The Ranch, Take Two

Sorry for the MIA. Life has been crazy busy and we spent the last few days at the ranch with Cory's side of the family. 

We did the usual stuff... Rode 4-wheelers
Which turns out, Brynlie is crazy about, raced Kennedy in her Jeep
Papa Hunter won the grandpa of the year award. He raced Kennedy on his lawn mower while she was in her Jeep and Kennedy ATE IT UP! It was probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen. 
Then he picked up Brynlie...
And continued the fun
Brynlie attempted tether ball 
 Which didn't go her way 
Sadly, I came down with a cold the night before we left and was not feeling myself at all and sucked at taking pictures. Not pictured activities: cards, fire and s'mores, movies, bubbles, and we practiced shooting our gun (watch yo back, criminals!). 

Saturday we planned to go to Bear Lake. But about 30 minutes after we got there a huge storm blew in with wind and rain. We tried to wait it out
But eventually got chased away. We were all super bummed we didn't get to play long. 

I'm still fighting this cold and the girls also have it so I am completely exhausted at the moment. I have so much to share with you but it'll probably have to wait a couple more days. After this week life slows down slightly before school starts. Phew! 

See you soon! 


Staples and a Race

We had an interesting night last night. We had family over and Kennedy was playing downstairs with some of them. Behind one of the couches there's a wet bar with a tile countertop. She was running and jumping on the couches (something we've told her not to do about a million times) and slipped, and her head slammed into the edge of the countertop. 

Many of the adults upstairs said they heard a really loud thud (somehow I missed it) and a couple seconds later my brother came upstairs carrying Kennedy who was bawling and had blood all over her head and hands. I kicked into panic mode a little and grabbed some towels to help stop the bleeding. After looking at the wound it was obvious she was going to need stitches. 

We looked up the instacare hours and luckily they were still open for another hour and a half. We quickly packed up and rushed her in. 

Luck was on our side because no one else was there and we got right in. The nurse and Doctor were super nice!! Kennedys biggest fear was needing a shot to numb the wound but they had a gel they put on a cotton ball and applied it to the area to numb it. Pain free!! 
Once she realized there wasn't going to be a shot she perked right up and started making us laugh. She had to wear her ninja turtle band for about 20 minutes, then they cleaned it up and had to put in 3 staples. 
She was so brave and tough and only cried when they put in the last staple because it pushed on her gigantic goose egg! She has to leave them in for a week and then we can get them taken out. 

It shook me up pretty bad at first because this was our first injury that required medical attention. Once I knew she was going to be ok I calmed right down. Obviously I was super sad for her. No mother likes to see their child in pain. It was pretty sore last night so I suggested Cory give her a blessing. She went up to him and said, "Daddy, can you give me a prayer?" It was so cute! She hasn't complained about it hurting since, and today she's normal as can be! 

Maybe now she'll believe us when we tell her she will get hurt jumping on the couches. Maybe...

In other news I ran another half marathon this morning. It was the Deseret News Half Marathon. 
I had zero expectations for this race. I hadn't ran in more than a month, I'm a lot heavier than I was last time I raced, I was really worried about my joints hurting and about the heat. I planned to just go slow and steady and hope nothing hurt. 

To my suprise, I felt fine! Nothing hurt while running which I know was a huge blessing! I was slower, for obvious reasons, but I didn't care that much. The course was really fun and well supported. The last couple miles finish on the Days of 47 Parade route and it was so fun to be cheered on the whole way. I even saw a few people I knew and stopped to talk to them for a bit. It got pretty hot at the end but I plowed through and actually felt really good still after I finished; I wasn't wiped out. It was so nice to know I haven't lost all my running fitness in the last 6 weeks or so. With my visit pit stops my time was 2:14 which was way better than I thought I would do without stopping to chat. So I felt pretty good about it, even if I was running this course a lot faster a couple months ago. Oh well. 

After the race I met up with my family and we watched the parade until we couldn't handle being baked alive anymore. 

Just for nostalgia reasons, here's a picture of me and Lacie at the Deseret News 10k in 2012. Weren't we cute?!
 It's way too dang hot here. I can barely stand it! If you're needing something to pray for, pray for rain and cooler temperature for Utah! 
That's all I've got for you today. The cousins went home so I plan putting the kids to bed early and enjoying the quiet with Cory. See you soon! 


If You Love Pictures...

Hi! Brace yourselves, I have a lot of pictures for you today. Cousin time has been in FULL swing around here, which has made us pretty busy. The kids are loving it though!

I've been doing my best to avoid foods that might be bad for my PCOS. I snagged this bread at Costco. It's actually pretty good!

I also decided to try these gluten free noodles. I thought they tasted pretty ok but they gave me the WORST heartburn I've had since being pregnant. I had to prop myself up during the night and sleep sitting up. It sucked. I don't know if I'll give them another try. I might just buy straight up gluten free pasta.
 I made my own mayo from This awesome cook book
 I even brought my own popcorn to the movie theatre! I'm serious about giving this a shot.
 Every morning for the longest time, I've always had greek yogurt and berries with whole grain toast with peanut butter on it. I've always felt super bloated to the point my stomach would hurt every morning. I've since stopped eating the yogurt and switched to the gluten free bread and I can't even tell you how much better my tummy feels! The problem is I cut out both dairy and gluten at the same time, so I don't know which one was causing the stomach pains. I'll have to go back to cutting one at a time and see which is the culprit. I think I'll start by cutting gluten first and see how it goes.

In other news, we have been having tons of fun with the cousins here! Yesterday we braved the 102 degree weather and went to Lagoon! Since it was so hot we did all we could to keep wet and cool.
 Mission accomplished.

 This ride was a huge hit among the kiddos.
 We did our best to stay hydrated.
 Brynlie was pretty hot and tired by this point, but getting wet helped.

 My 9 year old niece decided to go on Cannibal! It may have had something to do with me bribing her with money... and so she could have the bragging rights. Here's her before:
 And after
 She was such a brave trooper and I'm so proud of her! And now she's $10 richer!

Speaking of troopers, we also went on the paratroopers a couple times for reasons explained in the faces of this photo.
 and this one

 See? Told you there were lots of pics. Swings...
 Flight school
 drivers ed

 The dumbest ride ever
 The cutest girl ever

 We also rode Bombora a bunch! We all loved it!
 more rides...sick of the pictures yet?

Pow! Right in the kisser!

The end of the Lagoon pictures! Give your scrolling finger a rest now.

Currently Brynlie is sick with a fever (I think she's dehydrated from the heat yesterday) and I have to speak in sacrament meeting tomorrow and Kennedy has her first primary talk. All this with 5 crazy kids running around the house. It's been a wild weekend! I'll write more soon. See ya!