Thanks, Amazon. 
Last night we went to our house to meet with our kitchen guy for our final measurements. We really like him and I'm excited to get the ball rolling. I also picked up the river rock tile for our bathroom shower. The shower floor and inside the shampoo/soap shelf will have the river rock tile, the rest of the shower will be the gray, laid horizontally. 
And here it is next to the bathroom floor tile. 
During our meeting Brynlie kept whining for me to strap her into this pad from a baby swing. I finally did it, and seconds later she wanted it off. Then on again. Then off again. Etc. 
We also got a pretty fun thunderstorm around sunset which did amazing things to the sky! 

I couldn't get my camera or any other picture taking app besides Snapchat to capture the actual color of the sky. Weird right? 
In other good news, I think my medication is finally starting to kick in!! I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin. It has life again and my acne is clearing up! My hair loss has gradually lessened as well. I only have to vacuum our bathroom floor twice a week now instead of every other day. Progress, people! I haven't stepped on a scale in a while and I don't plan to anytime soon, but I feel like parts of me might be a little slimmer. That's probably wishful thinking, but who knows. I'm feeling so much better and have started to get my physical drive back. It's a good feeling! :) 

We plan on installing our tub this weekend and hopefully (maybe?) finishing Sheetrock. Ok, the Sheetrock probably won't happen. But I'll get pictures of the progress we have made and let you know. See you, soon! 













Monday Musings

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Cory finally has Sunday's off again for a few weeks, so I didn't have to go to church alone. After church we went to his parents house with the whole family to have lunch. We had amazing hamburgers and then played a game taking turns eating jelly beans that were either delicious or flavored with horrible things like sour milk, vomit, dead fish, and dirty socks. You couldn't tell what you were going to get. I got super lucky and got all good ones. Well, one was grass clippings but it really didn't taste bad. 

After lunch we decided to take a quick family drive up the mountain. The girls love any drive where they can get out of their seat belts (aka, a dirt road). 
Kennedy kept insisting she could see dinosaurs and hear them peeing. Brynlie kept believing her and I kept laughing at her imagination. 

Photo bombed by Kennedy. 
I desperately wished we had a nice camera because the lighting was perfect last night for scenery shots! I do have a birthday coming up... 

I can't even tell you how much I love this family of mine. 

And of course I drooled over the fall colors. 

It was a great end to a good day. 

Guys, one year ago today I did what I thought was impossible; I ran my first marathon. 
I bring this up yet again, because I want everyone out there to know that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. That sounds so cliché, but I mean it. I never ever thought I would be a marathon runner. And here we are. I also can't believe how much has changed in a year. It's crazy looking at this picture and thinking of all the things we've been through since then. A year really isn't a long time and it screamed by, but it hasn't been without it's accomplishments, challenges or life changes. Does anyone else ever feel like their life is on the fast track and you can't get time to slow down no matter how hard you try? Cause I feel like that a lot. 

Today was one of those days where you spend every possible minute doing something that needs to get done, but while you're doing it your making a list of everything else that needs to get done once you complete that task. It was kind of crazy. But I did get a lot accomplished today; laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, meal prep, dinner, homework, more laundry, mowing the lawn, showering... 

So let's talk about the gym thing real quick. I know months ago I promised you a tour of my gym I was going to. But it was also around that time that my health turned south and I felt like I just needed a change. So I ended up switching gyms. 
After some time, I've decided i love both places and I go to both during the week. The new gym, called GPP Fitness, has amazing workouts. It's not a crossfit gym, but the workouts are definitely more toward the crossfit style. They're generally shorter and more intense with heavier weight. I'm always drenched in sweat at the end of the workout. I also love that this place has many cardio options. There are ellipticals, bikes, row machines... I think that'll continue to come in handy in the future when I'm pregnant. However, the people at this gym aren't as friendly or supportive as my previous gym. There also isn't a manned daycare. After some time away from the first gym I really began to miss my friends and the opportunity to workout uninterrupted by B. I also noticed I was gaining strength in some areas at GPP but losing strength in other areas from the previous place. I didn't feel the need to go all West Side Story and be forced to pick a gym -- so I didn't. I go to both. I get the best of both worlds. I think occasionally I'll share things about my gym workouts whenever they're relevant, like I've been doing, but I don't feel the need to share everything I do there with you, especially now that there are two places I'm going. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them. 

