It's Finally Friday... Which Means Nothing to Mom's

Much to my major disappointment, last nights amazing dinner ended up giving me severe heartburn and indigestion in the middle of the night last night. I was up from 1-3 am pounding Tums and trying to fall asleep sitting upright... Which didn't end up working. In desperation I took a Motrin PM and finally fell back asleep, but had the hardest time waking up. Weird, right? *sarcasm*

I planned to get up at 6:30 and be showered and ready before the girls emerged from their room with their messy hair and moodiness, but after hitting snooze about a million times I finally rolled out of bed at 7:45... Oops. Sleep paralysis is real, my friends! I even was having a dream that I was riding my bike through the mountains alone and accidentally ran into a whole herd of black bears (you know, since they travel in herds) and they all ended up chasing me and I was peddling my heart out... Even that horrible dream didn't get me out of bed. Did I mention I'm petrified of bears? Cause I am. Especially Grizzlies. But anyway, I digress... 

Once the girls came in and starting crawling on me that was motivation enough to get my sorry behind out of the sheets and into the kitchen so I could at least not have tiny knees and elbows digging into my boobs and vital organs. 

I've subconsciously decided that I'm just going live off protein shakes. I made my usual this morning but added half a cup of strawberries because somehow that made it seem more "breakfasty" and it hardly tasted any different. 
I've ordered some vanilla dairy-free protein powder that I'm planning to use for my morning shakes from now on so that everything isn't chocolate all day long, but it hasn't arrived just yet. Maybe the strawberries with the vanilla powder will rock my world. And maybe it won't. 

This was the first thing I saw on my Instagram this morning. Tell me God doesn't answer prayers. 
Crazy, right? 

We took our time getting ready and then we headed to K's school so she could do her kindergarten testing. Next it was off to Target to get some more of those protein/snack bars, but they haven't restocked yet. I was super sad. However, we did pass by the bar stools and I decided to just "look" for the house. Low and behold, they had EXACTLY what I've been searching for and they were ON SALE!! I felt like it was fate! 
The store only had 1 chair, so I hopped on target.com and ordered 6 of them. We don't have enough room in our house for a dining table and a bar, so we are making our peninsula huge so it can seat 6 and that'll be our main eating area. Even though we're no where near having the kitchen ready for cabinets, we at least will have all our appliances and chairs for when that blessed day comes. And these are faux leather so they'll be cushioned and comfy, but easy to clean. 

We had plans to go to a park dedication with Cory's parents but Brynlie was an extra flavor of grouchy so we opted for a nap instead. Kennedy spent the afternoon trying to be as noisy as humanly possible while I stayed glued to my mug and tried to avoid her. 
I think I'm an extra flavor of grumpy, too, because the noise is making me want to smash something! I am beyond the point of needing a mommy break. For sure. I have mad respect for mothers who's husbands are deployed or gone for months at a time. We get Cory for about 2 hours every day and just the other 22 hours on my own is killing me! I'm a wuss. 

Oh yeah, and I have a race tomorrow... This one will be bitter-sweet because it was the course I planned on getting a PR on when I registered months ago. But that's alright. There will be other races. My only goal for any races the rest of the year is to have fun and get more medals for my collection. That's it. Whatever happens, happens. It'll be fun to see friends from my running group and to run a new course. And get another race shirt that doesn't fit. 

I also spent most of the day stalking the mail man. He is always at our house by 12, sometimes 1. Today he had a package I was super pumped about so of course, he didn't show up until almost 6 pm!!! But, he delivered the happiness in a box. This is sooooo stupid and childish of me, but I got my first pair of Ugg's and have been a major nerd excitedly waiting for them since. 
I have wanted a pair for years and years but I couldn't justify spending so dang much money on boots. Well, my trusty 6pm.com had these on a major sale and I about had a heart attack! I am in love with them! And now I'm 100% ready for fall-- hoodie and leggings weather. Yes!! 

Well, I'd better turn in and try and get some rest for this race. Hopefully I sleep ok to catch up on a crappy night last night. See you, soon!  

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