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It was almost painful how hard I had to try and remind myself to take pictures for the blog today, and I still failed to do so. We had a fun day, I was just off. Earlier I read another bloggers post and she had a mini survey on hers and I thought, "Yes! A survey! I don't have to try and come up with a way to make our day super interesting!" So if you enjoy reading surveys, this post is for you. I googled 'blogger surveys' and picked the one that was the least inappropriate and spoke to my soul; one about food. I'm pretty sure there isn't a friend out there of mine who has a memory with me that doesn't involve food, so it just felt right. Here we go.

Food Survey
1. How do you feel about golden Oreo's? I've never tried any from the package, just the ones in the Lunchable's and they're pretty good. Although I will admit I felt like I was cheating on the chocolate Oreo's.
2. What is your favorite dessert topping? Chocolate syrup or strawberries. Or both. Or Oreo's. Of any flavor.
3. What is your favorite brand of bubble gum? Big League Chew, grape flavor!!
4. Favorite cheese? I actually don't like cheese that much, but probably squeaky cheese. Yes I'm 5.
5. Favorite lunch meat? Turkey! I can stomach ham but not much else. Gobble, gobble.
6. Favorite ice cream flavor? I'm kind of lame and always go for chocolate but the runner up is cake batter.
7. Best looking food? Channing Potatum Chips. No? Ok, tacos or anything Mexican.
8. Best food to put cheese on? Nachos.
9. Best sexual food? I can honestly say I've never ventured down this road. Maybe I'm missing out?
10. Best tasting drink in the summer? Ice water.
11. Best tasting drink in the winter? Ice water and hot chocolate, but not together. That's important. 
12. Best food for a night out with friends? Yes. Or a rotisserie chicken, for those that will get that one *wink*
13. Best foods to eat with a roll? That's a tough one. Probably soup for me.
14. Messiest food? Tacos, anything chocolate, chicken wings, ribs, or if you're under the age of five, anything, even if it's not technically a food.
15. Easiest food to prepare? Anything in a crock pot or mac and cheese. Or Papa Johns.
16. Cheapest food you ever ate? McDonalds.
17. Most expensive food you've ever ate? Benihana.
18. Stinkiest food you ever ate? Cat food when I was 4.
19. Favorite dipping sauce? Probably fry sauce. Super classy.
20. Best pizza topping? I think I have to go with pineapple...I'm sorry, olives.
21. Favorite potato chip flavor? BBQ.
22. Most calories you ate in one meal? If I'm eating that many I obviously don't count... but I would have to imagine that the calories I consume during the super bowl, or the night before my period, could rival Michael Phelps.
23. Favorite Soda? I haven't had soda in 9 years but my favorite was Coke.
24. Favorite flavor of juice? Orange or grape. I can't be forced to choose.
25. Favorite vegetable?  Potatoes, although I've always liked most veggies. Except cucumbers. Now there's a sketchy vegetable.
26. Favorite fruit? Millions of peaches, peaches for me!!!
27. Worst canned food? canned mushrooms.
28. Best side dish? Potatoes. Fries. Mashed potatoes. Baked potatoes. Roasted potatoes. Potatoes of all shapes, sizes, and colors!!
29. Worst fast food restaurant? Subway, they don't have fries.
30. Best Fast food restaurant? Best Burger or Taco Bell. Don't be hatin, you know you love it, too! 
31. Best smelling food? Olive Garden bread sticks and the smell on Thanksgiving day.
32. Favorite appetizer? Anything with chips.
33. Favorite cookie flavor? Chocolate or chocolate chip.
34. Favorite cake flavor? Chocolate.
35. Favorite pie flavor? Chocolate pudding. I'm sensing a pattern here.
36. Chocolate or rainbow sprinkles? Why should we have to segregate? Can't the chocolate and rainbow sprinkles live together in harmony? I don't have a problem with sprinkles of color. In fact they should be able to share the same bathroom! 
37. Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup. When I was little my favorite snack used to be a piece of bread smothered in ketchup. I know, I almost threw up, too.
38. Best food to have on a date? Anything. Literally, anything. If you bring food on a date, you've already won.
39. Most share-able food? I actually have a problem with sharing...

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