Hello from my hotel in Cheyenne!
I have a tiny redhead sleeping next to me while I blog, which is kind of fun. In case you missed it, my older brother and his family live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I don't even remember how it came to happen, but my mom and I somehow decided we were going to come out this summer without the men. I have never been away from Cory this long so I was nervous about that, and about an 8 hour car ride with this
For the record, she did fantastic on the way out here, but we still have 8 hours to get back home. Pray for me. 

We were all so excited to see everyone! There's always a small "warm up" required whenever cousins are reunited. 
But it was only minutes before everyone was comfortable with each other again and chaos ensued. I feel like I got a pretty sweet deal having this adorable little fella play with my hair while everyone else whacked the crap out of each other with light sabers. 
So let's talk for a minute about Brynlie and my nephew, Brock. 
These two have been connected with a special bond since Brynlie was born. It has been the most amazing thing to see. B has hardly left his side and Brock is just so sweet with her. We were hanging out in the hotel last night and Brynlie started a game of tackling Brock. It was hilarious. 

We arrived in the late afternoon and Tory made us a great dinner! Afterward we headed to the park so the kids could be wild and loud without making anyone's head explode. You know it's a pretty great park when the adults are having just as much fun as the kids. I loved it! I want a park like this at my house. 
Tory's got skills!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect, either. I haven't been out here during the summer in 8 years, so I forgot how nice it is. 

This morning we ordered our breakfast through room service (which made me feel super fancy and like I should be shacking up with Richard Gere) and I HAD to keep the tiny ketchup and Tabasco sauce bottles they brought with my omelette. I'm obsessed with teeny, tiny things. I had a size 1 baby shoe on display on my dresser all throughout my pre-marriage adult life because it was so cute. I'm weird. You should know this by now. 
After breakfast we hit the pool! This pool is so freaking nice, you guys! Perfect temperature! 
While lounging on one of the chairs I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye... And it was a salamander!! 
I of course had to pick it up. 
This happened seconds after we arrived at my brothers house for lunch. I'm telling ya, it's special. It makes my heart hurt, in a good way. 
After lunch we went into downtown to look for some boots, which apparently I'm gong to have to save for if I want an authentic pair... They're expensive! The kids played around outside 
While we waited for a horse carriage ride through the town! It was fun! 

Speaking of horses, not sure how common this is in Wyoming but in Utah they might get some stares. 
We grabbed some good Mexican grub for dinner. 
And Brynlie finally crashed in the car at 6pm. But I got to cuddle for a good half hour. 
And then it was more cousin play time!
The girls and myself are pretty tired. We came home from camping Thursday and left for Cheyenne Friday morning. It's been nonstop fun and late nights for a week now almost, and the fun doesn't end until basically August, with all the stuff we have planned. But, it wouldn't be summer without some drama and fun! 

We have one more full day here in Cheyenne and then we leave Monday morning, but we're bringing 3 of the kids home with us. It should be fun! 

And lastly, Cory's brother Dustin got engaged a few days ago!! (I stole this off of fb)
Her name is Laurie and we are so, so excited for them! I'm pumped to get another sister in law! Yay!! 

See you soon! 

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