Higher Ground

I'm back!!! 

The past few days we packed up and headed to the Uintahs and camped at Washington Lake. We had tons of fun! 

When we got there Tuesday, Brynlie and I promptly took a nap while Cory and Kennedy went fishing. 
Kennedy caught the biggest fish! She's a pro!
Then we headed to see the fairy forest. 
It wasn't as cool as it was last year because I guess they're cracking down on the materials people can use, so it was mostly just rocks. But the girls still liked it. 
For dinner we tried our hand at camping nachos. 
We waited patiently while everything heated up. 
It wasn't that cold but the mosquitoes were kind of bad, so I was protecting my head. 
The nachos turned out so good!! 
And then we just hung out by the fire the rest of the night. 
Literally my favorite thing about campfires. 

She took full advantage of relaxing and doing nothing. 

Things got a little crazy after the kids went to bed. 

Wednesday Cory wanted to go check out Whitney Reservior, but first we needed to stop for some bathroom-sisterly-hugs. 
There was 9 miles of dirt road to get to the lake, so we opened the sunroof and let the girls ride in style. 
It was pretty darn gorgeous. 
More fishing. Caught lots more fish but only got to keep 4. They bit almost every cast. Pretty crazy! 
Cory let Brynlie reel in one of the poles just for fun and what would you know, a fish bit the bait and she ended up catching her first fish! 

One of my favorite things about camping is the food. For some reason camping food is just so, so good. Especially in the Dutch oven. 
Looks interesting but it was amazing! Chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, bacon, onions, cheese... You kind of can't go wrong. 
Daddy-daughter dance. I think this was the only 5 minutes Brynlie wasn't constantly touching me the whole trip. She was CLINGY!! 
Melts my momma heart. 
This morning started out a little rough
So we packed up and headed home a little earlier than we planned, but that's ok because I had lots to do once we got home. 

We had so much fun just being together away from technology and distractions. The girls love, love, LOVE camping so all the work is 100% worth it. 

See you soon! 

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