Wednesday Wamblings

We've been having some pretty nice sunsets around these parts the last few days. 
This week has started out kind of rough. I think the race last weekend took more out of me than I realized. I included the 2.5 miles I ran on Monday at the gym for the workout as my Monday run. My quads were still kind of sore so I took it easy. Yesterday I came home from all my morning stuff and sat like this for a good hour trying to convince myself to get on the treadmill. 
I eventually got on, but not in the way you might think. 
I got super distracted teaching Kennedy how to plank and running eventually went down the toilet. Ps, that hurt. 
I'm trying to be gentle with myself this week. I've been hitting the new gym and loving every second, but running wise I think my body just needs a break to recover. I'll hit the weekly marathon-training hard again next week. I am dying for a trail run, but I have to wait until Cory has some weekdays off. The wait is killing me!! 

So, we've been doing the next best thing; HIKING! For our weekly hike this week we did a very short hike (maybe a half mile total?) up Little Cottonwood Canyon called Lisa Falls. 
We had never done it before but it's a great hike for kids. 
The waterfall is really gorgeous, there's sport rock climbing routes right next to it, and since the water is so shallow, it's a great place to kick off the shoes and play in the water. We weren't prepared for that, but we will do it next time. 
Since the hike itself took about 10 minutes we headed a short ways down the Little Cottonwood trail to find a place for lunch. 
We ate, talked, found the perfect stick, and climbed on the rocks. 
I love my little hiking buddies! 
Next week I'm going to try a longer one with just myself and the girls. They are really great hikers and I'm curious how far we can actually go, so I'm going to experiment. It'll either be great or a disaster. We shall see. 
See you soon! 

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