The Summit of Mount Timpanogus!!

Today I got to check off a major bucket list item. Cory and I hiked to the summit of Mt. Timpanogus!!! I was so excited! So was Cory but he was using the bathroom. If only we knew what we were getting ourselves in to. 
It was about 7.5 miles up to the summit; emphasis on UP. 7.5 miles of uphill. About 5,000 feet elevation gain. 
There were tons of waterfalls like this the first couple miles. They were so pretty!! 
And the views were amazing 

The wildflower were gorgeous as well. 
The view from our resting spot. 

See that peak? We were up there. I still kind of can't believe it. 
We hiked through many snow banks that were actually a little scary because they were usually on a very steep slope and slippery! 
My cute little Cory eating his lunch. 
So don't let the smiles fool you; we had a great time, but this hike was HARD!!! My legs were burning and catching my breath at that elevation was challenging. Our heart rates were pretty high at some parts and we were soaked in sweat. It was no easy feat. 

The climb from the saddle to the summit was terrifying. It was crazy windy and made me feel like I was going to be blown off the top. It's super steep and rocky and there's not much of a trail. Well, there is, but it's super rocky and unstable so you're basically just scaling the cliff side and I had a small panic attack from fear of falling and dying since its 11,000 feet up and there was nothing to hold on to. At one point I wasn't sure I could keep going. I don't know what happened to me. We were dying at this point from exhaustion, but fear and dead legs aside, we finally made it to the summit!!! 
And we took a much needed break. 
The view was incredible but kind of hard to enjoy because of the wretched wind. 

You can see the trail on this picture. 
We hid inside the gondola to try and break the wind but it didn't really work. Plus without the sun, it was really cold!
After we had soaked in enough we headed back down, which took FOREVER! But we ran into this little guy. 
The whole hike from beginning to end was 15.25 miles and took us 9 1/2 hours with stops and hanging out at the top. We had such a great time together and it was without a doubt the most amazing hike I've done, but it is not for the faint of heart. We are super exhausted and it has made the top 5 hardest-things-I've-ever-done-list. But we are so happy we did it at least once. Dirt and all! 
Yeah that's not a tan line, my friends. 

See you soon! 

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