Toddlers and Track Workouts

My brother sent me these pictures from the fireworks the other night. The kids were the first to notice ash in their eyes. Can you tell?
B and I spent a good chunk of our morning yesterday like this. We had holiday weekend hangover. 
Thank you, Walmart for the adorable $5 matching jammies!! 
And another because they're so cute they'll melt your face off, and I feel like causing that tonight. 
Someone noticed my new flip flop drop spot and decided it's the thing now. I'm telling ya, Kennedy doesn't miss a single thing. 
I want to find her a little trucker hat so bad!! 
My mom and I binged-watched Netflix most of the day yesterday. We even ordered pizza and ate it on the couch in the basement because we didn't want to stop. And then we ended our 4th of July with fireworks.... On tv! We are party poopers when it's hot. I was also in the type of mood yesterday where if I would have been forced to deal with crowds, I probably would have been arrested by the end of the night. 
I got up early this morning (even though fireworks kept me up until probably midnight) to get in a track workout. 
My brain wanted to walk away with a decent mileage for the day, but my body reminded me that it has been a long time since I've done speed work and that it doesn't plan on cooperating still, so I kept it small with 6x400m sprints with a 400m recovery. 
I was ecstatic about my first 400m pace (after the half mile warm up) 
But, yeah.... The first one was my fastest. They never got in the 6's again. I felt out of shape and my heart rate was up there. 
After the workout I spent about 15 minutes running up the bleachers 
And back down 
Then I did jumping squats up a few times. I would squat and basically box jump up two steps, then come back down one step, then jump two, then one down, etc. Two hops forward, one hop back. My legs were on fire!! 

At the gym today I spent some time practicing kipping pull ups. 15 lb weight gain = very difficult time getting my chin up over that bar. 
The above picture was the only one that didn't make me look pregnant. See?
Tomorrow Cory and I are hiking to the summit of Mount Timpanogus. I am so excited!! It'll probably take us all day, and it's about 14 miles or so, but it's going to be such a great adventure! It also means an early bedtime, so I'll see you all soon! 

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