Thursday Stuff

The girls had tons of fun with Grandma yesterday while we were gone on our trek. They got Happy Meals
And got to play outside in the kiddie pool! 
A huge thanks to my mom for watching them for us so we could discover we're getting too old for summitting mountains. Ok, that's not true. We visited with a man on the trail yesterday who hikes the entire trail every day. He's 74 years old and has done it way over 700 times. So there are no excuses. 

I don't know how he handles that kind of strain every day, however, because my calves are hating me today. Oh boy, they hurt!! 
I took the day off from all exercise today to help recover from yesterday which meant I had free time. I opted to head to the house with Cory and help work. He had some things to get done before I could actually assist him with anything, so while he did that I went out to our massive, terrifying, overwhelming, and daunting garden we have in our backyard and just stared at it wanting to cry. 
The renters who were in the house before we bought it never took care of the yard. However, the people who owned it before it was rented apparently loved to garden. We have all kinds of annuals planted and we're finding new fruit plants all the time. But the gardens are so overgrown it's a nightmare! Seriously, a jungle! But we found out last week that among the jungle are RASPBERRY BUSHES!!! I almost died! I freaking LOVE raspberries! Can you spot them tangled in the mess? 
Since many of them are ripening I wanted to pick them. I attempted to start weeding out the disasterous garden and quickly discovered I have no idea what's a weed and what's a keeper. So after taking me an hour to kind of clear about 4 square feet of space, I picked the raspberries I could reach and decided to try again another day. We did get a good amount to snack on; and they're delicious!! 
Besides being overwhelmed with the amount of yard work we're in for, I am beyond excited for this yard of ours! We have two apricot trees
Two apples trees, tons of raspberry bushes, grape vines on two fences
And whatever else might be lurking in the tangled net of plants back there. I can't wait to start planting vegetables, too. Fresh tomatoes are kind of the best thing ever. 

Ok, enough about gardening...

I have to credit the girls for not being too much of a pain in the butt while we work on the house. Sometimes they're a handful, but usually they're not too bad. 

Especially since Brynlie cuddled up and went to sleep while watching us work. How awesome is that?! 
This man is amazing. Every time I get to help him I am just in awe at his skill level when it comes to DIY and whatnot. He has a gift for perfection. 
Since our house was built in the 1950's, there is no insulation in the outside walls. We decided since we already have lots of dry wall to do anyway, we might as well fix that issue. We bought foam insulation sheets and are putting them on the outside walls in the bedrooms and then dry walling over them so we won't freeze in the winter. 
I was surprised how long it took us to do this. I thought for sure we could get at least two rooms done today. Wrong! We didn't even get two walls done. But our room is looking more and more like a spaceship, so that's exciting! 
I went out to the kitchen to get a drink of water and spotted the girls having a picnic together. Again, I can't wait to live in our house! 
We worked until we were too hungry to go on and then headed home for the day. I am completely and utterly exhausted. I would be surprised if I make it past 9:00 before I crash and burn. I've done a lot the last couple days for someone who doesn't have much energy. 

Oh, and fun fact! I loose so much hair every time I shower that the drain cover broke off from constantly trying to pull out and untangle my hair from it (!!!!!!!) It's super gross and definitely not normal. I sure hope I get some help before I'm totally bald. 12 more days till my appointment. 

And in sad news, I decided to switch my registration for the Big Cottonwood marathon from the full to the half. It wasn't an easy choice. I really wanted to do two marathons this year. However, with everything going on with my body I know I just don't have it in me. The sudden nose dive in my health has really killed my spirits and brought down my determination. Everything went haywire with my body when I stopped marathon training. I took 3 weeks off from running/training and kept things really light and simple at the gym to recover (let's be honest, I just went to socialize), and my body freaked out in the process. It doesn't make sense. It's almost like marathon training was preventing disaster and when I stopped, the flood gates opened. I've hardly ran in the last 6 weeks and when I have, it's been painful and difficult for various reasons. I can't train for a marathon with the conditions I'm facing. I felt so at peace when I resolved that I needed to accept it just wasn't happening. I think I'll be ok to still run my half's I'm registered for since those don't take tons of training and aren't nearly as hard on the body. I'm sad, but I'm also relieved. I need to get my health figured out and in order before anything else. Hopefully once I have help and answers I can get my mental game back on track because I was feeling unstoppable! 

Well, that's all for today. It's nearing 8:30 and I feel bedtime coming on. See you soon! 

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