I'm Baaaacckkk!!!

Hey, guys!! 

Man, life has been CRAZY!! But, the excitement is about to slow down and to be honest, I'm very ready to get back to a normal routine again. I haven't been to the gym in a week and it's slightly killing me. I need a good sweat-sesh! Being sick is seriously the worst. Thankfully we are all back to our emotionally-unpredictable selves. 

I've felt like life has just been pulling me in a million different directions at once lately and it's been hard, but I'm learning to adjust. I will talk about that more in another post, probably. 

Anyway, I disappeared again for a few days to head to the mountains! My parents were camping at Washington Lake and the girls and I headed up for a few days to escape the heat. 

I brought up the Jeep and it kept the girls happy for two days until the battery died. 

My parents bought some kayaks before they came up and Brynlie couldn't wait to use them... So she didn't. 
She got amazingly dirty in a short amount of time. This was just day one, and we didn't even get there until about 3:00. 
This trip was so dang relaxing. We basically didn't do anything for the first two days and it was wonderful. I really needed to just rest and let the girls have fun. A big thanks to my mom and dad for taking care of us and helping make that happen. 
I came out of the bathroom one morning and the girls and my parents had oldies cranked up and were dancing around the trailer. 
Even Papa joined the fun! 
Watching this made me a little emotional. My dad doesn't get to participate with the kids much because he can't see where they are 90% of the time, but they adore him anyway and know that he's a pretty special guy. 
Our last day there we took the kayaks down to Trial Lake on their maiden voyage. Holy crap, they were so fun!! 
I told Cory I'm buying an adult one because it was so easy to have the kids ride along with me. 
The girls had fun with the kids kayak and did an amazing job! This picture of B kills me. 
We tied a rope to the kayak so we could pull them in just in case they ran into trouble but they never did. 
Kennedy also had fun pulling me around. 
It was definitely the highlight of the trip! 
We got home last night and the girls crashed right after their shower and slept in! I think I sufficiently wore them out. 

Today was a big day for Brynlie! She got her first hair cut! I had to grab and hold her for the "before" picture:
She was so good during the cut! Look at that sweet little face!! 
As soon as she made the first few snips and I saw her little curls fall to the floor I choked up and wanted to take it all back! I was so dang sad!! 
But she did need a cut really bad to even everything out. Hair grows back and after a few hours it's grown on me and I'm starting to love it. I just hope her curls come back. I'm thinking they will since it doesn't fall straight, even with it cut. 
After the hair cut and a crazy amount of grocery shopping, we went swimming with our friends! 
These two were in preschool together and became adorable friends! 
We had so much fun and plan on doing it again really soon. 

Currently we're all in our jammies at 4 pm eating popcorn and watching So You Think You Can Dance and spending some quality time together. 
I know my hormones are kind of all over the place right now but I've felt so lucky to be a mom the last few days. I suck at it most of the time, but I'm grateful for the chance and these two crazies bring so much joy into my life. 

See you soon! 

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