It's Really Only Thursday?

Um... Yup.
I woke up this morning from a deep sleep and hit snooze on my alarm. As I laid there I started thinking about the things I needed/wanted to do today and thought, 'I don't feel like doing any of it.' Today was our last official day of no obligations. It was our last chance to be lazy and do nothing. So we did exactly that. And it was awesome! 

The girls woke up and came in bed with me because they were feeling how I was. 
Brynlies sippy cup leaked all over my pillow though, so I was forced to do one load of laundry, but at least it was easy laundry haha! We laid there until after 8 o'clock and talked and looked at stupid things on Pinterest together. Then we moved the all-day-pajama-party to the living room and we basically didn't leave until the afternoon. The girls played, watched kids YouTube, watched yet another installment of Harry Potter, I started reading a book (!! I know! So weird of me!) we had chocolate cake for breakfast (chocolate tuxedo cake from Costco is to die for!! Too bad I'm not supposed to be having it, I almost cried on the last bite) 
And we just sat around being lazy all day. From time to time I would start to feel guilty but then I remembered we won't get to do this anymore very often and the guilt went away. It was so nice to just be. I loved hanging out with my girls and not being distracted or stressed out about anything. 
This is kinda personal (but this is my personal blog) but last night I spent quite a long while pouring out every fear, anxiety, and stress I have to the Lord. I've felt so out of control of life and my emotions so I left nothing to be guessed. I cried like I haven't cried in a looooong time, mostly over Kennedy and school (darn my mommy emotions) and the house. After I sufficiently dehydrated myself and had discussed every problem I desperately need help with, I sat there and felt like a huge load had been lifted. For the first time in a long time, I just felt at peace. My worries shut off for a moment and I truly felt Heavenly Father carrying my burdens for me for a brief time. My anxiety has been through the roof lately and I've felt so unhappy. In that moment I knew everything would eventually be ok. I don't know how, or when, but I'm trying to have faith that it'll all work out and that most importantly, I will receive help and strength along the way, because making it to the "ok" ending is what I'm most worried about. I feel strung so thin I'm worried I'll break before we get there. But, I'm putting my faith to the test and I know Heavenly Father loves me deeply. I felt happier today and I just need to focus on one day at a time. That's my plan for now. 

Ok so fast forward through our lazy day with electronics and no one getting dressed until 3 pm to dinner time... I found a recipe for "melt in your mouth pot roast" and gave it a try. 
Oh. My. Gosh! I literally did melt in your mouth. The meat just fell apart when you touched it and was so full of juice and flavor. I highly recommend it! You can find the recipe here: http://www.joyouslydomestic.com/2014/01/slow-cooker-melt-in-your-mouth-pot-roast.html?m=1
It was really easy, too! 

After Cory got home we went and bought the rest of our appliances because Home Depot was having a sale. I'm really excited for this range! 
Microwave... Not that exciting 
And dishwasher. Which also isn't too exciting unless you haven't had a dishwasher for a year now, like us. Can't wait to use this baby! 
I also happened to pass a tile I fell head over heals for to use in our master bathroom. Don't let anyone tell you love at first sight doesn't exist. 
It's hard to see in the picture but it's the tile that looks like wood and it's gorgeous! 

Well, I'm off to bed for the night. It's amazing how tired I am for having done nothing all day. But tomorrow is a new day. See you, soon! 

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