Today was my follow up doctor appointment that I've waited for an entire month (with crazy anxiety) to have. 

After a very detailed discussion, she diagnosed me with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS. You can find out more about the syndrome through Google. It's not life threatening, but it is a difficult condition and there's no cure, although the symptoms can be managed. 
I am counting my blessings that so far, the only symptom I haven't experienced with it is infertility. I guess we will see what happens when we are ready for baby #3, but the girls were both conceived after 5 months. 

We discussed many options of treatment and she prescribed me some medication to help regulate my body and bring my testosterone and insulin levels back to normal. It can take months for that to make me feel a ton better, but at least it's a start. 

I can't even put into words how much stress I have had over this. I know hardly anyone believed me at first when I mentioned I didn't feel right. It's been two years of knowing something was wrong, with a huge downward spiral the last couple months. It has taken 4 doctors and lots of money to finally get someone to listen to me and take me seriously. It has been very eye opening to the medical practices of most doctors. It was frustrating, depressing, and sometimes hurtful when people tried to offer suggestions of what they thought was wrong. I have spent many nights in tears on my knees with Heavenly Father begging for help. I knew I wasn't myself. I knew something was happening to my body and I knew I needed help with it. Finally, finally, I can breathe a sigh of relief that I have a course of action to follow. I tried literally everything I could to help myself naturally and nothing helped. 

Right now the plan is the start the medication and follow up in 3 months and see how my blood work looks. If I don't see an improvement in my hair loss or my acne in a month, I'm supposed to call her and have another prescription sent in to help with that, but she wants to see if the first drug will help that. I'm also going to continue to do my part and keep my diet clean. I've read many articles on PCOS while I've waited for my diagnosis (among other conditions with similar symptoms) and many of them say to avoid gluten, sugar, and dairy. Today I purchased many standard gluten free items to start using (bread, pasta, etc) and I'll need to find a breakfast alternative to my yogurt. I don't consume a lot of dairy anyway, but ice cream will be very hard to kick. 

I'm hopeful and grateful that things will start to turn around from here. I've hated feeling this way and I can't wait to have the old me back! Thanks for the friends who supported me and let me complain to them over and over again. Hopefully that will come to an end now ;). I plan on keeping the blog updated on how things are going. If you feel like there might be an issue with your body, please don't ignore it. Don't let people talk you out of what you know to be true. No one knows your body better than you do. Don't stop fighting for answers. It took a change as dramatic as this for people to take me seriously,
But I knew something was up long before the downward spiral. Listen to your body and take care of it. Hopefully in a few more months this picture will be reversed and I'll be the happy, energized me that I know and love. 

Here's to the hope of a brighter future! 

See you soon! 

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Amy said...

SO GLAD you got an answer. You were right. 😊