The Great Blister Fest of 2016

What's up guys?! This picture made me bust out laughing because I'm sure it applies to more than one person who reads this: 
But, that's part of the territory of having a public blog I guess. If that's you, judge away! Haha! I got a good kick out of it. 

So... Before we dive into the race recap, let's talk about this little cutie pie and the night we had 
I snapped this picture when we went to check on the girls last night. They were both sound asleep a half hour after we tucked them in. Cory and I were in bed at 9 and amazingly fell asleep super quick...

10:34: I was awakened by screaming and crying coming from the girls room. I waited to see if it had stopped or if I could tell what was going on...
10:35 Kennedy came into our room bawling and said, "Mom! I threw up!" I jumped out of bed and helped her into the bathroom. She had throw up in her hair and on her PJ's. 
10:40-11:00 stripped her puke-covered sheets and stuffed animals, started them in the washing machine, changed her clothes, washed the puke out of her hair, dug out an extra crib mattress, woke up my mom and asked if Kennedy could sleep on her floor since Cory had to leave at 3:30 and I had to leave an hour later for the race, got her a bowl to sleep with in case it happened again, kissed her, left her on the floor feeling like the worst mother ever, and went back to my bed. 
11:00-12:00 laid in bed wide awake and super nauseated. Couldn't tell if it was from being sick also or just from the smell of vomit making things worse 
12:30 got desperate and took some ibuprofen and Tylenol, along with some Tums. 
12:30-1:00 still laid in bed awake...
Somewhere after 1:00 finally fell asleep. 
4:00 alarm went off to get up and get going. 
4:01 seriously considered just not going to the race because I was so dang exhausted. 
4:03 decided to go and got up. 
4:30-5:00 angels guided my drive to the bus pick up because I could barely keep my eyes open! 

So yeah, we had a "fun" night. Thanks to Murphy's Law it had to be the night before a race. Had it been any other night I would have happily slept with Kennedy and helped her, but no! I had to abandon her. I felt awful. My mom said she threw up a couple more times during the night but has been fine all day today. Why is it that kids never start throwing up during the day? It's always at night! 

Anyway, a HUGE thanks to my mom for taking care of her for me. Hopefully she really is done and no one else gets sick. 

So today I ran another race. It was the Run Elevated Half Marathon. I am the most awkward picture taker, ever! 
It was a pretty small race which I liked, and it was super well organized and the race shirts are actually pretty cool. The course was great, overall. There is one short, steep hill they call the "escalator" but other than that there's nothing challenging. 

Since I was so bloody tired I really didn't know what to expect. I started out really well even with hardly any sleep
But about mile 9 I started to get really bad and painful blisters on my feet. I tried to just push through the pain but it became too much and I had to stop and walk a lot the last 3 miles or so. My legs and my lungs were doing just fine but my feet were in so much pain. I've gotten blisters before but nothing like this. I'm not sure what caused it. But I finished with a time of 2:07 which isn't amazing for me, but not terrible either. 
I was pretty surprised by how well I did before the blister fest of '16 because I haven't been running or training, so it was nice to know just my gym stuff is paying off endurance wise. 

After I hobbled to the car I tore my shoes off and couldn't believe what I saw! Warning: these pics are gross. 

The one on my left foot was so massive!!! I had to poke like 20 holes in it to get it to drain, and I'm not even sure I got it all. The one on my right foot had bloody liquid in it which has never happened before. I plastered some Neosporin on them and bandaged them up just so I can walk (and hopefully prevent infection) but I don't know what I'm going to do for church tomorrow. Shoes hurt too bad. 

I'm sooooo ready to be done running for a while. My body can't take it anymore. I still have one more half in two weeks, but 
I'll be taking is VERY easy for that one. Especially if I don't get this blister situation figured out. I need to stop those from happening. Any recommendations for good blister stuff?

I came home to a really grumpy Brynlie but a happy Kennedy. She's feeling better! 
We all had a shower and then literally bummed around all day. It was such a nice day I originally wanted to take them somewhere, but my feet weren't having it and I desperately needed a nap. I literally felt like this 

After I put Brynlie down, Kennedy turned off all the lights for me and shut the blinds so I could sleep while she watched a show. She is the sweetest thing and takes such good care of people. She's going to make a great mother some day. Today she told me she can't die because she wants to grow up and get bigger and have a family some day. I want that for her, too. 

After naps we had a musical afternoon. We listened to a lot of songs, these two being the favorites; they are so good!! 

Then we sang and I downloaded some new sheet music for the piano. I have really neglected my musical talents lately and I need to get back to making them a habit. Especially the piano. I also want music to be a priority for our kids so I need to set a better example. Today was a start so I felt good about it. 

Well Brynlie has already cried twice in the 45 minutes they've been in bed, so I should probably hit the hay early in case crap goes down tonight. If she gets sick I might die. I feel like I have a newborn again! Give. Me. Sleep!!! 

See you, soon! 

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