The Last Few Days In Pictures

Kennedy has been making her bed every morning without even being asked. The doggies are a nice touch. Also, she's kind of an angel. 
I've been designing our closets to make them as organized as possible since we will need every square inch usable when we move in. The colors are proof of how distracted I let myself get during church on Sunday. 
Speaking of needing storage, we'll also be building this bed When everything else is done. 
Cory thinks I'm weird. I always save the red and purple ones for last. 
Brynlie had her first dental checkup and cleaning Monday. She did amazing and actually kind of loved the whole thing. 

She was pretending she was at the beach. 
I've been sweating my heart out at the gym. But since it's hot, I basically sweat my heart out all day long. I'm so over summer temperatures!!! 
Kennedys first sushi experience! Our favorite place changed their menu and got rid of tons of things we loved, so looks like we'll have to go to Happy Sumo from now on. I'm ok with that. 
This made me laugh suuuuuuppppeeerrrr hard. 
Cory and I got to go to the temple last night for the first time in a while. It was perfect. 

Other items of note:

I think we found someone to do our kitchen cabinets! Yay!! And he made some tweaks and suggestions that I am super pumped about! 

I'm struggling getting back into the routine of work, school, gym, house, and mom life. I'll get it eventually, but I've kind of been a beast this week. It's hard going from having ample time to having every second scheduled for hours. 

See you, soon! 

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