Wild Weekend

Phew, I'm beat!! We've had so much fun this weekend! 

Kennedys first friend party was an absolute blast! She wanted an Octonauts party so I did my best to deliver on that. 
Cute and easy food is my speciality. Okay, maybe just easy. 
Coloring sea creature masks 
Showing off their hard work 
Pin the patch on Kwaazi 
Eating lunch 
Singing happy birthday 
Blowing out the candles 
Jeep rides! 

I am 100% positive these kids had angels watching over them because with little first-time drivers who were sugar-stoned, it was kind of chaotic. But they had so much fun and no one got hurt!
After the party we went to see Finding Dory. 
It was really cute and B stayed put for the whole movie which is a huge deal. She loves Nemo though. 

Today is our 8 year anniversary. It's crazy that it's been that long and yet I feel like I've known him forever. 
I went through a lot of abuse, heartache, and trial and error before I finally found him, and he was worth every second getting there. I used to think that love was putting up with guys treating you poorly -- that no one was perfect so I should just endure the bad and wait for the good moments. Then Cory came along and showed me what true love really is. He has never made me feel bad about myself, intentionally said anything that would hurt me, or has ever gone one day without telling me he loves me and making me feel like his whole world. I love him more than I can ever say. He truly is my guardian angel and such a great man. 

Ok, mush over, moving on...

Matching feet at church. Awe...
After church we went to Northridge High to catch the Thunderbirds portion of the air show while avoiding traffic, crowds, and the security that took hours to get through. 
I am slightly weird when it comes to F-16 jets. The loud roar as they speed by, their precision on the air and how they glide and maneuver... Ugh!!! It gets me giddy! We would have seen more on the base but I felt like we still got a pretty good show. 

Brynlie was just as crazy about them as I was. And she was freakishly good at spotting them in the sky. 

Afterward we had an amazing BBQ with our families and celebrated Kennedy some more. She got pretty spoiled!
Brynlie was pretty glued to the minion fart gun. Yes, you read that correctly. 
Opening the big present
A Harry Potter broom!
B wanted to ride 
Our little Harry Potter lover got quite a few things for her birthday which she is pretty jazzed about. And she looks so cute!!!
We had so much fun! We love our little Kennedy so much and can't wait to see what she does each day. Happy 5th birthday, baby girl!! 

See you soon!

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Amy said...

Adorable party! You are awesome.