Food Stuff, A Ward Campout, and Amazing Conditioner

This may seem pretty obvious, but I sure love these little people. 
Sorry for the picture repeat... 
It's really hitting me that school starts in 3 days and then Kennedy will be gone for a couple hours every day. I'm getting sad! How is she growing up so fast?? Brynlie has either been super hard or super adorable. I mean, she's always that way, but she's been her normal self on steroids. Her personality has been showing more and more and she just makes me laugh! 

This past week I feel like I rocked the no dairy or gluten thing. I was really consistent. But the only problem is it didn't really help my stomach feel any better this time. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow and ask about dairy being bad for PCOS because that has been the hardest to cut out. Fajitas are disgusting in a corn tortilla (gluten free) without sour cream or cheese. 
If dairy really doesn't make much of a difference then I think I'll keep eating it. I feel like gluten has been fairly easy to cut out so far. My mind will probably change on that the next time I crave pizza, though. 

I did find these bars at Target the other day though and they're really tasty! I wish they had more protein in them but for the times I'm in a pinch and need a snack, they're perfect. 
I also passed the bedding section and fell in love with these colors for the girls room when we move in our house, if they're not married by then. 
I want mint and lavender with pops of orange (coral) and yellow. 
I think it'll be so cute!!! Especially with white furniture. I have no idea what color to paint the walls though... Any suggestions? Our main living space will be a light gray, so I'd like something different in there. Thoughts? Think it over. We have plenty of time, sadly. 

We originally went to Target for a birthday present and more lotion, but like every Target trip, we ended up leaving with a whole lot more. One such thing was this play cleaning set that Kennedy begged and begged me for. I told her I would get it if she used her money for half of it, and a split second later it was in the cart. 
We came home and she instantly went to work cleaning the house for me. I don't think I've ever been happier with a purchase from Target before. It's been awesome! 

Friday night my mom, the girls, and myself headed up to Morgan for our ward campout. I had never been to this place before so I was terribly unprepared for all the fun we could have had, but if we get to go next time, I'll bring way more stuff. Like tubes for the river! 
Th girls had tons of fun anyway wading in the water, playing in the sand (and getting filthy), and swinging on the rope swing with the other kids. And Brynlie even cleaned up after! 
Kennedy, had other plans...
The campout was fun! They had a musical program in the lodge and then an amazing bonfire with all kinds of goodies to roast for s'mores. But we did not anticipate how cold it was going to get and we all FROZE over night. We all hardly got any sleep and we were miserable. I don't think I've ever seen my kids as cranky as they were the following morning. But we still had a good time and I left feeling very blessed and appreciative for being in such a great ward. There are some amazing people here. 

Speaking of amazing... I've never had a truer fortune cookie. Where's my genie with my three wishes to help us finish our house?! 
And for my usual randomness, I saw a girl post about this conditioner on another blog and since my hair sucks, I decided to give it a try, and I LOVE IT!! 
It's pretty expensive (in my opinion) so I only use it once a week to help it last longer. But it makes my hair soooo soft and moisturized. It also makes the bottom of your shower super slippery so be careful... I've had a few moments of near-death where my life has flashed before my eyes So use caution. But it's amazing! 

Well, we have family over now for Sunday dinner so I guess I'd better go pay attention to them. See you, soon!

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Amy said...

Maybe a light toupe or cream for the room or even a lighter mint? Cutting out dairy sucks. I haven't cut it out completely but eat it sparingly and that's helped. Gluten free is icky. 😀