Ok, my 15 minutes to myself are over. Time to get more crap done. See you, soon! 













Sopping Wet Saturday

Brynlie has really taken an interest in her stuffed animals the last couple weeks. I'm learning she does have quite the sweet side, because she has the most adorable, mothering attitude towards them. The other day while in the car she was watching Zootopia. She had Curious George on her lap and I could hear her talking to him. I looked in the rear view mirror and she had his eyes covered and kept telling him everything was going to be ok during a scary part in the movie. 
I was consumed with cuteness and couldn't look away! So much that I almost rear ended someone... lesson learned. Also, that freaking binki!!! I know it's way passed time to take it away from her, but Kennedy stopped napping when she lost her binki and I'm terrified B will be the same way. I wasn't worried because she only used it during sleep time, but lately she has wanted it all. The. Time. I need to just bite the bullet and get rid of it before things get any worse. Pray for me. 

Thursday my mother-in-law watched the girls so I could go to the temple. 
I kept having an impression all last week that I needed to go, and that I needed to go alone. I've never gone alone before, but the idea of taking all the time I wanted in the celestial room really sold me. 

I thought since I had such a strong feeling to go alone that I was going to have some grand, spiritual experience. I didn't. I did go in with a lot of questions and concerns on my mind, and when I thought about what to do I felt peaceful. It was really nice to have some time to myself and just feel the peace and comfort of the temple. Forgive the terrible look on my face in this picture, I was trying to take a discrete selfie haha! 
Kennedy was really excited to have me back after almost 3 hours. 

So in case you hadn't heard, Utah got some pretty crazy weather this week! 
We've had tons and tons of rain. We were at our house working when the cold front blew in. We could see the whole thing coming at us super fast. It was cool and kinda ominous. 
We frantically pulled the girls off the trampoline and got them in the car before the rain really hit. And boy did it hit!!! It came down so hard!! It was deafening in the car! 
After several terrifying hydroplaning instances on the freeway, we finally made it home and the rain just never stopped. In fact, there was even a tornado just north of us! Crazy stuff!! The next morning, we basically boated to the gym. I've never seen so much water on our roads!

I was one who really welcomed the change in weather because I finally got to wear a hoodie!!! 
Man I love those things. As a person who gets hot abnormally easy, I'm ready for cooler temps. 

I made the simplest and most delicious dinner ever the other night. 
It was just chicken breasts pounded down so they were thin, lightly coated with olive oil with lemon juice and lemon pepper on top, next to asparagus also lightly coated in olive oil, with lemon juice spritzed over it and minced garlic thrown on. I tossed the pan in the oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes, made a salad to go with it, and boom! We had an awesome dinner with almost no clean up! *applause* Give it a go! 

So one of my favorite running partners is finally back from a baby hiatus and we planned to run together this morning. We planned a mountain run and decided to go despite the rain refusing to stop. We stayed dry at first 
But about a mile in the rains came down and the floods came up, and didn't stop until about 15 minutes after we were done. We were drenched, but it was actually tons of fun! It was one of those runs to remember. The last time we ran together in the mountains we got snowed on... so this is a step up! This is our we're-soaked-but-happy after picture. The wind was really blowing at this point so we look super attractive. And cold. 
8 soggy, fun-filled miles with my running buddy! We also got to spend some time with an irritated and spooked bull moose! So there's that. We both scared each other when we unknowingly ran past him and thankfully he ran the other way instead of charging us... when we were done he was out in the road and extended our commute time since we didn't dare pass him, but it was cool. Those things are so huge! It amazes me every time I see one. 
And check out the epic rats nest my hair morphed in to! That was fun to comb out.

