A Good Run, Weird Stuff, and An Amazing Recipe

According to Costco, it's time to start thinking about Halloween. So here's a little something to freak you out. 
I'll try not to care too much that they have Halloween costumes out already, as long as they keep these stocked for as long as possible. 
Peaches are my favorite!! 

The girls have been watching Phineas and Ferb lately while I try and get crap done. 
The problem is, the show is so darn funny I find myself getting distracted and watching it with them. Today after our errands I promised myself we would do something fun and productive... A few hours later we were still on the couch watching the show. It's quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I think I want to watch it just as much as the girls most of the time. 

This morning Cory stayed home with the girls and I got to workout at the gym without Brynlie standing at the door of the kids room screaming for me the whole time. It was wonderful!! After a good leg-trasher I came home and got on the treadmill to test out this whole running thing. I know you've missed my amazing treadmill selfies... (Sarcasm)
Other than it being super hot in the basement and making me so sweaty I looked like I fell into a koi pond, it went super well! No pains, no problems. Plus I hit my step goal for the first time in a while. I did 3 easy miles for today. I think I'll try again Thursday and go a bit longer. 

After a shower that felt like it was straight from heaven, I got to test out my new flat iron! I've had a cheapo one that I got from Sally Beauty probably 10 years ago that's starting to wear out. So I got on Amazon and found a great deal on one. The best part? I can do flat iron curls with this one! Yay! 
I haven't worn my hair down in a LONG time so it was kind of fun; even though I kept losing strands all day long. I'm still considering cutting it though... 

I'm liking my dairy-free protein powder. The taste was kind of different at first but it's grown on me. 
Ps, after reading yesterday's post I now know I need to be more careful about catching autocorrect changing my "dairy" to "diary". Oops. 

Anyone else love watching the videos where they decorate cookies? The talent amazes me. 

Tonight I tried another Tasty video recipe for dinner: shrimp and asparagus stir fry. 
Oh my lands, people, it was soooooo good! And so easy! I paired it with brown rice, but the rice took 2 hours to cook, so we got to have our dinner in waves. Wave one was the best, bar none. It will definitely be made again. You can find the recipe here: http://bzfd.it/28Wcwc9

Cory is working tonight so I get to watch whatever I want (I almost clicked on Phineas and Ferb) and spend the rest of the night playing this, trying to beat my high score. I might be a little obsessed. 
See you, soon! 

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