Back to the Grind

Sup, Peeps?! 

It's Monday, and Monday's are usually my busiest and crankiest days, but today I was pretty jazzed to be getting back to my busy, normal, Monday life. I think I'm all vacationed out for a while. A short while, but a while none the less. 

So, after a wild and busy few weeks, let me update you on life. 

I am starting to feel much better! I'm not sure if it's my medicine, the fact that my cold is almost completely gone, or both, but I've had more energy and patience the last week or so. My body doesn't have any mysterious aches or pains and I plan on picking back up with running again tomorrow and seeing how it goes. I was going to start today but ended up taking a nap. I needed it. I haven't ran anything but the Deseret News Half in months, so I'm getting anxious to get back to the grind. And now that I'm feeling better, I'm officially super-duper sad about dropping out of the Big Cottonwood Marathon. I wanted to do that race SO BADLY! But, there's always next year. I know I made the right choice. 

Today was my first day back at the gym in over a week. I felt good but fully expect to be sore. And to my utter surprise, I've lost 5 lbs so far! I was shocked since I've been out of town not eating the best or working out the last little while. I'm excited to see what will happen now that I'm back to normal life. My acne is clearing up but still no noticeable difference in my hair loss. I'm considering cutting it because I'm just so sick of it being a problem; I might feel better if I have less of it. We will see. I've felt less depressed but that's probably just because I have hope and I'm feeling better. Either way, I'll take it! 

I've been doing my best to avoid dairy but it's been super hard when I've been away to places where I'm not in control of what food is provided. But this week I'm ready to go. Diary and sugar are the worst for PCOS, so I'm starting there. While cutting everything cold turkey would be best for my body, it's not what's best for my brain. So I'm taking small steps. I've stopped drinking milk, eating cheese and yogurt and whatnot, and have found some dairy-free protein powder. After I get that down I'll move on to the smaller things like butter, salad dressings, and all the little things you don't really think about having diary in them. Same goes with sugar. I'm starting with the obvious; candy. Then I'll move on to seasonings, added sugars in meats, and so on. Hopefully in about a month I'll have this thing down. 

It's nice to have some positive news to update you on as far as health goes. It's a process and an adjustment, but I'm determined to do what's best for my body. 

Our house is sloooowly coming along. Cory is still working on sub floor and dry wall. We've had a few people come give us bids for a kitchen which always ends up making us depressed because it's so much money. We had one guy suggest a different design and I think we may want to go with that, so it means moving a couple electrical boxes and lights, but nothing major. I'm not sure how long the walls will take us, but once they're up we can have someone mud and sand it, and then we will be ready to start painting and doing the pretty/expensive stuff! I haven't ran this by Cory but if we can swing it, I might want to find someone to tile our bathroom, too. I can tile, but I would like a professional to do it. We shall see. 

Kennedy is soooooo excited for school! Today we went to her school and checked out her classroom and she was giggling and squealing. We also found out our neighbors boy is in her class and they've been playing together when we are working on the house, so I'm so excited she will have a friend! I took her school shopping the other day, too. 
She wasn't really into it, but I'm excited for the cute stuff she got. 
The strange picture in front of the headless mannequins? Totally her request... I don't get it either. 

Brynlie has been her usual adorable/terrible self. She's either mind-blowingly cute or the exact opposite. But I love her so much!! Her hair cut has grown on me and I love it. She's been talking a whole bunch lately. So far she's doing the same thing Kennedy did and is omitting the ending consonants on words, but hopefully she will pick it up. She's always asking us "why?" to everything and keeps us laughing. 

So that's the overall update on our lives thus far. I plan to get back into the blogging routine and keeping things going as smoothly as I can. 

See you, soon!  

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