So my love for the rain in this post stops here, because we went to work on our house today (planned to install our bathtub) when we noticed the buckets of rain fall had caused our basement to flood. Every single room had water in it; some places it was a couple inches deep. We have been storing all our stuff down there; furniture, electronics, keepsakes, boxes and boxes of stuff, and lots of that was sitting in water. 
Cory and I both flipped out. He got super angry and I started crying. After we got done yelling at each other, we got some shop vacs and started sucking the water up. But since our yard is still saturated, it just kept filling back up again within minutes. Cory's family and my brother showed up in record time and totally saved our butts!! We wouldn't have been able to do it all without their help. We moved everything that was wet to a dry spot to air out. Somehow, nothing was damaged. Nothing. All our furniture amazingly stayed dry. Our new 55" TV was submerged and just the box was wet. All the boxes that were so wet they were falling apart either had glass/plastic items in them or they were clothes or blankets, things that can easily be washed. We spent the rest of the day elevating ALL of our stuff (we basically moved again today) and sucking up water over and over and over again. I'm sure it'll be days before the water stops coming in. Thankfully we didn't have any carpet or flooring down there that we cared about. So that made clean up easier. 

I think the most frustrating part was knowing this will easily happen again. Yes, we got a lot of rain, but that happens more than once here. We can't finish our basement in the future until we have this problem fixed, and it'll probably be expensive! All of our neighbors also had flooded basements, and one told us it happens to them every time it rains hard. So we will have to figure out something. But for now, hopefully all of our stuff will stay dry and protected if it happens again. But what an exhausting and frustrating day! And we lost an entire day of work on the upstairs. But we are so thankful our family came to the rescue and that nothing was lost. We're trying to count our blessings. 

Before we noticed the public pool in our basement, Kennedy was making an adorable house out of the bath tub box, compete with curtains! 
The imagination in this little girls head is incredible (and I'm not referring to the curtains lol). The more she opens up and talks, the more astounded I become at her miraculous brain. She is so smart! 
And she really is our daily sunshine. When she's sick or sad or gone, our whole world seems darker. 
She is so tender hearted and cares so much for others. And she can make us laugh like no ones business! 
Tonight while putting her to bed she started to get tears in her eyes and asked if she could come sleep with me. I asked her why she wanted to and she started to cry and said, "Because I had a bad day." I started crying, too, and told her my day had been bad, also. Then she looked up at me with tear soaked eyes and choked out, "We picked the wrong house." 

I really struggled to hold back my tears as I explained to her that sometimes things like this happen but we would fix it, and that we were still going to live there and love it there. When we first found the mess Cory was so angry he kept saying he hated our house and wanted to sell it. Super rational. She was in the room and obviously had gotten upset over it. She doesn't miss a thing. And we didn't know how much our house already means to her. I think she's loved being a part of the remodeling process and feels just as much responsible for it as we do. 

Her tender little heart almost broke mine tonight. She kept begging me to sleep with her so I climbed on the top bunk with her for a few minutes before (not gracefully whatsoever) getting down and leaving. I just love her so much and moments like these remind me how much she loves and needs me. She's so independent that I often forget she's only 5 and she still needs her mommy. 
I'm so grateful for her and for Brynlie. I love them both equally but in totally different ways. Being a mother is so hard but definitely the best thing I have going for me. No offense, Cory. 

Well, that's a long enough post for one day. See you, soon! 





















Hump Day!!

Good news! If you stand on your tippie toes, you might be able to see Friday! 

I've been experimenting with breakfast foods. I'm having trouble getting enough protein in. I snagged this at the grocery store and it has helped. It's not dairy-free, but it's lactose free and tastes just like skim milk, so I'm drinking one cup every morning. 11 grams of protein! 
I've also fallen in love with this combo. Just whole grain toast with avocado on top. Yum!! 
Little known fact about me: I don't like eggs. I never have. I force myself to eat them, but I don't like them. I get sick of eggs really fast -- like so sick of them I gag every time I swallow. It's been 4 days of hard boiled eggs and I'm already gagging. Why can't I just like them?! They're such a nutritious food! And I need the protein in them. There's only so many breakfasts foods that I can eat! 

