Caught Up In the Moment

So, big oops on my part! 

Cory has been working nights this week and I've been enjoying the tv all to myself in the evenings. Maybe a little too much because I've been staying up really late watching my shows and I completely forget to blog. I'm going to throw in a quick couple of pictures and try again tomorrow. 

We've been having fun with friends this week! Lacie and I met up Wednesday and chatted while the kids played. I sure do love this girl! 
Tell me how you really feel, Kennedy. 
We also went to lunch but that was kind of chaotic so I forgot to take pictures. We had a great time! 

We also had a quick doctor visit for me and Kennedy was so well behaved. 
Then we met up with more friends for lunch and playing again. 
Today we went to Lagoon A Beach with some friends and I forgot to take pictures! I felt so bad! 

We've kept ourselves busy during the morning hours of each day and have spent the afternoons taking it easy and hanging out. It's been nice. 

Sorry for the short post but I need to get to bed. I have an early alarm set for the morning. I'm going to attempt a long run. 

See you, soon! 

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