This is going to be serious trouble for me...
I love, love, LOVE their stuff! I haven't ordered anything for a while though. I haven't liked the prints they've come out with and a lot of their styles are getting too strappy/bare/yoga-ish. Not at all suitable for high intensity workouts or even modest. They've jumped on the whole crop top trend; something I will never be on board with. But, having a store close is going to be awesome, when that phase passes. 

My sister in law inspired me to try a Dutch braid today on Kennedy. 
It was a little tough since her hair is hard to do anyway, but I couldn't believe I succeeded! Kennedy has been sick for a few days and woke up super cranky and coughing, so we decided together that she would stay home from school. Hence the extra time to do her hair. But about 20 minutes later, I gave her some medicine and she's been fine ever since. *eye roll* I should have made her go. Oh well! 

We went to the gym and I let Brynlie play with my phone while I worked out. How to tell if a toddler has found your camera. 
Next we were off to work, where the girls acted like puppy's; heads out the window, tongues out, panting, barking at anyone that walked by the car... It was pretty funny. Brynlie loved having Kennedy there with her today. I could tell, because she kept showing off and doing weird, hyper-active things. Like this:
This morning I woke up and started getting dressed and noticed a rash on my stomach. I examined it, and then noticed it was on my back... and legs... and arms... and chest... I've had this bumpy, non-irritating rash all day long and I'm not sure where it came from! Weird, no? 
And it comes in waves. It'll get really bad for a bit, then fade. Then get really bad, then fade. But it never goes away. Just lessens. I recently started taking some new supplements and I suspect one of those did this. But I'm not sure. 

We were heading home and passed Kneaders and they were advertising their pumpkin bread! Somehow I let my stupid brain forget about one of my favorite fall things; pumpkin bread!!! I swerved into the parking lot like a hysterical girl avoiding a deer in the road, and picked up a little slice of heaven. Haha, get it? Slice? 
This is 100% against my eat-like-rabbit-on-steroids thing I've got going on with my diet, but I told myself before I started I needed to allow myself one treat every now and then. And it's fall, so today counts as now and then. 

We finally made it home without hitting anyone because of Mommy's neurotic driving, and I started on our dinner. I tried a new recipe for dairy-free cream of chicken soup. I was nervous to give it a go, but it was actually super good! 
It smelled amazing and tasted great! You can find the recipe http://mywisemom.com/dairy-free-cream-of-chicken-soup

 There. It's going to be a life changer for me. And it was so easy! 

Our dinner was another Tasty recipe and guess what?! It was tasty! Haha even my mom loved the cream of chicken soup and she usually hates my "healthy crap" as my family lovingly calls it. 

The workout at the gym was short today, and since I still felt good after all our morning errands I decided to hop on the treadmill and get a run in. Oh how I've missed this! And these! 
Ok, yes, yes... I've been wearing them for races, but we've kind of been in a fight lately because of the blisters these puppies have given me. But I'm about 87% sure that happened because the races have been downhill. They gave me no trouble during Ogden. So I'm giving them a second chance. 
I got in a quick 3 miles with a 9:09 average. It went by really fast, too. 
And I was just a tad sweaty afterward... and by "tad" I mean soaked from head to toe. I legit have a serious sweating problem. 
It's also been a while since I've spent some intimate time with ol' blackie. 
I also learned today that it's a terrible idea to stretch on carpet with dog hair when you're soaked in sweat. I could have passed for a lab myself when I was done. Gross!!! 

After an amazing shower I was back to eating my usual. 
Check out what I saw today!! Did anyone else used to watch Mr. Bean where he would pick on his nemisis with this same car?! It even had 3 wheels! It just needs to be blue! 
We're supposed to get a ton of rain the next couple days, and it's going to get colder. Other than dying to get in a trail run before the leaves are gone, I'm really excited for the weather change. Let me wear my hoodies!! Hoodie lives matter!!! 

See you, soon!